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Chapter 19: Advancement Metal [I]

Yanhuang Shenzhou is thousands of miles across, with thousands of sects and aristocratic families, and even a martial artist who is not in the mainstream can start a sect, so the strength of these sects and families is very different.

Among them, the strongest are undoubtedly the four great aristocratic families and the eight sects. Almost all the top players are concentrated, and they have an extremely close relationship with the Yanhuang State Sports.

Next are dozens of second-tier forces, including Chen Hans Shimens Star Picking Sword Sect.

These forces do not have the background of the four major families and the eight sects, but they also have strong strength, and there are many masters with outstanding cultivation.

In addition to these powerful families that can affect the entire martial arts, there are also a large number of third-tier forces. They are entrenched in a certain area with deep roots, and their influence is very large in the local area.

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Jiushamen is one of the many third-tier forces!

Both Chen Han and Qin Yang had heard of this sect, but they had never intervened in the underworld before, but they didnt expect to change their old style, obviously they couldnt be lonely anymore.


This sect is ranked behind the third-tier forces, and it is not relatively powerful, but the martial arts it cultivates is very ruthless and domineering. The head of Qi Yuankui is narrow-minded, and he will pay his revenge.

Obviously, the tentacles of Jiushamen have reached Tianhua City, and Su Yunfengs appearance was premeditated.

Chen Han beat him into a cripple with a punch, and with the style of Jiushamen, it is impossible to forget it so easily. It wont be long before the real masters will come, and Jingyun will face irresistible revenge.

To be eligible to become a third-tier force, the minimum requirement is to have a master in charge, which is equivalent to the top master of the early heart cultivator.

Even with the increase of Tianliyin, Chen Hans actual combat power is only a second-rate peak, which can make Xu Yan, a first-rank martial artist, at a disadvantage, inseparable from his physical advantage. However, when a master at the master level appears, the so-called physical defense is just a joke, how can it still play a role

Clearwater Bay Villas.

In the living room, the six people who were still high-spirited in the afternoon, with gloomy faces dripping with water, Jiushamen is by no means a small Jingyun Club that can compete.

“What should I do Or... Brother Chen Han, you should go to other places to hide first” Ghost Hand was full of anxiety, he didnt want to see an accident with the brother he just recognized.

“Youll be in big trouble if I leave.”

Chen Han is not the kind of person who only cares about himself. Even if he loses his life, he doesnt want to see his friends accident. He pondered for a moment and turned to Qin Yang: “Brother Qin, can I get the metal I want quickly Its more common to get it first. those”

Hearing this, Qin Yang felt agitated and anxiously said, “I said, brother, when is this all, are you still thinking about metal”

With a helpless sigh, Chen Han said in a low voice, “This is the last chance. If there is the metal I need, the threat of Jiushamen will probably not exist.”

As soon as these words were said, everyone was stunned. Qin Yang, who was still very anxious just now, quickly asked: “Brother, you cant joke at this time. By the way, you give my brother a letter of approval, what do you want those metals for The 20 tons of steel delivered last time were inexplicably lost by more than half, and there was a lot of white ashes in the room. Could it be that you could not eat those dozen tons of steel”

It cant be said that the aura of pure gold in the steel has been absorbed, and the metal you want is for cultivation, right

The existence of Huangjis Heaven-shaking Record is too amazing, not to mention that Qin Yang will be scared to death if he finds out. If it is spread out, I am afraid that the four major families and the eight major sects will also come out.

Teachers who have lived together for 12 years can turn against each other in a blink of an eye, not to mention those who have just known each other for a while. Before he had enough strength, he didnt dare to hand his life into the hands of others. The secret of Huangjis Heaven-shaking Record could not be shared, even Qin Yang and others on the same boat.

“These are not important, the key is do you believe me” Chen Han had to change the subject.


The ghost hand jumped up and shouted loudly: “Its all over, what are you talking about Since Chen Han said so, Ill bet my life on him. Dawei, contact the whole city. The largest metal materials company, take a sample of all the metals on the market.”

Dawei looked at Qin Yang hesitantly, that was the boss in his mind, no matter what the ghost hand said, he couldnt make up his mind.

Closing his eyes slightly and being silent for a few seconds, Qin Yang waved his hand to signal him to follow Ghost Hands instructions, but he sat back on the sofa weakly.

Except for the faint sound of Dawei making a phone call outside, the living room was eerily silent, with only the sound of a few people breathing, and even Dawei who had finished the call walked in on tiptoe.

After about an hour, a middle-aged man with eyes walked into the hall.

After a simple greeting, the accompanying young man took out a large box, with more than 20 squares in it, and a small piece of metal was placed in each square.

“Thats all Isnt there more than a hundred kinds of metals”

“We cant get radioactive metals, and some are too rare and expensive to use at ordinary times. The company wont buy them at all.”

“Can I take it in and take a look” Chen Han asked after listening to the other partys explanation.




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