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Chapter 28: Big deal

There was a faint tremor on the ground, and several excited people in the living room stood up at the same time, thinking that something had happened.

At this moment, a voice came from the walkie-talkie on the table, and the younger brother who was guarding outside the villa reported respectfully, “Boss, a helicopter has flown over, and there are two trucks, and President Zhang is on it.”

“Clear a lawn for the helicopter to land!”

Qin Yangs eyes suddenly lit up, and he hurriedly got up and walked out: “The metal lithium has been delivered, good news! Haha... Even the helicopter has arrived. It seems that in addition to the inventory in Zhangs head office, the goods from other places have also arrived. ”

As he expected, from last night to now, it has only been ten hours in total, and Mr. Zhangs work efficiency is indeed very high.

Of course, no one has any grudge against money, can he be unhappy for the sake of money

Of all the metal material companies in Tianhua City, only his company has metal lithium, which is less than one ton in total. The helicopter flew overnight from several nearby cities, and the total amount of metal lithium raised was nearly eight tons. As for the other metal tin, it is not a problem, and his own company has enough stocks.


After explaining the situation, Mr. Zhang helped his glasses and said, “President Qin, you should put away these lithium first. The remaining seven tons will be raised for you from tonight to tomorrow.”

“No problem!”

Without any hesitation or distress this time, Qin Yang generously handed over a check: “Mr. Zhang, you should take the 7 million first, and make an accounting after all the goods are delivered. If there is less, make up for it. Thank you Mr. Zhang for your help.”

After taking the check a little politely, the smile on President Zhangs face grew even stronger, and he stretched out his hands: “Boss Qin is even more forthright than in the rumors, this friend Zhang has made an appointment, so feel free to open your mouth when it is useful in the future! ”

In the future, other five-element metals will be needed for cultivation, and making a relationship with a metal material company boss will be of great benefit to Chen Hans future improvement.

Qin Yang held his hand tightly and said with a smile, “It is also an honor for Qin to be able to make friends with Zhang Shum, and Hongyun Street opened a seafood restaurant not long ago, and I heard that the taste is not bad. I want to invite President Zhang to have a light meal, but I dont know if you are free”

In one day, nearly 10 million big deals were done. How could Mr. Zhang refuse such a big customer

Moreover, he knew very well who Qin Yang was. Jingyunhui had a lot of energy in Tianhua City. In addition, Su Yunfeng had been crippled a few days ago, and his reputation in the Taoist society was even more flourishing these days.

It is definitely an unwise choice to refuse this kind of persons invitation to make friends!

When the chat between the two ended, eight tons of lithium metal and fifteen tons of tin had been moved into the master bedroom of the villa by the workers, and Qin Yang and President Zhang got into the car and walked away.

Chen Han and Dawei stayed in the villa, but it wasnt that Qin Yang had the intention to leave them, these people had their own things to do.

The three masters of Jiushamen need to be watched, and they have to deal with incoming calls at any time. The younger brothers in the gang cant interfere in this matter, so as not to cause trouble when they walk. As for Chen Han, the metal has already been delivered, the time is urgent, and it is necessary to cultivate and improve as soon as possible, how can I still have the mind to eat seafood

The master bedroom, which was more than 30 square meters, was emptied early in the morning, and now there are piles of metal ingots with regular shapes and silver-white color.

In addition, there are many sealed aluminum barrels. It was learned from Mr. Zhangs assistant that metal lithium is easy to produce chemical reactions in the air, and must be stored in special mineral oil and sealed.

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“Heartbeat period...I can finally advance to the heartbeat period...”

Chen Han couldnt hide his excitement, he lifted the lid of the barrel with trembling hands, and looked at the metal ingot soaked in it through the transparent mineral oil, the color of which was similar to tin: “As long as you can advance to the heartbeat stage, you can complete a big leap. , the realm is no less than that of a martial arts master. With the astonishing combat power of Huangjis Heaven-shaking Record, even if you encounter a peerless master above the master, you will still have enough strength to fight.”

The right hand stretched into the metal bucket, and the palm was attached to the metal lithium. With the operation of the mind, the liver corresponding to the wood attribute immediately changed.

Seems like a seed buried deep in the ground, moistened by rain and dew, awakened from a deep slumber, a slight suction affects the cells of the whole body, and the breath of life-filled Ottowood fine gold is quickly transmitted from the silver metal block to the palm of the hand.

The qi of the five elements of geng metal is sharp and sharp.

The qi of the five elements of pure gold with the attribute of Yimu lies in the endless life.

The liver is like a dry sponge, madly absorbing the vitality full of vitality, Chen Han can clearly feel the vitality of the body.

As the cultivation base has been upgraded to the enlightenment period, the body has been substantially strengthened, the strength and openness of the meridians have been enhanced several times, and the absorption of spiritual energy has increased several times compared to the foundation construction period. However, as a higher-level metal, the aura of pure gold contained in the same volume of metallic lithium is not comparable to that of steel in terms of quantity and purity.

With his current cultivation, the aura of pure gold contained in one hundred kilograms of steel can be absorbed in ten minutes at most, but it took three hours for one hundred kilograms of lithium.

The tin, which is the same as steel, belongs to Gengjin. It is one level higher than steel in terms of level. The pure gold contained in it is more concentrated and pure. The time to absorb 100 kilograms of tin is two and a half hours.

It took nearly six hours to get two pieces of metal, refining the absorbed pure gold gas, which was nearly three times slower than the foundation-building period.



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