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Chapter 27: Cultivator


In the extremely crisp impact sound, a green light came first, deflecting the flying sword that turned into a purple streamer, and finally a sword passed through Chen Hans left shoulder.

No matter how strong and outrageous his physical body is, it is useless in the face of the sword qi of cultivators, and he is penetrated without even the slightest obstacle.

He screamed and was knocked into the air by the power contained in the sword qi. He opened his mouth and spewed out a large stream of blood. The meridians and internal organs of his whole body were hit a lot.

There was an extra walnut-sized blood hole on his shoulder, and the blood spurted wildly like no tomorrow.

This is only caused by a wisp of residual sword qi. If someone hadnt temporarily stepped in to help and was directly hit by the flying sword in the chest, God knows if his whole body would have been twisted into pieces by the sword qi

“You can recover after taking the medicinal herbs for three days. I will report this to the Patriarch to verify it, and there will be a period in the future.”


A dull voice came from his ears, and Chen Han, who was seriously injured and a little confused, could vaguely see a pale golden medicinal pill floating in his hand.

Immediately afterwards, the two black super SWAT officers transformed into two middle-aged men in long gowns, forcibly erecting Huangfu Ziyan on the left and the right, stepping on the flying sword and flying away.

At the same time, the unruly girl shouted in the air: “Let go of me! Uncle, why do you want to save that stinky rascal Im going to kill him... Also, take his broken car away, our own car has to be taken away too, woohoo...”

There was a heavy sense of powerlessness in his head, and he finally passed out.

When he woke up, he was lying in the back seat of an Audi A6. David used to be very good at driving. Today, he dont know what happened. The car was swaying on the road.

When the car stopped outside the Qingshuiwan villa, he rolled and crawled out of the cab, then collapsed in the hall.

In the end, Qin Yang and the others who came over after hearing the news carried Chen Han in from the back seat, and Da Wei, who was relieved of his breath, began to make a silly comparison, but no matter how he listened to it, the foreword didnt make sense.

“Let me tell you.”

Chen Hans spirit recovered a little, and he stuffed the medicinal pill into his mouth, and a warm air flowed around his body. There were still traces of blood oozing out of the wound, and it took a few breaths to stop the bleeding, and the numbness came, and he could even feel that the hideous wound was being repaired.

Is this the magical effect of the cultivation world medicine pill

He had been curious about where the world of self-cultivation was and where the practitioners of self-cultivation were. He never imagined that there were practitioners of self-cultivation in the so-called family of martial arts, and he was still a little girl who was less than twenty years old.

Since Dawei witnessed the whole thing with his own eyes, it would be meaningless to hide some things, he said weakly: “In the eyes of ordinary people, warriors are the strongest existences in this world, I am afraid that even the vast majority of warriors I dont know, in fact there are people who are far beyond the warriors, they are called cultivators. Dawei and I are very lucky, we met today, and all of us met at the same time.”

Dawei, who was still a little bit insane, nodded again and again, and his voice became sharp: “That girl... God! At most seventeen or eighteen years old, Brother Chen annoyed her, and then a sword qi struck him. If it werent for another Two black super SWAT officers, Brother Chen would have been dead...”

Chen Han didnt say that he got Huangji Shattering Records, and he didnt explain the adventure in Jianyuan in detail. He just told everyone that he had obtained a very low-level cultivation method, which could surpass martial arts in a very short time. To learn the limit, the premise is that all kinds of metals are required.

Dawei, who was able to kill and set fire to his mind, was so frightened that Qin Yang and the others couldnt believe it or not.

A bell chimed in his head!

A layer of cold sweat broke out from the back of several peoples hearts. This thing is basically the plot of a magic movie. The swordsmanship kills people thousands of miles away. He didnt expect it to be true.

Chen Han, who is comparable to a first-grade martial artist, was still seriously injured by the residual sword energy even when others came to help. Hes afraid that only the existence of surpassing the martial artist can do it


This word echoed in the minds of everyone, although what Chen Han obtained was only a low-level mentality, it was also a hundred times more powerful than the most profound martial arts. His words can easily explain the doubts in Qin Yangs heart. How could martial arts have rapidly increased several times in just half a month

Just like what Dawei said, how could a little girl of sixteen or seven years of age have more than a hundred years of true qi cultivation

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The eyes of everyone looking at Chen Han have changed. When the high-ranking warrior is not the pinnacle, the hope of surpassing the warrior is pinned on the young man in front of him, and of course it will become the focus of attention.

Several people had difficulty breathing, their faces were flushed, their breathing was heavy, and the brand new road leading to the highest peak made their mood extremely excited.

“Brother Chen Han, the metal materials needed for cultivation have been packaged. Even if I, Qin Yang, go bankrupt, I will support you!”

There is no requirement to make such a promise. Qin Yang is very clear that the friendship with each other is not enough to make the other party completely trust, and it is even more impossible for Chen Han to teach him the cultivation method.

The premise of getting is to pay without expecting anything in return, so as to gain real trust.

Even if there is no cultivation of the truth to teach him, when Chen Han is a blockbuster, he will not be grateful to him. How can he still be a local snake in the small Tianhua City




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