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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 10 - Will Definitely Become Powerful

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Chapter 10: Will Definitely Become Powerful

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Qu Feng sneered. She had long realized the true colors of this family. She hugged the sobbing Xu Xiang and pulled the ten-year-old Xu Huai back to the room. She looked at the man sitting in front of the window. “Hubby, lets leave the Xu family and live alone… Ive really had enough of living this sort of life.”

Unexpectedly, Xu Jiangxi stood up immediately and stared at Qu Feng. He lowered his voice and seemed to be suppressing some sort of emotion. “What are you talking about”

“I… I said that we should leave the Xu family. The two of us might not care, but look at the children. Theyre all afraid from all the beatings…” Qu Feng was still a little afraid when she saw Xu Jiangxi like this, but when she touched the bruises on her eldest son, Xu Huai, her tears kept falling.

Xu Jiangxi was silent for a long time before sitting on the bed. “My parents are still alive. How can we leave them…”

Qu Feng did not say anything and looked at Xu Jiangxi in disappointment. She hugged Xu Xiang and cried silently.

Xu Qing found out about what happened in the Xu family a few days later from her best friend, Wu Xiaoan. Xu Qing clenched her fists. When she thought of her gentle mother, her heart ached. After she completely recovered, she had to deal with this matter.

But now, she could not do anything about it. She did not want Qu Feng to be busy at both ends, or she would be even more exhausted. She looked at Wu Xiaoan and suddenly said, “Xiaoan, is Auntie Wu free lately”

Wu Xiaoan was teasing the children. When he heard this, he asked in confusion, “You know my familys situation. Theres only me and my mother. The field isnt that large. Why did you suddenly ask this”

Xu Qing was relieved. “I want to ask Auntie Wu to help me take care of the children and make some food. My mother… I wont let Auntie Wu do it for nothing. It hasnt been easy for you guys either. Ill compensate you two.” Xu Qing was lying low now, so she had to wait.

Wu Xiaoan did not refuse. Her father had passed away early, and her grandmother had chased her and her mother out. Therefore, she had taken her mothers surname and lived a hard life. Only Qu Feng and her family had helped them. Now, the Wu familys mother and daughter naturally did not refuse. “I will tell my mother, but she definitely cant accept the money.”

Xu Qing didnt say anything more. After Auntie Wu came, she still gave her money forcefully and used the excuse of buying groceries. Auntie Wu couldnt refuse anymore. In the end, they were all poor.

With Auntie Wus help, Qu Feng felt more at ease.

Because the children were still young, they were not awake for long. It was rare for Xu Qing to play with the three children at the same time. However, every time she looked at her eldest son, Xu Yuanguang, Xu Qing was very vexed. This child was very strange. From the moment he was born, other than crying occasionally, he rarely smiled. From time to time, he would even frown. Why was a little baby pretending to be so mature

Xu Qing had no choice but to turn around and tease her second son, Xu Tingdeng. Xu Tingdeng immediately chuckled and was especially easy to coax.

“Daughters are the cutest!” Xu Qing hugged Xu Hanxue, who was quietly blowing bubbles, and pressed her face against her chest. This child was the last to be born. Coupled with the fact that her mother had always been malnourished, her health was the worst and she was the smallest.

Xu Qing looked at the three completely different children and couldnt help but smile. The only thing she was relieved about was that she had accidentally transmigrated to such a closed off and backward place.

Among these three children, only her second son, Xu Tingdeng, looked a little like her. The other two did not look like her at all. Xu Qing thought that they probably looked more like their father. After all, their father was a handsome man. She only sighed at how powerful that mans genes were…

“Dont worry, babies. Mother will definitely become stronger and let you guys live a good life. I wont stay in this straw hut forever,” Xu Qing promised. Even if they didnt have a father, so what She had studied medicine for many years and was good at it. How could she rely on others!

“Sister, were the babies obedient today” Outside the straw hut, Xu Xiang ran in with her mother and her second brother, Xu Zhi. As for Xu Huai, he was called by Chen Qiulian to farm. Xu Xiang and Xu Zhi had secretly snuck out with their mother while digging vegetables.

Xu Qing smiled and was about to agree when her second son, Xu Tingdeng, suddenly burst into tears.

“Baby, dont cry…” Xu Xiang was only five years old, but she comforted Xu Tingdeng with a sweet voice, causing Xu Qing to chuckle.” This brat pooped. He cant wait a moment longer. He loves cleanliness… ”

Seeing this, Qu Feng hurriedly changed her grandsons diapers. These three children were raised so well by Xu Qing. They were fair and adorable. She sighed. They didnt look like children from a poor family.


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