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Molester! Someone help!

After dinner, the four of them walked home together.

“Pfft—hahahaha, that uncle is so miserable! Chu Bai, youre so mean. You even deliberately said that this is the greenest, hahaha—”

Lu Yufan rocked back and forth in laughter.

Chu Bai shrugged and said, “Thats all I can do. The rest will depend on that big brothers own comprehension ability.”


Then, Yu Qingyu asked, “Sister Qian, why didnt you tell him clearly”

Jiang Qianyue replied, “There are some things that we dont need to clarify. Were outsiders.”

“Then why not let him join our studio I feel that he was quite pitiful.”

Jiang Qianyue said, “His overall qualifications are not bad. But I feel that hes too self-centered after interacting with him. Hes more suitable to be a leader, and my team doesnt need such a person. Perhaps there are other teams that could use him.”

They were back at their front door.

“Chu Bai, when we leave the starter village, shall we go somewhere together We can form teams to do missions,” Lu Yufan said to Chu Bai.

“Yes, sure. Which empire are you going to”

“The Divine Wind Empire,” Jiang Qianyue replied.

Chu Bai nodded. “Yes, it doesnt matter which of the five empires I go to. If theres no problem, I can also go to the Divine Wind Empire.”

“Thats great! Ill fly you there!” Lu Yufan giggled.

Chu Bai nodded. “Okay.”

“Its getting late. Go back and rest. Goodbye.”


Then, they returned home.


Feng Ling sat on the sofa in the villa, swirling his glass of red wine.

There was a person kneeling in front of him.

Upon closer inspection, he was the Old Dream Tian Yu.

“Young Master Yang, Im really sorry. I didnt expect Bai Yes pet to be able to remove the control effect. Otherwise, he would be dead now!”

Feng Lings real name was Yang Feng, and his background was monstrous.

“Old Lei, get up. You cant be blamed for this.”

Yang Feng said to the Old Dream Tian Yu.

The Old Dream Tian Yus real name was Lei Yu.

Lei Yu stood up.

“Young Master Yang, dont worry. When we leave the starter village, hes nothing! Ill definitely kill him then!”

Yang Feng swirled his wine glass and said, “You said it yourself. What if you cant do it”

“If I cant do it, Ill die as an apology!” Lei Yu said.

Yang Feng stood up and patted his shoulder. He said earnestly, “Old Lei, I wont force you.”

“Of course! Dont worry, Young Master Yang! Ill definitely kill him!”

“Alright! Go and rest. Try to leave the starter village as soon as possible!”


Then, Lei Yu walked away.

As soon as he walked out, a woman slowly walked out from the inner room.

“Why didnt you kill him” the woman asked indifferently.

“Its still useful to keep him. After all, hes my Hall Master.” Yang Feng shook his wine glass and said indifferently.

Then, Yang Feng looked at her.

The woman was wearing a mask, but it could not hide her allure.

However, Yang Feng did not dare to do anything to her.

This woman was a poisonous rose!

“What you should do now, whether its using an accident or otherwise, is to get rid of everyone who knows you killed Bai Feng. It will be bad if anyone finds out.”

Yang Feng drank the red wine in one gulp, his eyes flashing with viciousness.

“Dont worry. They wont survive, but things have to be done slowly. Besides, its the early stages of the game. They still have to rely on me. I can control them. At the very least, I have to squeeze out all their value, right What do you think”

The woman sat beside him and said, “You need me to help you surpass your brother, surpass everyone, and achieve success for generations. I hope you can do as I say.”

“Of course, of course!”

Yang Tian smiled and nodded.

“Ive watched some of Bai Yes videos. Hes a tricky guy. He has a grudge against your Feng Ling Dynasty. That will affect you in the future. If theres a chance, we have to get rid of him.”

Yang Feng sneered, “Hes a person who had good luck and got some benefits in the early stages. Ive seen many people like him. I dont even feel like I need to do it myself. Later on, he will pay with his life because of his arrogance in the early stages. Of course, its naturally best if Lei Yu can deal with him. It doesnt matter if he cant, though. Oh right, Bai Fengs ID has been snatched by someone else. Did you know about this”

The woman shook her head. “Whats the point Hes already dead. Theres no point in stealing his ID. Theres no need to worry.”


“Well …”

Chu Bai slept until noon.

He was awakened by a knock on the door.

“Were here.”

Chu Bai opened the door with sleepy eyes.

“Sister Qian”

Seeing Jiang Qianyue standing at the door, Chu Bai was stunned.

Jiang Qianyue, who was dressed in casual clothes, smiled and handed a fruit to Chu Bai.

“We got you some fruit.”

“Youre too kind.” Chu Bai took it.


Jiang Qianyue said, “Its fine. Were all neighbors. Well see each other often. Besides, I like to make friends. Well have hotpot tonight. Since youre alone, do you want to come”

From their conversation yesterday, they also found out that Chu Bai was living alone now. His family was gone, and he did not have a girlfriend. Perhaps it was because girls had maternal instincts, so they wanted to take care of Chu Bai.

Even though Chu Bai was an adult.

Chu Bai shook his head. “No, I just woke up. Ill probably be in the game at that time.”

“Okay, remember to eat the fruits.”

“Thank you, Sister Qian.”

“Okay, Ill go back then.”

Jiang Qianyue returned home.

“Sister Qian, is Chu Bai coming to eat with us” Lu Yufan asked expectantly.

“No, he just woke up. Hell be in the game at that time. Whats wrong Have you fallen for Chu Bai” Jiang Qianyue smiled at Lu Yufan.

“No, Im not. Im not that easy. I just like larger crowds,” Lu Yufan quickly said.

“Thats right. After playing so many games, I cherish my friends even more. After all, many of them are gone.” Jiang Qianyue sighed.

Then, she looked at the two of them and said, “You two. No matter what, safety is the most important.”


“Lets go. There are still a few hours of game time. Lets go online.”

Ding… Welcome to Destiny.

As the system notification sounded, Chu Bai appeared in the starter village.

The place where he went online was the same as where he had gone offline previously.

“Ding… congratulations on obtaining the ultimate skill [Whirlwind].”

[Infinite Ultimate Technique] would randomly grant him an Ultimate Technique every day. This Ultimate Technique can still be used after leaving a battle.

[Whirlwind]: Unlimited skill randomly obtained. Effect: Condenses a powerful force and cannot attack during this period. Randomly choose five targets within a 20-meter radius and sweep them up into the air. Duration: 5 seconds. During these five seconds, a hurricane will form and blow forward. The furthest it can reach is 20 meters. All units that are blown by it will suffer damage of current Attack Power. Remaining time: 1 day.

This skill should be stronger than Heavenly Lightning Break.

The source of this content is nov/el/b/in[./]net'

“Lets go and accept a mission.”

Currently, there was only one mission for Chu Bai. After reaching Level 10, he would undergo the trial. After the trial ended, he could leave the starter village.

However, the difficulty of leveling up now was ridiculously high.

Lil Xueer took up part of his EXP. God Slaying Calamitys negative effect increased the EXP required to level up by 100%.

“Stop! Stop right there! Someone, theres a molester, hooligan! Someone help!”

Suddenly, a girls scream came from the side.

Chu Bai looked over.



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