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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 20 - Near-Death Experience

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Chapter 20: Near-Death Experience

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Mo Qiu didnt sense anything wrong and was still excitedly touching the mans genitals. She leaned against the man and said, “Hubby, that little slut Xu Qing has so many good things. We didnt get anything. Are we going to let it go”

Xu Jiangdong endured his disgust and closed his eyes again. “What else can I do Even my parents dont dare to provoke her. Her master isnt a good-tempered person. Do you want to be torn apart by him”

“But how many days has it been I havent seen that old man. I think hes gone…” Mo Qiu was still indignant. There was so much rice, meat, and new clothes. Her eyes were filled with jealousy.

“Who knows if her master will suddenly appear or not” Although Xu Jiangdong also wanted those things, he didnt have the guts to take them.

“No one has been here for so long. He must have left,” Mo Qiu said with certainty.

“Then what do you want to do” Xu Jiangdong was a little impatient.

“If that little slut Xu Qing, a woman with three children, failed to safeguard the things in the house, itll be normal, wont it” Mo Qius eyes were extremely bright in the darkness.

“What do you have in mind” Xu Jiangdong was instantly energized. He was a crafty person to begin with. If he could get so much money, he could go out and find women. Thinking of this, he became erect again.

Seeing that Xu Jiangdong was also so interested, Mo Qiu hurriedly said, “My brother has a lot of connections and knows many people. If we let them steal something, wont we be rich in the future That day, the village head said that just that brush, ink, paper, and inkstone is worth hundreds of thousands!”

Xu Jiangdong was excited and started to look forward to the future.

“Tell your brother to be careful and not hurt anyone.” Xu Jiangdong was naturally not afraid of hurting Xu Qing. He was afraid that Xu Qings master would fly into a rage when he returned.

Mo Qius eyes lit up when she received Xu Jiangdongs approval. “Dont worry!” After saying that, her hands became restless. She lifted the blanket and sucked on the mans body, shocking Xu Jiangdong.

This woman was getting more and more demanding. He originally didnt mind and treated it as venting, but the more she grew, the uglier she became and the fatter she became. He really couldnt bring himself to be interested.

However, this time, it was unknown if it was because Mo Qiu had become more talkative or because he hadnt done it for too long, but Xu Jiangdong quickly felt aroused. The sound of men and women moaning began to come from the room, and the bed creaked.

Although this house was not small and had a few rooms, it was still a mud house. The soundproofing was definitely not good, so the surrounding people could still hear such a huge commotion.

Chen Qiulian spat and scolded them for being shameless. However, her body still couldnt help but heat up. She touched the man beside her in the night…

There were all sorts of sounds in the house that night…

Nighttime was perfect for doing some sneaky things.

Xu Qing had been sleeping a lot during the day recently and had been eating well. She was also energetic, so she did not feel sleepy at night. She had just closed her eyes when she heard some commotion outside the door.

Xu Qing took a look at Auntie Wu, who was sleeping soundly. She couldnt bear to wake her up. After all, Auntie Wu had been very tired from taking care of them recently. She still had to do some things for her family during the day.

Xu Qing knew that her place would not be peaceful when Bai Xian appeared in front of everyone. There were always some people who liked to take risks.

Fortunately, she was prepared. Otherwise, they would not know what to do when they encountered thieves. She just had to watch the show now.

Of course, Xu Qing did not have to worry about not knowing who was there, because the other party would definitely come looking for her openly again.

A rustling sound came from the door. Three figures were hunched over with a rag covering their faces and whispering, “Brother Lei, how can there be anything valuable in such a small straw hut”

“What do you know! The more shabby a place is, the more good stuff there is.” The voice was very rough and ferocious. Clearly, he had done this many times.

Of course, if not for his sister saying that there was good stuff and money here, Mo Xiaolei definitely wouldnt patronize such a small straw hut. It was filled with women and children, so he wasnt afraid. As for that very powerful master, he had already asked around. That person had not appeared for a long time and had definitely left long ago.

However, after the three of them pried open the door, they suddenly felt an itch on their bodies. Then, they scratched their bodies with all their might, but the more they scratched, the itchier they felt…


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