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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 16 - Parting Gift

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Chapter 16: Parting Gift

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Old Master Xus face was already filled with smiles. He hurriedly went forward to greet the rich doctor, afraid that he would miss the chance to suck up to him.

Bai Xian looked at Old Master Xu coldly. He had long found out about Xu Qings background. Who was Old Master Xu pretending to be innocent for

Old Master Xu tensed up and his legs started to tremble again. Then, he chuckled dryly. “Hehe, since youre my granddaughters master, youre also our master. Our family definitely has to entertain you well.”

Xu Qing felt disgusted by Old Master Xus shameless look.

“I dont know you. You can get lost now.” Bai Xians words immediately made Old Master Xu freeze. The other villagers outside the door also secretly laughed.

Chen Qiulian quickly recovered from her shock and ignored the cold shoulder Old Man Xu had just suffered. This person was so rich, so they had to establish some connections. She shouted at Qu Feng with a serious expression, but she didnt dare to approach the divine doctor. “Qu Feng, hurry up and entertain the divine doctor.”

“You disturbed my disciples rest,” Bai Xian said coldly. He could not be bothered to deal with these simple-minded people.

However, this group of people still didnt move. It was unknown if they didnt understand or if they relied on the fact that he didnt dare to do anything to them.

Bai Xians expression darkened. He shook the blood off his hand, and a few drops of blood even flew onto Chen Qiulians body. He said sinisterly, “As for me, Im old and have lived for a long time, so my temper isnt that good. If I accidentally miss and someone loses an arm or a leg, you cant blame me. Of course, I naturally wont let anyone die. After all, Im a divine doctor. Even if youre only left with a head and a body, I can guarantee that youll still live. However, pain will be unavoidable…”

Xu Qing praised Bai Xian inside. With his threat, no one would dare to target her in the future. Otherwise, how could she prevent those shameless people from stealing with her little straw hut

Chen Qiulian was covered in blood. When she heard Bai Xians words, she was so frightened that she almost fainted. However, she was still supported by Mo Qiu and Zhao Bing. Her legs kept trembling, and the other people were also swaying.

“Miracle Doctor, since theres nothing else, well leave too. Miracle Doctor, come to my house when you have free time.” The village chief was a little afraid and could not stay any longer.

Actually, he did not leave just now because he wanted to find out more about this divine doctor. He wanted to confirm if this divine doctor was the divine doctor he thought he was. However, he did not dare to do so now…

Old Master Xu, Chen Qiulian, and the others actually didnt want to leave. However, when they saw Bai Xians cold gaze and his blood-stained hands, they still left in fear. Of course, they still had their own agendas.

Qu Feng and her family also felt a hint of fear towards Bai Xian. Even if he had saved Xu Qing and her childrens lives, they still felt that he was more or less terrifying. However, Qu Feng and the others still stayed and asked about Xu Qings well-being before leaving in the end. Before they left, Xu Jiangxi had a guilty expression. He felt terrible that he hadnt protected his daughter well!

However, Xu Qing did not look at him. She really had nothing to say to the Hosts father.

After everyone left, Bai Xians expression immediately changed. He washed his hands and went to Xu Qing. “How is it How do you want to thank me” Bai Xian asked for credit.

“Isnt gaining a disciple enough gratitude” Xu Qing didnt even bat an eye as she continued her train of thought. “Let me remind you of something. You scared my mother.” Xu Qing continued without raising her head.

Bai Xian was furious. Who was he doing this for However, this woman had just admitted to being his disciple!

Bai Xian chuckled foolishly. Xu Qing rolled her eyes at Bai Xian and her heart warmed. This old man was not that bad.

Bai Xian came back to his senses and saw that Xu Qing was still writing and painting. He asked curiously, “What are you painting again”

“Since you have me as your disciple, shouldnt you give me a gift” Xu Qing looked up and asked.

“What do you want now” Bai Xians scalp went numb. As expected, nothing good was waiting.

“This.” Xu Qing handed Bai Xian a piece of paper. On one piece of paper, there were all sorts of small carts. One of the small carts could fit three babies, and the other was a crib. The crib could even be used as a rocking chair. It was very exquisite.

“How ingenious! Thess things are really too magical. Alright, take this as my parting gift to the children.” Bai Xian exclaimed.


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