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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 2 - Miracle Doctor

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Chapter 2: Miracle Doctor

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“Give me the child!” Xu Qings hands trembled as she forced herself to stand up. Her eyes were red as she stretched out her hands while trembling. She crossed her index and middle fingers and used four fingers to perform cardiac resuscitation on the little girls chest. She controlled her strength as she did CPR once, twice… ten times, twenty times…

Bean-sized sweat kept dripping onto the babys face. The old man was stunned when he saw this!

“Cough, cough, waaa…”

Suddenly, the baby spoke. Although her voice was weak, she was really alive!

Xu Qing couldnt hold on anymore. Her tense nerves relaxed and she fainted on the old straw bed.

The old man, who had witnessed everything, decided to stay because he still wanted to ask this woman how she had adjusted the fetus position and saved that baby. Most pregnant women were risking their lives when they gave birth. If this method could be popularized, it would definitely save countless lives.

He was suddenly glad that he had traveled so far. This was a huge breakthrough in his medical skills. He hurriedly went forward to take her pulse. He had to do his best to save her. At this moment, a cry sounded from outside the door.

“Little Qing, my daughter…” A middle-aged woman with patched clothes ran in with tears on her face.

“Qu Feng, dont cry. Your daughter has at least given birth to two sons…” The old lady behind Madam Xu said with a look of pity. She was the midwife who had run out just now.

When Grandma Song realized that Xu Qing was no longer breathing, she went to call for help. It was a pity. Qu Feng and her daughter, Xu Qing, were very upright people, but in the end, bad things happened one after another.

“Who are you Why is there another child here She… she actually gave birth…” Granny Song looked at the last baby girl and was stunned. She looked at the old man with blood on his hands and holding Xu Qings hand, and her heart skipped a beat. Was he eating people

“What are you doing” Qu Feng cried sadly. She was shocked to see the situation in the room.

Under their shocked gazes, they saw that the old man continued to take Xu Qings pulse seriously. Under Qu Fengs anxious and shocked gaze, he slowly said, “Im a doctor. When I passed by here, I saw her and helped her. She lost too much blood and gave birth to three children. Shes exhausted and unconscious, and her body is too weak. Ill prescribe a few medicines for her. Brew them and let her drink them.”

After giving birth to these three children, she narrowly escaped death. The old man felt her pulse and knew that it would probably be difficult for her to give birth in the future. However, he did not say this. He had a feeling that this little village girl would still have a way…

“Thank you, Doctor.” After Qu Feng froze from shock, she thanked him excitedly. She had lived in a small village her entire life and had never seen any big shots. However, when she saw that the other party was dressed nicely, had white hair, and was taking her pulse extremely seriously, she naturally believed him. However, when she received the prescription, although she did not know the names of many of the medicines, she recognized the ginseng and deer antler on the prescription. Her face instantly paled. “Doctor… how much does the medicine cost”

The old man froze. “About ten thousand.”

“Ten thousand” Qu Feng was stunned. A bottle of medicine cost ten thousand. In Xu Qings situation, it was impossible for her to recover with just one bottle. Even a hundred thousand was not enough! This money was an astronomical figure to Qu Feng, who was poor. Her hand that was holding the prescription kept trembling. “Doctor, can you prescribe some cheap medicine”

“No!” The old man refused sternly. If it was ordinary medicine, how could it save lives

Granny Song, who was at the side, shook her head helplessly. It seemed like Xu Qing would not survive. “Qu Feng, forget it… There are still three children to raise…” She had already wiped the three children clean and could only wrap them in rags. Their appearance made ones heart ache.

Qu Feng looked at the weak child and then at the unconscious Xu Qing. Her eyes were red. What should she do She didnt have any money in her hand, so how could she save her daughter If she asked the Xu family for money, they wouldnt give it to her. Moreover, they couldnt take out this amount. Moreover, her daughter was chased out by the Xu family, so how could they save her…

Just as Qu Feng was hesitating,

“Take this money. Go get the medicine first.” The old man handed Qu Feng a stack of money.

“Doctor… how are we going to repay you…” Qu Feng was so shocked that she did not dare to take it.

“I never save people beyond hope!” Putting aside the fact that he wanted to discuss medical skills with her, since he had taken action, he could not watch her die. Otherwise, wouldnt that ruin his reputation

Qu Feng was grateful. She didnt waste time and quickly went to get the medicine. Granny Song also left. After all, she had nothing to do even if she stayed. This family was too pitiful. She didnt even want the money for the delivery anymore.


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