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Peerless God of Cultivation Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Different Battling Sects [II]

The almost perfect battle just now made everyone understand what a master is, and now it can be said that the blood is boiling.

Dawei Niu paced the Eighth Masters steps, and laughed loudly: “Brother Chen is a teacher of Jingyun Club, have you heard of it Its a hundred times more than your nine evil door bulls, and those who are wise will immediately abandon their cultivation and wait for them. If you lose your hair, maybe I can save you a little life, otherwise...hehe...”

What is Jingyun

The ordinary underworld gangs in Tianhua City are nothing compared to Jiushamen, but the other party doesnt take Jiushamen seriously at all.

Looking at the faces full of jokes, only one master of the Nine Demon Sect, who was not unconscious, knew that this time it was a hit on the iron plate. These guys are desperados in the first place. Even if the Eight Sects are moved out, it will be in vain. Although Jingyun will not be able to fight against the Nine Demons, but now he will definitely lose blood.

He glanced at the two brothers who were unconscious with blood all over their faces. In order to avoid humiliation and suffering, he reluctantly raised his hand, slapped his face fiercely, and then fell into a coma.

“Oh, its quite smart, Ruzi can be taught.” Dawei laughed so much that he wanted to slap him with the soles of his shoes.


“How to deal with these three guys” Gao Lao asked with a frown.

“Killed.” At some point in Xiaodaos hand, there was an extra steel dagger with murderous aura.

“No!” Ghost Shou shook his head quickly and said, “Jiushamen made a mistake in estimating our strength, but once we find out that the three of them have no news, they will definitely send more and stronger experts. If Chen Han does not have enough strength by then, These three bastards may well be our talisman, at least for a while.”

Listening to his analysis, everyone nodded. Although there are many warriors who are close to the first-grade cultivation, they are still very important backbones in the third-tier forces.

With them acting as hostages and dealing with Jiushamen, they can delay a little time, and sometimes every minute and second can determine the change of the whole situation.

When Dawei dragged the three back to the living room, Chen Han directly punctured their dantian and crushed their limbs and bones.

When he found several people looking at him with ghostly eyes, he smiled and said that it was to prevent escape.

After the painful experience of being chased and killed by the teacher, you must not give any chance to the enemy. Isnt it the best example of escaping from death and practicing hard for revenge

Just after cleaning up the scene, the cell phone rang on the unconscious Jiusha Sect master who was tied up by Wu Hua Dao.

Dawei quickly found a mobile phone and looked at Qin Yang anxiously: “Boss, what should I do Maybe its the Jiushamen who called and asked for news, and it will be revealed whether they accept it or not.”

“Im coming, hehe...”

Yi Gulu jumped up from the sofa to take the phone, pressed the answer button, Chen Han desperately squeezed his voice into a thin voice: “The three gentlemen are temporarily inconvenient to answer the phone, they are enjoying a full body massage, is there anything I need to tell ”

Qin Yang and the others opened their mouths and almost bit their tongues. They vaguely heard the voice on the other end of the phone raised an octave, and hung up with a loud scolding ofthe bastard.

After more than ten seconds, the ghost hand gave a thumbs up to Chen Han, and everyone covered their stomachs and laughed wildly.

He spends most of his time in the teachers sect, and rarely has the opportunity to contact the worldly guy. Its really hard for him to think of such an absolute idea.

“Okay, everyone is tired, lets rest.”

Qin Yang, who looked a little tired, waved his hand and said: “The metal thing has to wait until tomorrow, I will urge President Zhang to speed up the progress. Dawei, take Chenhan to buy some decent clothes tomorrow morning, my His clothes are not suitable for him, so he has a mobile phone by the way, and it is more convenient to contact him.”

After staying in the teachers school for more than ten years, Chen Han developed the habit of getting up early.

At six oclock the next morning, Dawei, who was sleeping soundly, was pulled up by force, and after washing, he drove straight to the city center. Its a pity to see that there are not many shops that open so early. Later, I ate breakfast in Yonghe Soy Milk for more than an hour before going shopping at eight oclock.

Watching Chen Han stuff the last two fried buns into his mouth, he burped with satisfaction, Dawei rolled his eyes and clenched his pockets.

This guy seems to be reincarnated from starvation. He ate the food of five adults by himself, which is an understatement.

Fortunately, Qin Yang still has a little money. If he is an ordinary person, he is afraid that he will not be eaten up

Chen Han has no hobby for shopping. The more important reason for pulling David up so early is because of excitement and excitement. In the past, I occasionally came to the secular world with the elders of my division, and most of the time I followed behind others. I couldnt ask or speak, and my understanding of the secular world was superficial.

This time, he has left the teachers sect and is independent. He will stay in the world for a long time in the future, and he will no longer have to follow other peoples ass to make promises.

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“What is that” Pointing to the stall on the street where marshmallows of various colors are made, Chen Han exclaimed in surprise: “I see, we have also grown cotton on the mountain, and the city is advanced, and the cotton is still colored, ox fork!”

Along the way, he has asked questions many times, and he has been clever enough to call a deer a horse.

In order to prevent him from making a fool of himself in front of others in the future, Dawei can only explain carefully. After all, he has stayed in the teachers school for too long. Although he knows many things in the world, there are still too many things he does not understand.

“Cotton Bumper, go back to your hometown to grow cotton.”

Just when he regarded cotton candy as cotton, there was a scolding sound not far away, Chen Han and Dawei turned their heads in anger...



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