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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 15 - Ripping the Wolf With Bare Hands

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Chapter 15: Ripping the Wolf With Bare Hands

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The villagers expressions darkened when they heard Zhao Bings words. They felt that it was one thing for Xu Qing to be lucky, but it was another thing if it affected their own interests. These people were simple and honest, and the most unacceptable thing for them was someone doing something immoral.

Qu Feng stood up anxiously and shouted, “Second Sister-in-law, dont go overboard. How could my daughter do such a thing!”

“Haha…” Zhao Bing sneered.” Qu Feng, dont you feel embarrassed saying this She didnt do that kind of thing How were those three bastards born ”

Killing intent flashed in Xu Qings eyes. She was a doctor and had seen all sorts of bloody scenes. She touched the stone by the bed and was about to teach Zhao Bing a lesson when she suddenly knelt on the ground and wailed in pain, as if she had experienced something terrifying.

Xu Qing put down the stone she had yet to throw.

Zhao Bings husband, Xu Jiangnan, wanted to help her up, but he realized that he couldnt.

“Help… Whats wrong with me… I cant stand up… My knees hurt…” Zhao Bing couldnt stand up for a long time and instantly panicked.

Xu Qings gaze was cold. Since she dared to bully her children, she definitely wouldnt let Zhao Bing off the hook. “I heard that every baby is protected by a baby spirit. Did you anger the baby spirit”

These words not only made Zhao Bings expression change, but the surrounding people were also afraid. What was invisible and untouchable was the most terrifying.

Zhao Bing was really afraid. She kept kowtowing in Xu Qings direction, afraid that the baby spirit would take revenge.

Xu Qing looked at Zhao Bing, who was kowtowing to her, and snorted coldly. Then, she said to the village chief, “I borrowed money from my master to buy these.”

“Your master” Old Master Xu was shocked and started to think about how to establish a relationship with her rich master.

At this moment, Bai Xians voice suddenly sounded from behind everyone. “What happened here”

He had long arrived. He had been hiding in the dark and watching how Xu Qing would deal with it. He knew that Xu Qing would not suffer a loss. In the end, when he heard his three most precious children being insulted, he immediately took action. When he heard Xu Qing say that he was her master, he quickly walked out. He had long intended to take her in as his disciple, but Xu Qing had always been cold and refused to agree. How could he miss this opportunity this time

Xu Qing guessed that the person who had attacked just now was Bai Xian, so she said that she had borrowed it from her master. Otherwise, Bai Xian would not have come out.

“You are” The village chief looked at the person who came. He had a head of white hair, but he was extremely young. The village chief was in awe. Such a person definitely practiced martial arts. Coupled with the other partys expensive-looking clothes, he had a guess. However, in the next second, his expression changed drastically.

Bai Xian was holding two bloody white wolves in his hands. The white and blood color stimulated ones eyeballs, and there was a huge hole in the white wolfs stomach. Its internal organs were exposed string by string. His hands were bloody, and drops of blood flowed down. One could still see the steam from the blood.

This scene instantly frightened everyone and their faces turned pale. Some women who couldnt take it ran to the side and vomited. Most of the men couldnt take it either, but they bit the tip of their tongues and forced themselves to endure it. Like women, they vomited from fear. It was really too embarrassing. But to be honest, which ordinary person had seen such a bloody scene

Why was a white-haired old man so terrifying

“Im Xu Qings master, Divine Doctor Bai Xian.” Bai Xian looked at everyone proudly and then threw down the white wolves in his hand. “Its been a long time since Ive killed wolves with my bare hands. How satisfying! Xu Qing, I caught these two wolves for you to nourish your body!”

The corners of Xu Qings mouth twitched. She was a medical student and didnt care at all, but how could such a bloody scene appear at the drop of a hat

The moment Bai Xian said this, everyones legs subconsciously trembled. Even Hunter Cao, who hunted all year round, did not have the ability to tear a wolf with his bare hands. This person was too terrifying. He actually enjoyed the thrill of tearing a wolf apart

After the village chief calmed down, his voice couldnt help but tremble. “Divine Doctor Bai Xian” He felt that this name was very familiar, but he couldnt think of who it was. However, he knew very well that this person wasnt someone to be trifled with.

Because of the bloody scene, no one dared to discuss Xu Qing. Even if the source of Xu Qings money was really unclear, they would not dare to say anything else. If they offended this old man, he might tear them apart with their bare hands… However, amidst this strange silence, someone said “Ahem… Divine Doctor Youre my granddaughters master”


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