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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 19 - Waiting for an Opportunity (1)

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Chapter 19: Waiting for an Opportunity (1)

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Xu Qing didnt say anything to Xu Jiangxi. After all, it was useless to say anything now. She turned to look at Xu Zhi, whose face was swollen, and said with heartache, “Little Zhi, come here and let me take a look.”

Xu Zhis ears had been feeling a ringing for the past two days and could not hear clearly. He looked at Xu Qing in a daze for a while and only understood when he saw her waving at him. Then, he carefully approached Xu Qing. He had been very careful these past few days, especially when Old Master Xu was around. He would tremble in fear and could not control himself.

Xu Qing frowned when she saw Xu Zhis expression. Could it be…

She carefully examined Xu Zhi and her expression darkened. Xu Zhis eardrums were already slightly ruptured. If she ignored him, he would definitely go deaf!

“Xiao Qing, how is Xiao Zhi” Qu Feng tensed up when she saw Xu Qings expression change. Qu Feng trusted Xu Qing very much, even if Xu Qing only gained medical skills not long ago.

Xu Jiangxi didnt know about this. He was only puzzled, and no one explained their doubts to him!

“Xiao Zhi, did you hear my voice” Xu Qings voice was not loud, but the others in the room heard her clearly.

Xu Zhi stared at Xu Qing in confusion and did not answer.

Xu Jiangxi and Qu Feng panicked.

“Ill write a prescription. Mother, go to town and get the herbs. You cant stop for seven days in a row. Otherwise, Little Zhi will be deaf!” Xu Qing said seriously.

Qu Fengs body was on the verge of collapse. Although Xu Jiangxi did not know why Xu Qing knew medicine, he heard that her son might go deaf.

“Boohoo, dont let my brother become deaf…” Xu Xiang sobbed.

“Damn it!” Xu Huai had a look of self-reproach. If not for the fact that he had brought him food, Xu Zhi would not have been discovered by them for hiding something, and he would not have been beaten up!

“What… whats going on Didnt Doctor Zhu say that hes fine” Xu Jiangxis tall body started to sway.

Qu Feng cried bitterly. “Xu Jiangxi, this is your fathers fault! What will happen to my son…”

Xu Zhi looked at everyone in confusion with anxious eyes. What had happened

Xu Jiangxi pursed his lips. For the first time, he did not berate Qu Feng. However, he still asked Xu Qing in disbelief, “Is this true”

Qu Feng saw that Xu Jiangxi actually suspected Xu Qing and immediately scolded, “How can you not believe Little Qing Little Qing is the divine doctors disciple!”

Xu Jiangxi was enlightened and his eyes were filled with guilt. Xu Qing ignored him and wrote down the prescription before handing it to Qu Feng. She then took out some money from the bed. “Mother, take this money and get the medicine. After taking these medicines, Xiao Zhi will be fine.”

“Okay!” Qu Fengs hand that was holding the money was trembling. This money should have been paid by Old Master Xu! However, Qu Feng knew that they definitely wouldnt pay this money!

Xu Jiangxis expression darkened. His heart had really turned cold.

Xu Qing looked at Xu Jiangxi and was quite satisfied. At least this man was not completely hopeless. She would think of a way to deal with the rest. Now, she was only missing an opportunity!

Perhaps it was because they were afraid of Bai Xian, but neither the Xu family nor the villagers had visited during this period of time. The villagers probably did not dare to take the risk, and it was unknown what Old Master Xu and his family were up to.

A few days later, Bai Xian sent someone to send the babies things. After that, there was no more news.

During this period of time, Qu Feng brought the three children to Xu Qings side as usual. Therefore, Xu Huai, Xu Zhi, and Xu Xiang had all become stronger and their bodies had improved. Even Xu Zhis ears had been cured, and even his reading and writing had improved.

Everything seemed to be developing in a good direction, but some people were already waiting for an opportunity to attack…

In the Xu familys old residence, the eldest son, Xu Jiangs family,

Mo Qiu laid on the bed and her fat body rubbed against Xu Jiangdongs. Xu Jiangdong had seen Wu Xiaoan today and realized that the little girl had developed really well. Just as he was thinking about her curvy body, he quickly became aroused. With Mo Qiu rubbing against him, he turned to look at the fat and ugly woman beside him. Instantly, all his fantasies were gone and his body immediately softened.

“What are you doing Why arent you sleeping in the middle of the night!” Xu Jiangdong asked impatiently.

When he married Mo Qiu, he was unwilling, but his parents said that her buttocks were big and she could definitely give birth to more children. Now, she had indeed given birth to five children for him. However, looking at the wife his second brother, Xu Jiangdong, married, he felt that although she was also chubby, she was quite good-looking. His wife was getting uglier and uglier. If he didnt use the thing on his lower body, it would probably become useless…


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