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Chapter 21: Different Battling Sects [I]

The three of them seem to be in their thirties, and their cultivation bases are above the middle stage of the second-grade martial arts.

The man in the center smashed the door and rushed in. As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a figure running towards him at an unbelievable speed.

He doesnt think that the people who hang out with the underworld in Tianhua City are strong. Besides, in order to cover up his defeat, Su Yunfengs words are very flattery.

He fought against the opponent for hundreds of rounds, and finally was seriously injured by a few people together. How could he know that in order to flaunt his ability, he told a big lie and brought disaster to the three seniors.

Jiushamen thought that the opponent was only one step stronger than Su Yunfeng, and it was enough to send these three people, which was why they were so arrogant when they first appeared.

The other two didnt even want to make a move. When the flying sawdust stopped and saw the figure that was faster than lightning, it was too late to make a move.

“Presumptuous!” The man in the center suddenly changed color, and the other party shot directly without saying hello, which made him involuntarily angry: “Ignorance junior, go to hell!”


With the increase of Tianliyin, Chen Hans combat power has been directly improved to the peak of the second rank. With his unparalleled body, it is enough to compete head-on with the first-rank masters. Didnt you see that Xu Yan was beaten by him steadily

The guy in front of him is the strongest among the three, and he has only a late second-grade cultivation base, so he cant be his opponent at all.


The attack of the two collided, and the man screamed and flew back with his right arm in his arms. A slight crisp sound was faintly heard, a gap in the metacarpal bone cracked, and a bloody arrow spurted out from his mouth.

Chen Han, who only took two steps back, did not stop, his body turned like a spinning top, and he threw his fist at the guy who was attacking from the right, and at the same time kicked the master of the Nine Shamen on the left.

At this time, the difference between strength and infuriating energy is revealed.

Infuriating energy can only be condensed into one at the same time. If two people are attacked at the same time, the dispersing power of infuriating energy will decrease. On the other hand, there is no such problem with pure physical strength. One punch can hit six tons of power, and even if the punches and feet are thrown together, there will not be much dispersion.

Even, the leg strength is stronger than the fist strength!

The two masters of Jiusha Sect with slightly lower cultivation were knocked into the air in one fell swoop. Chen Han, whose left foot was hanging in the air, used his right leg as a fulcrum, and his body turned ghostly and bounced forward.

The man who was repelled first had just regained his senses. Seeing a big foot kicked him in the face, he scolded Su Yunfengs ancestor for the eighteenth generation in his heart.

What is it that is similar to his cultivation level, the second-rank early-stage warrior who won the group fight is clearly a super master comparable to the first-rank.

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The most important thing is that the infuriating attack does not have the slightest anti-shock effect, and the opponent does not need to mobilize the infuriating force. There is no gap between fists and feet like a violent storm. It is simply a human-shaped Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Although he knew in his heart that he was invincible, he still endured the severe pain of a fractured right metacarpal, and tried his best to lift his True Qi and greet him with his left palm.

At least seven tons of side kicks kicked him away. This time not only the metacarpal bones were split, but also the meridians of his left arm were almost torn apart by the giant force. He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and fell to the ground, and before he got up, he saw a fist the size of a casserole in front of him. He felt as if his head had been stepped on by 10,000 mammoth elephants, and he rolled his eyes and passed out.

The other two disciples of Jiusha Sect, whose cultivation level was still a little worse, watched the boy under 20 years old and inflicted heavy damage on themselves in less than ten seconds.

Dont stay here for long!

The two looked at each other and made up their minds, and ran out of the living room at the same time. Where is the arrogance when they just broke in

Chen Han grabbed the coffee table beside his feet and smashed it at one of them. Pure physical strength came from his legs, chasing the other person like a wild horse.


Leaping in the air to take the back of the opponents head with his toes is definitely the most deadly point behind him. In addition, he is a few points faster than the light-weight exercises, so the opponent can only bite the bullet and throw a punch.

As a result, there is no second possibility. The guy was kicked out more than ten meters like a cannonball, knocking the rockery outside the villa into rubble. The seven orifices ooze out bloodstains of dark red, and tried to stand up and escape, but in the end, he was unable to get up, but instead caused the internal injury to vomit blood again, and his head fainted.

The other person heard the sound of breaking air behind him, and without turning his head, he shattered the coffee table and continued to run.

It happened that Chen Han solved his companion, and with a sneer, the speed increased to the limit, and he actually circled an arc and blocked in front, holding his arms with his arms and grinning strangely: “Run I want to see where you can run, darling. Learn from your two brothers and sisters, so as not to suffer from flesh and blood.”

“Boy, Im a disciple of Jiusha Sect, there is a way to report out of the teachers door!” The other party was stern, his calf was shaking and he wanted to act as a hero, trying to use the teachers door to suppress the other party.

“Oh! Jiushamen, scared me to death!”

Chen Han patted his chest with a very scared look, waved to Dawei who was chasing out of the living room, and said cheerfully: “Wei, which school are we from”

These are the elites of the second-rank warriors, each of which is several times stronger than Qin Yang, but they were all settled in less than a minute.



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