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Chapter 106 The fish men island first swordsman challenge Nami

The waters of the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment, the Moby Dick.

“Hey, take a break, Vista.”

“If you continue like this, when someone really challenges you, your body may already be very tired.”

Joz looked at Vista, who was constantly practicing swinging his sword, and said.

“Joz, you are not a swordsman, you don’t know.”

“I’m just keeping my body in top condition now.”

“Although it hasn’t started yet, challenges will happen at any time.”

“As long as my condition is maintained at the best combat condition, no matter who it is, I will not lose.”

Vista turned his head and glanced at Joz with a smile on his face.

“Is that the case” Joz grabbed his sparse hair, and he didn’t understand the rules of the swordsman.

“Let him go, Joz.” Marco patted Joz on the back.

“At this time, those challengers must be adjusting their own state.”

“If you wait until someone is officially challenged and Vista starts to warm up, it may be a bit late.”

“You’re right, Vista! Where is Vista”

Marco turned his head to look at Vista, only to find that Vista, who was still practicing with sword just now, was gone.

Looking around, Marco still didn’t see Vista’s figure.

“Captain Marco, look at it.”

“Golden List, Vista”-Fifty-seven, the captain was teleported to the top of the Gold List.”

The members of the Whitebeard Pirate Group raised their hands and pointed their eyes wide at the gold list.

“Golden list!” Marco raised his head and saw Vista and Koushirou standing opposite each other.

“Goo la la la la, it’s finally started.” Whitebeard put down the huge wine bowl, “Let go of it, Vista, let the world see how good we are.”

On the side, the female nurses wearing leopard stockings glanced helplessly at the wine barrel next to Whitebeard.

Since getting younger, Whitebeard’s hidden injuries have completely healed.

Therefore, after seeing Whitebeard let go of drinking, these nurses can no longer advise Whitebeard as before.

Even so, they are also very happy to see their respected captain come back to life.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Hahaha, finally some kind of people have begun to challenge.

I have never seen a face, dare to challenge Vista, is it really that strength, or is it just a jumping clown No matter what, dare to be the first challenge, I, Golden Lion, approve of you.]

[Rayleigh: Looking at the standing posture, the squinted swordsman does not seem to be a simple swordsman.

Maybe it can be a threat to Vista.]

[Shanks: No matter what, it’s always good to be able to start a challenge.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Hmph, are you not afraid that someone will snatch the resurrection items from you]

[Shanks: If there are people like that, I would really like to know each other, haha.]

On the other side, within the premises provided by Gold List.

Vista looked at the standard duel site around him, and his tenth throne standing not far away.

“Gold list really provides a good place to compare swords.”

“I thought you would be teleported to where I was to compete with me.”

“Dare to challenge my swordsman, report your name.”

Vista put the double swords in his hands randomly on both sides, and said to Koushirou.

“Under Koushirou, it’s just an East Blue swordsman, not a well-known character.”

As Koushirou spoke, he pulled the long knife in his hand from the scabbard.

The cold light on the sword flickered.

Although it is not a famous sword, it is undoubtedly a good sword.

“Your Excellency is the captain of the fifth division of the well-known Whitebeard Pirates.

If you really send it to your Excellency to fight.”

“Even if the other members of the Whitebeard Pirates cannot take action because of the gold list, their existence alone will have a strong psychological impact on challengers like me.”

Hearing Koushirou’s words, the corners of Vista’s mouth split and he chuckled lightly.

“Looking at your smile, I don’t care about those characters.”

“Forget it, let me see what kind of strength it is, let you dare to challenge me.”

As soon as the voice fell, Vista kicked his feet against the ground and rushed into the sky several meters high.

“Rosé Wheel Dance!”

With a swipe of Vista’s two swords, a large number of red rose petals pounced on Koushirou with a fierce sword intent.

Koushirou opened his eyes slightly, the smile on his face disappeared all the year round, and the sharp blade in his hand swung a sword energy from bottom to top, colliding with Vista’s attack, and blowing up a gust of wind.

“Guina, if I didn’t tell you that girls are inferior to boys, you wouldn’t fall down the stairs and die.”

‘Now, I will provide you with more Vista’s resurrection items.

If you can see this battle, please be sure to respond to my call at that time.’

Looking at the Vista falling from the sky, Koushirou’s eyes exploded, making a leap, and the sword in his hand directly pierced Vista’s body.

“Hey, Zoro, your teacher has such strength!” Usopp looked at Koushirou and Vista who were in the fight with an exaggerated face, and was quite surprised.

“Koushirou, this name has indeed been seen in the swordsmanship list.

Zoro, you have a good swordsman, maybe he can get the resurrection scroll on your behalf.” Sanji said.

“I hope so.” Zoro nodded.

[Charlotte Smoothie: It’s really not easy for people who dare to challenge the rankings.

This level of swordsmanship is rare even in New World.

Such a person turned out to be just an unknown swordsman from East Blue.]

[Shanks: This is only interesting.

If there are no people below the list to challenge, this list would seem a bit too boring.]

[Rayleigh: Indeed, when the time comes, people on the top of the list will really compete with each other.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Hehehe! In this way, even if Vista’s swordsmanship is completely exposed, even if Vista wins, more people will challenge him.]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Linlin, you are planning to let your children challenge you, right.]

[Charlotte Linlin: Hmph, so what! That’s just in accordance with the rules of the gold list, why, you still don’t allow it]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Not really, but I hope you will be prepared for your child’s injury.

Just using swordsmanship-related abilities, how much combat power can the people on your side exert.

When it comes to swordsmanship and Haki’s practice alone, the people on your side are not so good, huh la la la.]

The BIG.MOM Pirate Group has many Devil fruit powers.

Including Charlotte Linlin himself, most of the Pirates are capable of fruit.

This is the consensus of everyone in the sea who knows Charlotte Linlin.

In this test where only swordsmanship-related abilities can be used, Whitebeard doesn’t think she can send any good hands.

Even Charlotte Smoothie, who has spoken a lot on the gold list, Whitebeard does not think she is an opponent of Vista.

“Hateful Whitebeard.” Seeing Whitebeard’s message, Charlotte Linlin squeezed her fist.

“Smoothie, Amande, you guys have to pull Vista from the list for me, you know”

“Yes, Mom!” Faced with the angry Charlotte Linlin, Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Amande can only nod their heads..

On the other side, in the venue provided by the gold list.

As time passed, Koushirou gradually became a little tired.

Although Koushirou’s kendo skills are good, Koushirou’s strength has not grown fast during the years in Shimotsuki Village.

On the contrary, Bista, who has been fighting in the New World all the year round, is more combative.

Finally, after the battle lasted for about half an hour, the back of the sword in Koushirou’s hand, Vista split.

And Koushirou also flew upside down.

“Puff–” A mouthful of blood spurted out, and Koushirou looked at Vista with some difficulty.

“I won this battle.” Vista smiled, “I am very happy to compete with you.”

“If you can have a good sword, maybe we can play more fun.”

Koushirou was silent.

He knew that even if he fought against Vista with the word Koushirou, he would only bring some trouble to Vista at best.

If you want to win, the probability is too low.

“Sorry, Guina”

In the endless regret, Koushirou’s figure turned into a white light and returned to the gym in Shimotsuki village.

But Vista, who fought with him, was restored to a complete state under the cure of Gold List.

Koushirou’s challenge seems to have kicked off.

Before Vista returned to the Moby Dick, his next opponent was already on the opposite side.

This time, it was Charlotte Amande, a powerful swordsman from the BIG.MOM Pirate Group.

On the other side, seeing Koushirou’s defeat, Zoro clenched his fists tightly.

“Don’t worry, Master, I will definitely bring Guina back.”

A few hours later, in the epiphany room.

“Stand up, Nami.”

“It’s just a small step forward.”

“It’s far from truly comprehending the concept of kendo.”

Li Fan walked to Nami who was lying in the epiphany room and drank sharply.

“Hey! Haven’t I already used the [Six Paths] Isn’t this still a mastery”

Nami, who was complacent about the infinite sword skills that he had realized in just a few hours, suddenly pursed his mouth.

“It’s just reluctant to use it.

It’s not a real learning.” Li Fan shook his head.

“You are now in the state before the master of this style of swordsmanship opened his eyes.

But the person you want to challenge is Shanks.”

“Only relying on the state before the eyes is no way to win, unless you reach the state after the eyes are opened, and truly reach the end of this style of swordsmanship, you will not be able to defeat Shanks.”

“You have also seen that the challenge on the gold list has already begun.”

“If you don’t know, someone will want to try your abilities.”

“Get up quickly, there is not much time left for you.”

“If you want to reach the state of opening your eyes, your practice will not be that simple anymore.”

“Next, I will be your opponent with my heart.

If you don’t stand up, you will really be cut by me.”

Hearing Li Fan’s words, Nami quickly stood up and looked at Li Fan with horror.


Li Fan, don’t you need to be so serious”

“The master of this type of sword skill, in order to reach the final state, but has gone through the battle of life and death, even in this epiphany room, don’t think about being too relaxed.” Li Fan said solemnly, “Okay, just talk about it.

Having said that, let’s get started.”

“Hey, wait, I’m not ready yet.” Seeing Li Fan walking towards him with a sword, Nami shook his hands quickly.

Just when she wanted to continue to say something, a message from the gold list suddenly appeared in the epiphany room.

– The fish men island’s first swordsman Leopard Zang launched a challenge, and the challenged, [Swordsman List] No.

5, Nami.


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