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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 13 - Shameless Person

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Chapter 13: Shameless Person

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The moment Chen Qiulian and Zhao Bing entered, they saw Xu Qings cold gaze. For some reason, they felt a little unnerved. However, when they saw the room full of good stuff, the two of them completely abandoned their fear.

“Mother, look, its actually meat! I knew this little slut hid something!” Zhao Bing was delighted. She looked around and started to plan to take all the good stuff here. She hadnt eaten meat in a long time.

“Theres also a brand new blanket!” Chen Qiulian also found something good and was becoming increasingly happy.

“So what do these things have to do with you guys” Xu Qing said coldly.

“You little slut, what are you saying!” Zhao Bing pointed at Xu Qing and scolded.

Xu Qing sneered. Seeing them like this, she guessed that Qu Feng had been exposed, so this group of shameless people ran over. She wondered how Qu Feng was doing.

“What are you laughing at You b*tch, you actually dared to hide these good things. Do you still have money Where did you hide it Hurry up and take it out!” Zhao Bing placed her hands on her hips and said matter-of-factly.

“You call me a b*tch Who do you think you are Why should I give you my familys money Are you stupid” Xu Qing had seen shameless people in the past, but this was the first time she had seen someone this shameless.

“Your home My home Your things are my things!” Chen Qiulian screamed.

“Old Master Xu has already said in front of the entire village that Im not a member of the Xu family. Why are my things yours” Xu Qing said coldly.

“Of course youre not a member of Xu family, but you took something from the Xu family!” Zhao Bing shouted. She did not dare to disobey Old Master Xu, but these good things in front of her could not be appropriated by a little slut like Xu Qing.

“What evidence do you have to prove that these belong to your family” Xu Qing was so angry that she laughed. Zhao Bing and Chen Qiulian bullied Qu Feng the most. She hadnt even settled the account with them yet. Since they came here, she would not let them leave easily.

“You cant even get out of bed now, so how can you have money Your mother must have stolen something from the house and sold it!” Although Chen Qiulian was old, she was quick-witted. She didnt give Xu Qing a chance to continue speaking. “Besides, if I say she took it, she took it. Youre my granddaughter. If you have something good, how dare you not be filial to your grandmother Arent you afraid that Ill say that youre unfilial”

Xu Qing laughed loudly, then her eyes flashed and she wailed, “God, open your eyes and take a look. Why is there a grandmother in this world who pushes her granddaughter to the deep end I worked hard to sew clothes for people to earn the money to buy these things. My children are still waiting to live on these things! My grandmother brought Second Aunt to snatch them. How are we going to live…”

As Xu Qing cried, her three children also cried. Xu Qing hugged her babies with heartache. Anyone who saw them would cry out in misery.

Xu Qings sudden change in attitude stunned Chen Qiulian and Zhao Bing. They were prepared to snatch them, but why was she sudeenly crying In the next second, they heard a dignified voice.

“Chen Qiulian, is what your granddaughter said true” The village chief was in his fifties. His hair and his beard was white. He had a serious expression on his face. Behind him were some villagers. Auntie Wu was among them. These people did not go in. After all, they knew that Xu Qing was recuperating. If all of them went in, not only would they disturb her rest, but the straw hut also wouldnt be able to fit them!

Even if Xu Qing got pregnant out-of-wedlock and was spurned by everyone, she had already survived. Of course, the most important thing was that she had survived and given birth to three healthy children. Not everyone was this lucky. They were happy that their village had such a phenomenon.

“Village Chief… why are you here…” Chen Qiulian was instantly afraid because if Old Master Xu found out, he would definitely beat her to death.

“No matter what, youre her grandmother. How can you force her to her death” The village chief said righteously.

“Youre wrong. Shes unfilial to me!” Chen Qiulian braced herself and shouted.

The village chief didnt know what to say. If it was about filial piety, he really couldnt interfere…

“Village Chief, these are what my children need. If Grandma really wants them, I have to give them to her even if I wont be able to eat or sleep…” Xu Qing looked at the village chief at the door with teary eyes, but her eyes were filled with coldness.

“You just gave birth and your body hasnt recovered yet. How can you not eat or sleep” The village chief was helpless. Xu Qing had always been an obedient and sensible girl. If not for what happened…

Chen Qiulian was about to say something when she heard a familiar roar. “What are you up to now”


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