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Chapter 4: Emperor Shakes The Sky [II]

There is no need to improve the realm by comprehending the way of heaven, nor to absorb the spiritual energy of the outside world, as long as there are all kinds of metals required in the mind technique, he will be fine.

By absorbing the aura of pure gold in different five-element metals and tempering it into five-element profound energy, the profound seal of different functions can be used to strengthen itself.

“Sure enough!” Chen Han quickly rummaged through the memory in his soul, and twitched the corner of his mouth. “Absorb the five elements of pure gold to cultivate the mysterious seal, through the basic Shenwu seal to temper the physical body and condense the primordial spirit, the primordial spirit becomes stronger and the realm goes up, The stronger the physical body, the more intense and purer five elements of profound energy can be controlled, and the stronger the power of the profound seal activated.”

Xuanyin and Shenwu complement each other to facilitate cultivation. According to the method of mind, if you practice to the extreme, you can punch through the stars, which is far from what martial artists can match!

Foundation building, consecration, heartbeat, golden elixir, Nascent Soul, out of body, distraction, integration, transcendence, Mahayana, the ninth level of cultivation, there is a huge gap between each realm. What about martial artists

Although before the Golden Core Stage, the energy forms in the bodies of warriors and cultivators were all true qi, but there was still a big gap in the combat power between the two. Not only that, the strongest energy of a warrior can only reach the late stage of the heartbeat, and the Jindan stage is an insurmountable natural moat.

However, for cultivators, the Golden Core Stage is just the beginning.


“Im depreesed...”

Chen Han, who was in shock and excitement, calmed down a little after a long time, and sighed with a sympathetic expression on his face.

“The high-ranking head of the Star Picking Sword Sect is equivalent to a cultivator in the early stage of the heartbeat, and it is only the strength of infuriating energy, and the actual combat power is the most in the late stage of consecration.”

“Comparing to the ninth level of self-cultivation, it cant even be considered an entry level. Hey... I have been practicing for more than ten years, and when the dantian is not broken, it is equivalent to the late stage of foundation building, right”

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With the opening quotation of Emperor Shaking the Heavens tumbling in his mind, he can be said to be full of pride in his heart. In front of the cultivators, the top masters he once admired are not even scumbags.

If a martial artist is likened to a shell gun, then a cultivator is a veritable nuclear weapon!

Emperors Heaven-shaking Technique uses the five elements of profound energy to quench the primordial spirit and forcibly improve the realm without the bottleneck of conventional spiritual cultivation methods. The biggest problem is that it consumes a large amount of five elements of metals. From the steel needed in the foundation building period, the more precious and rare metals are needed later, the treasures of heaven and earth have never even heard of Bao Chen Han.

One hundred kilograms of steel is only enough to release the Divine Martial Seal once

This number made him dumbfounded, not to mention the ordinary steel that had been smelted under Jianyuan, not even a single piece of iron ore could be found.

With his current physical condition, he can leave Jianyuan, but the world is always a little strange to him.

When he was brought back to his teachers door since he was a child, he seldom went out. Occasionally, he went to the mundane world and was taken by his teachers elders. After a few days, he would return to his teachers door.

How can you survive without the experience of living alone in the world No money, no education, no ID card, the dantian is broken and the true energy is lost, and there is no capital to settle down anywhere.

The mundane world is not as simple as imagined. There are laws that bind ordinary people, there are supreme masters with advanced martial arts, and there are even weapons that can kill master masters.

“I cant handle that much anymore. Even if I dont have true qi, Im a lot stronger than ordinary people. I dont believe that I cant go on!” He shook his fist in front of himself, and laughed coquettishly. “Emperor technique is in my hand. No matter where the world is, Meng Yi, you little brat, wait for this uncle to trample on it!”

Steel is not a valuable thing, but it is a necessity for the cultivation of the first realm of Emperor Shaking Records. At least the first stage of cultivation is not difficult. As long as you break through the foundation-building stage, it is probably equivalent to the strength of a second-rank martial artist. In the mundane world, you wont be too shabby, right

In the near-original Jianyuan, it is easy to find something to fill the stomach.

Chen Han, who was dressed in rags and seemed to be fleeing, suddenly recovered a lot. With the great ambition to trample the world in his heart, he ran out of Jianyuans long and narrow valley.

The sky gradually darkened, and in the depths of Qingmeng Mountain, which was inaccessible, under the shade of dense towering trees, it became even more cold and darker like night.

This mountainous area is classified as an uncharted forest. For ordinary people, not only Jianyuan is a place that is equated with death, but the forest in a radius of hundreds of miles is also dangerous. The deeper the forest, the denser the forest, the towering trees block the sunlight, it is easy to get lost, and the communication equipment and high-tech positioning devices will fail.

However, unknown things always make people curious. Although no one dares to go to Jianyuan, the virgin forest of Qingmeng Mountain still attracts many seekers.

Just as Chen Han ran out of Jianyuan and entered the forest, the sound of wolf howls came in a row, and he was still a little overwhelmed by his surroundings. So, he suddenly became alert in spirit and body. Which idiot will love being trapped by the wolves, Isnt that the same as sending oneself a guide to the underworld

Thinking so in his heart, his running speed immediately increased.



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