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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 23 - Lets Leave The Family

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Chapter 23: Lets Leave The Family

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Xu Qing sighed. Her body was still very weak! Although she was not a very powerful person in the past, she had at least practiced Taekwondo. Her strength was above that of an ordinary person. After all, she was a person who used a scalpel!

Chen Qiulian and Xu Qing stared at each other for a while. Seeing that they couldnt get the broom back for a moment, they immediately screamed at the kneeling Xu Jiangxi, “Damn it, you son of a bitch. Third Brother, you didnt control your daughter and actually dared to attack your mother. This unfilial daughter should have been strangled to death when she was born!”

“Xiao Qing, let go.” Xu Jiangxi felt deep disappointment. He looked up and whispered to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing looked at Xu Jiangxis shocked expression and wondered if she should take the opportunity to split the family!

“If I let go, Mother will be beaten up. After you leave, our children will be sold in the blink of an eye!” Xu Qing said firmly.

Qu Feng and the children cried even more fiercely.

“Dont talk nonsense. How could your grandparents do this!” Xu Jiangxi had never dared to think like this, but Xu Jiangxi became suspicious when Xu Qing said this!

Chen Qiulian widened her eyes. Old Master Xu, who had been smoking at the side, was instantly displeased when he heard Xu Qings words. “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Xu Qing chuckled and didnt say anything. She just looked at Xu Jiangxi.

Xu Jiangxi smiled bitterly, as if he had made a decision. He knelt in front of Old Master Xu with a thud. “Father, Ill go. I only hope that you can send my family out to live alone!” When Xu Jiangxi said this, he was trembling, but he had to do it!

These words made Qu Feng and the others agitated and shocked the villagers. Old Master Xus family was also in disbelief. He was the most obedient person in the family. How could he dare to suggest leaving!

When she found out that he was going to take on this job, Qu Feng had said that if he really went, she would leave. At that time, Xu Jiangxi felt that this would not do. After all, if he left, how would Qu Feng and the children live At least there were men in the Xu family and they would not let them be bullied by outsiders. However, Qu Feng cried bitterly. Sometimes, outsiders were better than this family…

“What did you say” Old Master Xu knocked his pipe on the rock beside him and glared at Xu Jiangxi, who was kneeling on the ground and didnt dare to look up.

Xu Jiangxi closed his eyes and said firmly, “Father, please split our family!”

“Bastard!” Old Master Xu roared.

Chen Qiulian and the others at the side rolled their eyes. If they really split it, their family would be able to save more money. Furthermore, if Xu Jiangxi went out, what could Qu Feng and the others do!

However, she did not dare to openly oppose Old Master Xu. After all, Old Man Xu cared about his reputation and would not allow his sons to leave the family while he was still alive.

“Third Brother, apologize to your father. Dont anger him,” Chen Qiulian said hypocritically.

“Father, please.” Xu Jiangxi kowtowed. The sound of his forehead hitting the ground sounded muffled and painful.

“Unfilial son! Cough, cough, cough…” Old Master Xus neck was red and he coughed angrily.

“Third Brother, if you really want to leave…” Before Chen Qiulian could finish speaking, she was glared at by Old Master Xu. Chen Qiulian hurriedly said, “You cant take anything away. The fields arent yours either!”

This time, Old Master Xu turned around in satisfaction. Although this was unkind, it would definitely stop him from wanting to split up.

Xu Jiangxi collapsed to the ground. If he hadnt left, they could have gritted their teeth and endured it even if there were no fields. But now, if only Qu Feng and the children were left, how could they live He was in despair and was very disappointed in his parents.

Qu Feng was also in despair. Could it be that they could only be bullied by the Xu family

How could Xu Qing let go of this opportunity She hurriedly went forward and said, “Father, agree. I can take good care of Mother and my siblings.”

Old Master Xu glared at Xu Qing. “Youre my son. How can I give your family away right after you go out to work If you leave your family behind, we can help you take good care of your wife and children. I promise you that when you come back, they will be at home!” Old Master Xu suddenly promised.

Xu Qing gritted her teeth in anger. Looking at the wavering Xu Jiangxi, she was afraid that her family would not be able to leave…


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