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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 12 - Come Knocking

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Chapter 12: Come Knocking

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“Xiao Zhi!” Qu Feng and her familys hearts instantly ached. Xu Huai even helped his younger brother up and coaxed him. Xu Jiangxi threw down the hoe and ran to his youngest sons side. His heart ached, but he didnt dare to reach out. The childs entire face was swollen. At this moment, he really doubted whether everything he had endured was worth it.

The surrounding neighbors also felt that Old Master Xu was too heavy-handed. If the child did something wrong, they could educate him properly…

Xu Mao lay in Zhao Bings arms and looked at Xu Zhi proudly. The other Xu family members who walked out of the house only watched all of this coldly. If possible, they would have watched the drama longer. Unfortunately, there was no longer anything to watch for today.

Xu Zhi was already stunned. He even forgot to cry and looked at the sky with a vacant look in his eyes.

Xu Xiang originally stopped crying after being coaxed by Xu Huai, but she was crying again now. “My second brother didnt steal anything… Our sister gave it to us… He didnt steal anything… Boohoo…”

Xu Xiang was young and was frightened to the point of not knowing what to do. She stammered, but her words were still heard by everyone. Sister How could they have a sister Clearly, they had long forgotten Xu Qing.

Qu Feng also sobered up. If she did not explain this matter clearly, her sons life would be ruined. What this world cared about the most were morals!

“My son didnt steal anything!” It was unknown where Qu Fengs courage came from, but she didnt even shout for her father. She unfolded the piece of paper. “Xu Zhis name is written all over this. Could it be that Xu Mao used his own paper to write my sons name And this egg is for Xu Huai to eat. His sister is heartbroken for him to have to farm at such a young age. He doesnt have enough to eat or wear. She let Xu Zhi bring an egg back! What right do you have to say that we stole something”

Everyone saw the paper clearly and knew that they had misunderstood. They accused Old Master Xu of hitting his grandson without distinguishing between right and wrong and wronging him. However, they were also shocked by the quality of the paper!

Old Master Xu felt even more embarrassed now. He turned around and roared at Chen Qiulian and Zhao Bing, “You brainless fools only know how to cause trouble. Go invite Doctor Zhu over.”

When Chen Qiulian heard that they were going to invite a doctor, she was instantly anxious. “You just slapped him once. What can happen Doesnt it cost money to invite a doctor”

“Shut up!” Old Master Xu already felt embarrassed enough. This damn old woman actually dared to say this.

Under Old Master Xus anger, Chen Qiulian could only grit her teeth and go.

Xu Jiangxi wanted to reach out to help Qu Feng up, but she avoided him. He saw his wife return to her room with the listless Xu Zhi in her arms. Xu Huai gritted his teeth and his expression darkened. He carried the crying Xu Xiang and left. After he saw the family act like this, Xu Jiangxis heart wavered.

Doctor Zhu was quickly found. He checked Xu Zhis face and sighed as he applied the medicine. “Why were you so ruthless If you had been a little more heavy-handed, this childs ears would have been broken…”

Xu Zhi felt his ears buzz and their voices sounded muffled. His face burned with pain, and Doctor Zhus words made Old Master Xu blush, but he didnt say anything.

“This ointment is twenty yuan per day.” Doctor Zhu couldnt care less about other peoples family matters and took out the ointment.

“Twenty Why is it so expensive” Chen Qiulian screamed.

Doctor Zhu said helplessly, “I didnt even ask for the consultation fee…”You think its expensive If you didnt hit the child, you wouldnt have had to spend money! However, he didnt say this. This family was too **ty. Whoever encountered them would be unlucky!

Hearing this, Old Master Xu felt even more embarrassed and shouted at Chen Qiulian, “Hurry up and take out the money.”

After they left, Zhao Bing found an opportunity to mutter in front of Chen Qiulian. She did not believe that a pregnant woman like Xu Qing could take out anything good. Qu Feng must have stolen and sold something from home…

Chen Qiulian had just spent money and was furious. When she heard Zhao Bings provocation, she couldnt help but…

In the straw hut at the foot of the mountain.

Xu Qing was writing and drawing with a pen and paper. She was thinking about what to do in this world after her body recovered. After all, she was new here and it would be difficult for others to believe in her medical skills. However, just as she was about to think of something, her thoughts were interrupted by a few mean screams.

Xu Qing frowned slightly. Fortunately, since she didnt want to trouble Auntie Wu with commuting here every day, she let her stay here. Otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to find anyone to help her today. Xu Qing asked Auntie Wu to invite the village chief over.

When Chen Qiulian and Zhao Bing arrived at the straw hut, they actually saw a ewe at the door. Their eyes instantly lit up, and they thought that this little slut must have something more valuable in her house. The two of them rushed in greedily…


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