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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: A Ghost Place Like This


Qin Yang squatted on the branch of a big tree, holding a steel dagger in his right hand, and muttered irritably, “Why did I come to this ghost place to play when I have nothing to do Why did I leave the team to chase a deer I knew I was lost. , why continue to run around Alas... what age is this, and there are wolves”

He didnt go deep into the forest to explore, but accidentally got lost and went further and further.

All the dry food has been eaten, and most of the drinking water has been consumed. The most important thing is that the communication tools are out of order, and it is impossible to get in touch with the outside world.

Under the big tree as thick as a hug, more than 20 gray wolves surrounded him and howled at him. The calf-like head wolf shone with a sly green light in the dark night.

Drops of saliva fell from the gray wolfs mouth, and the scene exuded the breath of death that made ordinary people nervous.

Qin Yang is not an ordinary person, at least not an ordinary petty citizen, so he did not tremble with fright, but there is no room for improvement in the situation in front of him.


Without the supplement of food and drinking water, his physical strength will always be exhausted, and the winner of this confrontation cannot be him. In the end, when he was exhausted and fell from the tree, it would definitely become a delicacy in the mouths of the wolves. He didnt think he had the ability to kill more than 20 gray wolves.

Time passed by, trying again and again to send out a rescue signal, but there was no sound. Even if he stayed as still as possible to reduce physical exertion, he couldnt resist the feeling of weakness from not eating for three days, as well as the mental wear and tear caused by the long-term confrontation with the wolves.


In this way, there is only one dead end. He conceived a breakout escape plan in his mind, which was better than staying in a tree and waiting to die.

The confrontation was about to end with Qin Yangs desperate gamble. Suddenly, a figure in the distance ran fast, much faster than the world 100m champion. The body of nearly 1.8 meters was wrapped in a tattered casual clothes stained with blood, almost to the extent of being naked. With the figure of disheveled hair, it looked a little gloomy in combination with the dark environment.

Qin Yang is an atheist. Apart from the initial surprise, he quickly recovered and shouted, “There are wolves! Hurry up and hide in the tree!”


Staying in the tree can only watch the guy who cant eat, far less attractive than the silly bird who can run over and eat at any time.

The wolves that had trapped Qin Yang under the tree for nearly three days, let out a long howl of excitement and turned their attention to the comer, that is, Chen Han, who had just run out of Jianyuan.

Chen Han only remodeled his body, but did not begin to cultivate the emperors record of shaking the sky, and he was not a true cultivator. However, as a martial artist who is not weak in cultivation, even if he loses his true energy for more than ten years of ascetic cultivation, his reaction speed is still far faster than that of ordinary people.


The gray wolf running at the front slammed its hind legs to the ground, jumped up in the air and pounced.

In the dim light, the long fangs, like the scythe of the god of death, marked death, and rushed towards Chen Han like a sharp arrow. I vaguely heard Qin Yangs sigh of pity...

What does speed come from

Martial Artists and Cultivators can achieve the purpose of high-speed operation through the control of True Qi and True Yuan. Ordinary people do not have True Qi and True Yuan, and their speed relies entirely on the strength of their bodies.

This is also the natural instinct of human beings and even beasts.

With the same body size and weight, the stronger the leg strength, the faster the running speed will naturally be. As with the same physical strength, the faster the attack speed, the stronger the attack power.

Chen Han, who has lost the support of his infuriating energy, although his combat power is not as good as in his heyday, his pure physical strength is two or three times stronger than before, and his one-handed strength is definitely no less than a ton.

The remodeled body has a near-perfect golden ratio, which maximizes the strength and speed of the body.

The high speed that made Qin Yang stunned!

The gray wolf cant react as fast as it can!

Seeing the wolf teeth and sharp claws in front of him, Chen Han swiped the ground with the outer edge of his left foot, and his entire body turned to the gray wolfs left side like a spinning top.

This is exactly the basic movement technique of the teachers sect. It cant be played perfectly without the assistance of infuriating qi, but it does not mean that it has completely lost its effect. With the assistance of strength beyond the past, and using strength to replace infuriating energy to form a recoil, the floating cloud nine-dodge movement technique also exerted at least 30% of its power.

The gray wolf fell into the air and was still in the air, Chen Hans right hand five fingers bent into claws, and the wind galloped towards its neck.


With a huge force of thousands of kilograms, the gray wolfs neck bone was crushed on the spot, and it was thrown out like a cannonball, hitting a big tree more than ten meters away.

Accompanied by a series of crisp crackling sounds, the gray wolf, which was fierce just now, fell down softly, and its bones were almost shattered by the impact of the powerful throw. Yin Hong blood oozes out of his mouth and nose, he whimpered and moaned twice, his head tilted and his eyes closed.

Being chased and killed by the division for inexplicable reasons, Chen Han has been holding back his anger and has nowhere to vent, and the wolves have undoubtedly become a good target for venting.


His eyes were dyed a layer of light red, his body was like a tight arrow, and his voice was full of bone-chilling coldness.



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