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Chapter 25: Swords Art [I]

To fight or not to fight

Chen Han really had no end in his heart. If he lost, he would have to suffer humiliation and beg for mercy, but winning was not necessarily a good thing. Bullying the eldest lady of the Huangfu family, it doesnt mean that any bull** oath will work, or it will lead to death. He regrets not listening to Daweis dissuasion.

“Hey! You rascal, are you still fighting If you are afraid, you will admit defeat now. Miss I didnt rely on others, and even made an oath.”

The girls bright eyes are like water and aggressive, and Chen Hans head is full of black lines: Yes, on the surface, you really dont depend on others, but isnt the reputation of Huangfus family the biggest reliance

If it was an ordinary person who knew her origin and identity, even if they knew that she would win, they would not dare to fight. It would be better to kneel down and beg for mercy than to be revenge by the Huangfu family.

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In the end, Chen Han made a difficult decision.

Anyway, he was alone and had nothing to worry about. The only concern in the past was the Star Picking Sword Sect, but now even the divisions have turned against each other, and there is no longer any concern. If there is anything else that matters, it is the dignity of a man, and this battle for dignity is inevitable.


Not only to fight, but also to do everything possible to win. When he knew the identity of the opponent, he knew very well that as the eldest lady of the Huangfu family, no matter how arrogant and self-willed, his cultivation would not be too bad.

“Is it really nothing to worry about Does it matter if you die”

Imagining the consequences of angering the Huangfu family, he couldnt help but put his hand on the purple jade bracelet on his left wrist, thinking to himself, “Why did they abandon me Why...why have all the previous memories gone, the parents who abandoned their son still Is it worth worrying about”

This bracelet, worn on his body since he was a child, is all the memories before entering the Star Picking Sword Sect, and it is also the only token that proves his identity.

Just when he touched the Ziyu bracelet, the two black super SWAT officers who were standing behind the girl, who were sinking like water, suddenly twitched at the same time. If you can see the eyes through the sunglasses, you will find that the two are staring at the string of purple jade bracelets, their eyes are full of astonishment, but unfortunately this expression has not been found by anyone.

“Stinky hooligan, are you too scared to do anything” The girl spoke sharply and sarcastically.


Chen Leng snorted and launched it suddenly, as if the arrow from the string instantly increased the speed to the limit, and the mysterious footwork spanned several meters.

He suddenly launched an attack without saying hello, and he thought he would be caught off guard.

However, apart from a faint look of shock, the girl did not panic at all, and said with a tender smile: “Stinky hooligan, I didnt expect to learn the skills of a three-legged cat, the Floating Cloud Nine Flashes of the Star Picking Sword Sect. Its a pity, he was originally a third-rate. Fa, without infuriating motivation, do you still want to win Miss Ben with brute force alone”

The slender palms are like jade, and the green energy is lingering.

The girls fair palms exuded a deadly aura, and the purity of the infuriating qi was astounding. Only the most esoteric heart technique could cultivate such a pure inner family infuriating qi.

Although the essence of true qi is pure, the time for cultivation is still too short, and it seems that it has only been heated for more than ten years.


The astral qi shot by the palm of the wind met the pure power of the fist, and Chen Han stayed still without hurting a single hair, but the girl was shocked and flew out.

It was a little strange in her heart, how could the speed be so fast without the assistance of infuriating qi, but she never imagined that the bastard in her eyes had such terrifying physical strength. After all, the soft edges and corners of Chen Hans facial features are very gentle, and the muscles on his body do not feel violent, completely unlike the legendary Hercules.

“Be careful!”

Chen Han didnt know why, but he would remind the other party loudly at this time. What made him even more strange was that the two black super SWAT officers had no intention of taking action at all.

Even if you have vowed not to shoot first, you should be worried about the safety of the eldest lady, right

Before he could figure out what was going on, the girl who was still in the air was extremely strange and did not land.

As soon as the momentum of flying upside down stopped, he folded his body in a volley, slaughtered from top to bottom, and did not forget to shout angrily: “Obviously, he has practiced the foreigners cross-training mental method, but he pretended not to know martial arts. The lady was merciful but fell for you. Damn scumbag, damn liar, I wont let you kneel and beg for mercy today, I wont be called Huangfu Ziyan... Lingyun “Qijue-Yan Huitianya is worrying every step of the way!”

In the blink of an eye, the girl who had only shown her true qi cultivation for more than ten years before, released her true qi breath, which was directly lifted to the level of half a Jiazi.

No wonder she wasnt injured at all. In fact, she thought that Chen Han didnt understand martial arts, so she left most of her true energy in it and didnt release it.

The purity and condensed degree of infuriating energy surpassed anyone Chen Han had seen, that is to say, the same amount of infuriating energy was stronger than the head of the Sword Sect. At the same time, the strength of infuriating energy has reached more than 30 years. According to this ratio, she is absolutely qualified to be among the first-class peaks, and even infinitely close to the level of a great master.

Chen Han was in danger of not being petrified!

How old is she

It seems that he is no more than seventeen years old at most. Even if he started cultivating at birth, it only took more than ten years. How could he have 30 years of infuriating cultivation

Whats even more shocking is that she controls the infuriating like an arm and a finger, without the slightest jerky. This means that her cultivation did not come from others, and she was not forcibly improved through empowerment Dafa.



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