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Chapter 26: Swords Art [II]

Compared to her, her previous peerless talent in the teachers sect was simply the most ridiculous joke.

With a cultivation level close to the master level, Chen Han felt heartfelt despair. Such strength is not something he can resist at all. It is an insurmountable moat!


The result of the duel again was completely reversed. The young girl Huangfu Ziyan was like a nine-day fairy, slowly falling into the sky, and Chen Han screamed and was sent flying more than ten meters away.

Even though his physical body was countless times stronger than other warriors of the same rank, under the unimaginable attack, he almost lost his five internal organs. The entire right arm seemed to have been run over by a 10,000-ton hydraulic press, and several meridians were obviously torn apart.


There is a huge gap between the real qi cultivation base and the physical strength.


“Stinky hooligan, didnt you say that Miss Ben is relying on others Isnt she trying to win” Huangfu Ziyan became more and more angry.

“I didnt lose.”

Chen Han stood up slowly and chuckled: “Indeed, I underestimated you before, but it doesnt mean compromise, as long as I can stand up, I wont lose, right”

Huangfu Ziyan looked at him in astonishment, and murmured: “How could... that ordinary first-class master cant stop the palm just now, your attack power is also the peak of the second rank, how can you not be injured Even the strongest outer door The Nine Dragons Sutra of Heart Technique doesnt have such a strong defense, not to mention you dont have true qi!”

The defense of the outer door horizontal practice kung fu is amazing, but it is also divided into three, six, nine and so on.

There is no real energy control at all, and the horizontal training of martial arts purely to hone the body is the lowest level, it is impossible to achieve much, and it is not bad to be able to block the attacks of third-rate masters. The really advanced horizontal martial arts is to temper the body both internally and externally, but with Huangfu Ziyans knowledge, he cant imagine that Chen Han, who has no true energy, can resist attacks that are close to the master level.

“Do you still fight If you dont fight, you will admit defeat.” Chen Han retorted.

“Ling Yun Qi Jue – Chasing the stars and conquering the sky by the moon!”

“Try Lao Tzus own unique technique, Chen Hans style – grasping the milk dragon claw hand!”

Huangfu Ziyans figure flashed faster than a meteor, and her five fingers were like hooks in the air.

However, her self-confidence has not had time to be confirmed. Chen Han, who knew that she was defeated, said that it was good to play on the spot or to be despicable. He actually greeted her chest with his hands in claws, ignoring the palm wind coming from her chest. That blow was enough to kill him.


There are some moves that cannot be used against women. This is an unwritten rule in martial arts. Not only did he use it, but he also made a special move in the places where people were ashamed.

Huangfu Ziyan, who was determined to win, changed his face quietly, like a frightened bunny, folded his body in the air to avoid it, and when he landed on the ground, two red clouds rose on his face on the spot. Zhi was so angry that he trembled all over, and pointed at Chen Han from a few meters away and cursed: “Shameless! You perverted, stinky rascal, how dare... how dare you...”

“You and I both made bets. All I want is to win. It doesnt matter what trick you use. You can also use this trick if you have the ability.”

Previously, the other party scolded himself and could argue, but now he has indeed used indiscriminate methods.

Who made this girl outrageously strong

Now that he knows that there is no hope for a head-on confrontation, he can only block the enemy through other means, which is the only thing he can do at the moment.

Huangfu Ziyans pretty face flushed red, and he stomped his feet angrily. With a flash, he launched an attack again: “Lingyun Qijue – Mount Tai is crushing the world!”

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This time, she learned to be smart, and directly blocked the chest area, and the grasping milk dragon claw hand no longer worked.

“Chenhan Second Style – Monkey steals peach...I steal!”

With the danger of his head being smashed into a rotten watermelon, Chen Han reached out with a thiefs hand, and the target turned out to be the more embarrassing part of the opponents lower abdomen.

The second exclamation came out, Huangfu Ziyan had to withdraw temporarily, and her little face was so red that she was about to bleed.

She clenched her silver teeth and stared at Chen Han with embarrassment and anger. Crystal tears rolled in her eyes, and she roared word by word, “Shameless bastard, Im going to kill you!”

To say that I didnt feel that it was fake, to use this method to deal with a little girl, Chen Han also felt that his face was hot, but what can he do

“You big lecher, go to hell... Feihong!”

“Miss cant!”

“Honey...whats this...whats the situation”

Chen Han was thinking about what move to use tocrack the opponents next move, when he suddenly heard the screams of the black super special policeman, and then saw a stream of purple flowers spewing out from the top of Huangfu Ziyans head.


Until then, he didnt understand why a little girl who was less than twenty years old would have 30 years of true qi cultivation that was purer than that of a grand master.

She is not a martial artist at all, but a true self-cultivator!

Feijian traversed the space of less than ten meters at an incredible speed, with an extremely harsh blast of air, and stabbed into the chest at the moment when Chen Han had no time to react. It is no longer a 30-year-old infuriating cultivation base.

If you have to compare it with martial arts, it is an extreme attack that surpasses the master level and reaches the limit of martial arts, and the lowest is not weaker than a hundred-year-old infuriating cultivation.

Swordsmanship from the world of comprehension!

A cultivator from the Huangfu family!

Chen Han vaguely guessed something, but unfortunately he has lost the chance to live. Even if the head of the Star Picking Sword Sect personally took action, he would never be able to block this sword...



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