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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 14 - Scandal

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Chapter 14: Scandal

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Old Master Xu brought some people from the Xu family over.

Qu Feng rushed in with an anxious expression. “Little Qing, how are you” She sized up her daughter.

“Im fine.” Xu Qing shook her head.

“Sister…” Xu Xiang cried as she threw herself into Xu Qings arms. Then, she stammered,” Sister… Second Brother was beaten up by a bad person… Second Brother bled… Second Brother lost his mind…” Ever since Xu Xiang was born, she rarely smiled and was always crying. When she thought of how her second brother had been beaten up and how he had been lying on the bed in a daze, she cried even harder.

When Xu Qing heard this, her eyes flashed with ruthlessness. Her grudge with the Xu family had been completely formed!

“Xu Xiang, you cant say that,” Xu Jiangxi shouted.

Xu Qing then looked up and sized up the Hosts father. He looked simple-minded and submissive. No wonder he was bullied to this extent.

These words made the people outside extremely angry. Most of the backward villages were filled with right-minded villagers who felt that the Xu family had gone too far.

This made Old Master Xu feel even more embarrassed. He secretly cursed Chen Qiulian for being an idiot.

“Husband, you cant blame me. Qu Feng actually stole something from her family to give to Xu Qing. I had no choice but to come.” Chen Qiulian was forced into a corner and could only continue to quibble. As long as her family had lost money, they could not do anything to her. After all, even if that little slut Xu Qing was rich, her background was unknown. She definitely wouldnt be able to say anything convincing.

“Did our family really lose money” Old Master Xu was skeptical.

“Thats right! That slut Qu Feng stole it. Otherwise, how could that slut Xu Qing have the money to buy these good things” Chen Qiulian instantly felt that she had found the right excuse.

“Qu Feng actually dared to use my dowry to take care of a shameless slut!” Xu Yunqiao was instantly enraged.

When everyone heard this, they rolled their eyes at Xu Yunqiao. Who was the shameless one

Xu Qing looked at Xu Yunqiao coldly. She looked at her attire and then at Qu Fengs. Xu Qings gaze became even colder.

The village chief frowned. It seemed like this matter was not that simple.

Xu Jiangxi knew his wife. She could not have stolen anything. He could not help but look at his father, hoping that Old Master Xu would speak up for him. However, he was disappointed. Old Man Xu turned around and did not even look at him.

“Grandma, are you sure my mother stole your money How much did she steal” Xu Qing asked.

“Im sure she stole money!” Chen Qiulians voice rose as she calculated. “She stole five thousand, no, ten thousand!”

“Are you sure” Xu Qing still smiled.

“Yes…” For some reason, Chen Qiulian had a bad feeling.

“Village Chief, please take a look at how much my pen and ink are.” Xu Qing asked Xu Xiang to take the pen and ink out.

The village chief took a look and his expression changed. “This thing is worth at least fifty thousand!”

“So, Grandma, can ten thousand yuan buy these” Xu Qing knew that these things were not that cheap, but she did not expect Bai Xian to be so lavish.

At this moment, Zhao Bing suddenly smiled and said, “Mother, you forgot that Third Sister-in-law stole fifty thousand yuan.”

“Yes, I was wrong. Its fifty thousand!” Chen Qiulian quickly changed her mind.

Old Master Xu blushed, but when he thought about how he would have 50,000 soon, he didnt say anything. After all, he couldnt earn so much money from farming in a year.

Xu Jiangxi looked at his parents in disbelief. His heart turned cold.

“Hehe.” Xu Qing sneered. “Changing it to fifty thousand again Are you sure this time” She would not let this group of heartless ingrates off easily.

Zhao Bings scalp went numb from being stared at, but she could not suppress the greed. She was very certain that with this fifty thousand, their familys living conditions would definitely improve greatly.

“Xu Xiang, show this to the village chief again.” Xu Qing asked for some new ink.

“These are even better. They cost at least 500,000 yuan! You…” The village chief was stunned. How could Xu Qing be so rich One had to know that a family of farmers could only earn 50,000 yuan a year only without expenses.

Those who were kind would only think that she was lucky and would not understand why she had so much money. However, those who were evil would think that she had done something shameless to get this money. After all, everyone would only speculate about what they could not get.

Old Master Xus expression was already extremely dark, and Chen Qiulian was also exasperated. Zhao Bings gaze changed, and she said, “As expected of a little slut. What dirty thing did you do to tarnish our village!”


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