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Chapter 16: Emergence Of Murder [II]

Hearing what he said, Qin Yang faintly noticed something in his heart.

Chen Hans strength in the Qingmeng Mountain Forest was at most the middle stage of the third-grade martial arts, and it could be seen that he had no reservations at that time. However, in less than half a month, his combat power has suddenly risen to the peak of the second rank. If he is an ordinary person, he is a genius with excellent talent, and he has a famous teacher to guide him to cultivate the profound spiritual method. It is impossible to do it without three or five years.

After getting along for a short time, it can be seen from his countless experiences in reading people that Chen Han is not the kind of bragging person, and he must rely on him to say this.

Outer disciples are not allowed to practice core martial arts. He also knows this rule. Without a deep mind, he can say such arrogant words. The only possibility is that he has obtained some kind of treasure.

Maybe it was because of this that he was chased by the division, or maybe it was an opportunity after being chased and killed, but it didnt seem like he was talking nonsense anyway.


After figuring out the obstacles, Qin Yang finally made up his mind deep in his heart, and completely put his life on Chen Han.


His eyes swept across the faces of the condensed people, and Chen Han, who was eager to improve his cultivation, said, “Brother Qin, can you help me with one thing”

“Ill be my own person from now on, how can I say help or not” Qin Yang patted his chest to make sure hed do it.

“Thats the one...” Chen Han hesitated for a moment, and finally smiled embarrassedly: “I dont know how to say the metal I want, but it is very important to me. Before I know all the metals, the best way is to buy all kinds of metals. A little, so it can be identified.”

Various metals

Although Qin Yangs education is not high, he also knows that there are more than 100 kinds of metals.

Some of them, such as radioactive metals, cant be bought with money, and some are so expensive that even if he goes bankrupt, he cant buy a piece the size of a fingernail. Chen Hans request left him speechless. On the surface, he accepted it. He thought that he could only do his best. After all, Jingyunhuis funds were limited, and many things were beyond his ability.

After eating a meal for nearly four hours, from four oclock in the afternoon until the bright moon hung high, Maotai drank thirteen bottles, of which Chen Han killed more than three pounds, but he was the only one who was not drunk.

Even though Qin Yang, who has been practicing for many years, is a little swaying after eating more than two pounds, the other four are even more confused and cant tell the difference between east, west, north and west.

He has followed the boss for many years, but due to ancestral rules, Qin Yangs family tradition cannot be taught. Everyone should eat at least a pound of white wine, and its not bad to be able to stand up. Only Chen Hans body can stand it. Alcohol doesnt have much effect on him.

“Old... brother, big brother will help you with the metal thing early in the morning.” Qin Yangs tongue was a little bit big, and he put his arms around Chen Hans shoulder and walked out of the private room: “Go! Brothers are happy today, the resplendent emperors private room continues to drink, haha...”

A group of people left Xiangmanlou crookedly. A younger brother opened the door and waited, and several cars passed by in the envious eyes of passers-by.

Resplendent KTV.

This is not someone elses territory. It is located in the most prosperous Hongyun Street on the Jingyunhui site, which is the area where Su Yunfeng wants to exchange the two streets. Unfortunately, the guy is currently lying on a hospital bed.

As one of the most high-end entertainment venues in Tianhua City, it must be very lively at night, and Chen Han has never encountered such a place. In the past in the masters door, after dark, I was either meditating, cultivating, or sleeping. There were dark lights everywhere, and the lights were bright like here

As soon as the car stopped outside the KTV, several waiters greeted him.

Qin Yang didnt go inside right away, he faintly felt something was wrong from the waiters expression, and the infuriating energy in his body was running fast to force the alcohol out as much as possible. He grabbed the Gao Lao and the ghost hands with both hands, and input his True Qi to help them drink. He lowered his voice and said, “Dont go in first, there is a problem, the younger brother who was watching at the door has been replaced.”

The ghost hand and others who have been in the underworld for many years, immediately sobered up a lot, Qin Yang turned his eyes to Chen Han: “Brother, do you remember Su Yunfeng who was looking for trouble in the afternoon Even I dont know his origin, and he said before leaving. After some ruthless remarks, maybe I really found some masters.”

Murderous look!

Being chased by the master and cultivating the Emperors Extreme Shaking Records made Chen Han very sensitive to murderous aura.

“Ill go first.” He walked straight into the gate first, Qin Yang and the others looked at each other, and most of the alcohol was gone, followed closely and went straight to the hall.

The music stopped abruptly after entering the door. There was no crowd of people as usual. There were three people standing on the huge dance floor.

When the six people walked in with the accompanying younger brother, two people slowly walked out from both sides to block the circuit. More than a dozen people were lying on the ground screaming in agony. They were all splendid horses watching the field. They were obviously knocked down long ago, which means that there were only five people in total.

The leader was a arrogant thirty-seven or eight-year-old man, staring at Chen Han coldly, which was the source of the leaked murderous intention.

The two people who blocked the retreat, the three people on the dance floor, and only five people in total came to kick the field, Qin Yang not only did not relax, but was even more frightened.

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If the other party dares to do this, there must be something to rely on. It is either a scary backing or an extremely strong cultivation base.

The middle-aged man glanced over Qin Yang and stared at Chen Han. He didnt release any true energy, but he seemed to control the aura of the dance floor, making people feel inexplicable suffocation...



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