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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 18 - Complete Disappointment

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Chapter 18: Complete Disappointment

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Xu Qing did not want her son to be carried by this selfish old man.

“Little Qing, how are you Are you okay” Qu Feng ran over in fear when she heard that her daughter was unwell.

“Mother, this room is small to begin with, and there are so many people. I feel like I cant breathe. My chest hurts,” Xu Qing said weakly.

Old Master Xus hand that was reaching out to the baby stiffened, and anger flashed in his eyes. However, he still said to the family behind him, “Other than Third Brother and his family, everyone else, go out and wait.”

“B*tches are so pretentious!” Xu Yunqiao snorted unhappily. In the end, she received a disdainful look from Old Master Xu. Only then did Xu Yunqiao leave unwillingly. Damn Xu Qing, she would see how arrogant she was after she took all her money!

The other Xu family members also went out unwillingly. Although they also wanted to know how much money they could get from Xu Qing, they could not challenge Old Master Xus authority!

Xu Qing leaned into her mothers arms and didnt say anything.

“Little Qing, where is your master from” Old Master Xu finally got to the point, but his voice was still filled with awe. It seemed that the old mans deterrence from that day was still very effective!

“I dont know,” Xu Qing said lazily.

“You dont know” Old Master Xu immediately raised his voice.

Xu Hanxue, who was in Xu Qings arms, frowned in fear and was about to cry. Xu Qings good temper was gone this time. She said unhappily, “My master likes Han Xue the most. If he knew that Han Xue was frightened to tears, Im afraid hell do something bloody in a fit of anger…”

Old Master Xus expression darkened at Xu Qings threat. However, when he thought of her master, he didnt dare to casually provoke Xu Qing. That old man was clearly a powerful person. It would be a piece of cake for him to deal with a small village like theirs. If the village chief found out, their family wouldnt be able to stay in the village anymore!

Old Master Xus expression was very gloomy. Xu Jiangxi was afraid that Xu Qing would really anger Old Master Xu, so he hurriedly said, “Father, Xiao Qing is also tired. Why dont we go back first…”

Old Master Xu glared at Xu Jiangxi. Xu Jiangxi seemed to have been beaten up and didnt say anything else.

The more Old Master Xu thought about it, the angrier he became. He thought about how Bai Xian was not around and how Xu Qing was actually dozing off in Qu Fengs arms, so he temporarily stopped thinking about it. He snorted coldly and prepared to leave. Then, he saw the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone at the side and his eyes flashed. “Xu Qing, youre a little girl. You dont need this brush, ink, and inkstone. Give it to your fifth uncle. Your fifth uncle lacks these.” Xu Jiangzhong had always wanted a better set of brush, ink, paper, and inkstone, but unfortunately, their family had never been able to get them. Old Xu had long had this thought.

“Sure…” Xu Qing opened her eyes slightly. She knew that even if she didnt say anything today, Old Master Xu would still ask for it. However…

When Old Master Xu heard that, he reached out to take it. He had no intention of leaving any for Xu Qing at all. He wanted to sell the excess. That day, the village chief had said that these were worth hundreds of thousands.

However, before Old Master Xus hand could touch the brush, ink, and paper, Xu Qing said slowly, “When my master comes back, Ill say that his things are with you. I believe Master will be very happy to go to the Xu family to get them.”

Old Man Xus face stiffened, and he retracted his hand embarrassedly. This little slut was definitely doing it on purpose! That master of hers was clearly a person not to be trifled with. If he knew that they had taken his things, he definitely wouldnt let it go.

After Old Master Xu left, Xu Jiangxi shook his head at Xu Qing. If she treated her grandfather like this, she would probably be called unfilial. Ever since Little Qing gave birth, she had changed. He didnt know if it was because she was a mother, but he felt like she was a stranger.

“Why are you going against your grandfather Hes your grandfather. No matter what happens, youll suffer…” Qu Feng touched Xu Qings head while feeling extremely worried.

Xu Qing pursed her lips. “Mother, that family is like vampires. If they dont suck you dry, they wont let go. How can we let people bully us like this”

“Little Qing, how can you say that about your grandparents” Xu Jiangxi was instantly anxious. If news of this spread, how would everyone look at her

Xu Qing sighed. Actually, her father doted on his children very much. It was just that he was too filial. He could not tolerate his children not treating their parents well at all. As long as his children werent killed, that group of people could do whatever they wanted. However, this was also an opportunity. Only by making this father completely disappointed in that family could they put the matter of leaving the family on the agenda.


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