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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 21 - Almost Killed

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Chapter 21: Almost Killed

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“Whats going on!” Mo Xiaolei felt that something was wrong. His fingers kept scratching the itchy places on his body, but the more he scratched, the itchier they became.

“Brother Lei, why is it suddenly so itchy” The other two people also scratched themselves. Even though their skin was scratched until they were bleeding, it did not stop them. Did they touch something unclean

“Hurry up and leave.” Mo Xiaolei didnt dare to stay any longer. He had to go back and see the doctor quickly. His body was really itchy and blood was already flowing down his body.

After confirming that there was no one outside the door, Xu Qing smiled lightly. She had long known that someone would be restless, so she got some medicine from Bai Xian in advance and drugged the surroundings of the house. Of course, Xu Qing asked to add the antidote to the meal in advance to prevent Auntie Wu from being infected.

The next day, Xu Qing ate and slept well as usual. She thought that at most, someone would be impatient again tomorrow.

As expected, Mo Qiu ran over angrily on the third day. The moment she saw him, she bombarded him like a cannonball. “Xu Qing, you slut, what did you poison my brother with Hurry up and take out the antidote!”

Xu Qing raised her eyebrows and replied unhurriedly, “Im still recuperating and I dont go out. The straw hut is remote and I havent seen anyone come. You came to scold me for no reason. I dont know what youre saying!”

Mo Qiu choked. How could she say that she had asked her younger brother to steal Xu Qings things at night, but he was drugged instead There was no way to say this openly, and there was no way to ask the village chief to uphold justice. If others found out, how could she redeem herself in the village in the future Furthermore, if the Xu familys parents found out, she would definitely be skinned.

Mo Qius eyes flashed. In the end, she decided to throw a tantrum, but she didnt dare to scold her anymore. “I dont care. If you dont take out the antidote today, Ill disturb you and you wont be able to rest in peace!” She had no choice. The poison in her brothers body was something that even the doctor in town couldnt do anything about, so she could only ask Xu Qing for the antidote.

Because of this, her parents had beaten her up and told her to get the antidote. Otherwise, they would not acknowledge her as their daughter. How could that be If they did not acknowledge her as their daughter, she would be tortured to death by Chen Qiulian. After all, a woman without a family to protect her had the lowest status. Wasnt Qu Feng the best example!

“You want to make me unable to rest in peace Alright, I wont hide anything. I was the one who poisoned them. As for why they were poisoned, you and I know very well. Ive waited for you guys for two days. I believe youve seen the outcome of that poison. Arent you afraid that Ill accidentally poison you and make you mute” Xu Qing threatened.

Mo Qius eyes widened. When had Xu Qing become so powerful! And so terrifying! She actually wanted to poison her into becoming mute “What do you want” This time, she didnt dare to spout nonsense anymore.

The corners of Xu Qings mouth curled up slightly. “I heard that many people are targeting my family. If you can get the villagers to give up on this idea, Ill give you the antidote. How about that”

Mo Qiu instantly lost it. “Who doesnt know that your family has so many good things Its not like I can control who wants to target you.”

“I wont care about that. If you dont have a way, then I cant do anything about your brothers poison. Oh right, let me remind you that your brothers poison will rot all over his body in seven days. In the end, he will die from the itch and pain. Of course, I wont let him die so quickly. Theres an antidote here. As long as Im fine in the next two months, they will naturally be fine then.” Xu Qing had to be ruthless for the sake of her familys safety. Of course, she believed that Mo Qiu would not disappoint her.

The more Xu Qing spoke, the wider Mo Qius eyes widened, as if she had seen something terrifying. “You… you…” Even though Mo Qiu was good at cursing, she was shocked into speechlessness this time. After all, she had never left the village in her life, much less seen such a terrifying thing…

In the end, Mo Qiu took the antidote and left indignantly. She was quite capable and really let Xu Qing lead a stable life for two months. Although her place was rumored to be a living hell, this did not affect Xu Qing because her body had already recovered…

“Sister Xu Qing, Sister Xu Qing, quick… go home and take a look. Auntie is about to be beaten to death!” Wu Xiaoan suddenly ran in while sweating and panting.

Xu Qing frowned and said in a low voice, “What happened Lets go!”


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