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Chapter 1: Transmigrating to the Scene of Hard Labor

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“Whats going on!”

Xu Qing felt puzzlement, and a miserable scream sounded. The pain in her lower body made Xu Qing cry. She glanced around and saw a dilapidated house with cracked windows. There were two weak babies beside her. Xu Qing was shocked. She was actually giving birth!

However, Xu Qing clearly remembered that she had been walking by the river before she fainted. She accidentally sprained her ankle and fell into the river.

The moment she drowned, Xu Qing didnt even have the time to think about anything else. The last thing in her mind was that she felt that the way she died was too embarrassing!

Now, Xu Qing discovered something that made her feel even more despair. She had actually transmigrated. The original owner of this body was giving birth. After giving birth to two children, she died of exhaustion!

This was a small village that was not developed. The Host was only 18 years old this year and had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. She would have been thrown into the river and drowned. Her mother cried and shouted as she saved her. The people in the village blamed her for ruining the reputation of the entire village and chased her to the straw hut at the foot of the mountain outside the village.

A strange movement suddenly came from her stomach. Xu Qing was shocked. The Host was actually pregnant with triplets!

Before she transmigrated, Xu Qing was a famous doctor. She knew very well that if she didnt give birth to the last child quickly, she would definitely die again!

“Do you need help” Suddenly, a puzzled voice sounded from outside the straw hut. An old man in a white robe walked in.

“Great… help me… push my stomach…” Xu Qing thought that she was going to die again, but she didnt expect to have another surprise.

“Push your stomach How can that be Thats not how children are born.” The old man frowned.

Xu Qing was disoriented and she did not realize how backward the place she had transmigrated to was. “Are you a doctor Hurry up and do as I say. This child… is not in the right position and the position needs correction for the child to be born…”

The old man shook his head repeatedly. “This child is gone.”

Just now, the midwife who helped Xu Qing deliver thought that Xu Qing was dead, so she rushed back to the village to report. She happened to encounter this visiting doctor, and the old man rushed over.

He had thought that the pregnant woman was dead and that the two children needed to be taken care of. He did not expect Xu Qing to still be alive and was thinking of a way to give birth to the third child. However, in his opinion, that child definitely could not be saved. He hurriedly opened the medicine chest and took out the ginseng tablets at the bottom of the chest before stuffing them into Xu Qings mouth.

Ginseng was the most precious Chinese medicine and even had the effect of reviving the dead. Xu Qing felt the taste of ginseng and instantly felt more energetic.

“This child can be saved… do as I say… okay” Xu Qing finally reacted. This place was different from her original world, so she could only try her best to explain.

The old man hesitated for a moment and nodded hard. “Ive never delivered a baby like this for anyone. Whether the baby lives or dies is up to fate!”

People had died in his hands before, but only this time made him nervous. However, this was also a new experience. For a doctor, all sorts of rare cases were worth studying to save more people.

Xu Qing pointed at a spot on her stomach. “Press this place hard… pull in this direction… twice, stop…”

There was nothing worse than the current situation anyway, so the old man raised his hand and pressed down.

“Ah!” Xu Qing screamed in pain. Her lips were already bleeding, and the sweat on her forehead flowed non-stop. She felt that she was constantly bleeding, and that she might bleed to death.

Fortunately, this old man was capable. He pressed a few acupoints on her body and the bleeding stopped.

Finally, before Xu Qing fainted, the fetus was adjusted to the right position. She shouted with all her might and gave birth to the child!

The old mans hands trembled as he hugged the bloody child and shook his head repeatedly. “Its really born. Its a girl. Unfortunately…”

Xu Qing was about to heave a sigh of relief when she suddenly realized that the child was not crying! Could it be that she had suffocated to death How could the child she had given birth to die just like that

“Quick… pat her back… Shes still not awake… blow… blow… blow into her mouth…” Xu Qings breathing was extremely weak. Heavy blood loss and pain made her eyelids heavy. However, her consciousness told her that she could not faint yet. She still had things to do.

The old man was very impressed with this little village girl who did not panic in the face of danger. However, the child was still dead, so nothing he did would be of help.

Although he was certain that this child could not be saved, he still did as Xu Qing said. Unfortunately, the child still did not come back to life. He sighed. “Sigh… I already said that even if this child is born, it wont live. It has been in your stomach for too long…”


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