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Chapter 30: Tearing the Face

    The next day, the first thing Yang Yang did after waking up was to eat melon.

    At 8 o’clock, Zhou Hua’s group official blog issued a statement.

The statement did not directly claim the “innuendo” allegations of the Duke and Monta, but aimed at the “rumour makers” and asked them to immediately stop harming the group’s reputation, otherwise they would consider using legal means to defend their rights.

    However, there was no use for eggs*.

*in raws: 然並卵, abbreviation of 然而並沒有什麼卵用, an internet meme, meaning that this action was futile and hopeless.

    The melon eaters took screenshots of news such as “Zhou Hua brought a lot of gifts to the Old Emperor Star”, “Zhou Hua’s nephew miraculously woke up after being in a vegetative state after a car accident”, and lined up in comments under the official blog.

Everyone was knocking on the bowl and shouting to eat melon.

    Of course, the official blog will not really take legal measures against netizens—it’s not that they couldn’t win, but it was pointless*, so they just pretended to be dead.

*吃力不討好 – thankless, pointless, a lot of effort and no praise

    But even so, the official statement of Zhou Hua Group was immediately on the hot search.

    Yang Yang laughed, turned off the terminal and got up.

    When Yang Yang came down to the dining room on the first floor, only mother You was waiting in the room.

    “Mother, you’re up early.” After Yang Yang said hello, he looked around, surprised, “Have they all finished eating Sorry, I got up late.”

    Mother You laughed, different from Amber’s elegant and gentlemanly temperament, Mother You’s smile brought a kind of homely feeling.

    “It’s not too late, I heard Gu Lita say your body is not as good as ordinary people, you have to pay attention.—You sit, I’ll go get you breakfast.”

    Yang Yang sat down at the table obediently, and mother You quickly brought a breakfast, it was hot, and there were even a few slices of barbecue.

—Gu Lita has never allowed him to eat these before.

    In addition, in his last life, Yang Yang had not eaten barbecue for more than five years.

    Yang Yang smiled so much that his eyes curled up, “Thank you, mother You.”

    Mother You looked at Yang Yang lovingly, urging him to eat quickly, not to let the food get cold.

    Yang Yang naturally was happy to do so, the barbecue was very tender and the gravy is rich, sprinkled with a little salt, it didn’t feel greasy.

The only regret was that the outer burnt layer was removed, and it was Yang Yang’s favourite to eat.

    But this food is already very good.

    Yang Yang cherished the breakfast and ate until there was nothing left.

Fortunately, mother You was also good at the amount of food, so Yang Yang didn’t have to endure hunger.

    Mother You took the plate and said to Yang Yang, “The Second Young Master has gone out for morning exercises, and he will be back in a while, he said to let little madam wait for him.”

    “Okay, I see.”

    Yang Yang thought, Archibald should want to talk about Zhou Hua, it was almost 9 o’clock already.

    Ten minutes later, Archibald returned.

    It was early winter on Old Emperor Star now, but Archibald was still wearing shorts and a vest.

There were still beads of sweat on his body and his hair was sweaty.

He wiped it making his hair a mess—his good looks make him still look very handsome.

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang and didn’t beat around the bush: “I will talk to Zhou Hua in the small tea room in a while, and let Roth follow me in and broadcast the picture for you.

You wait outside and come in by yourself when it’s the right time.”

    Yang Yang had no objections, and Archibald nodded, “I’ll change clothes first.”

    Yang Yang watched him leave, and then muttered, “He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood today.”

     Mother You came out to arrange the tableware and heard Yang Yang’s words and sighed, “How can it be good, the Second Young Master has always hated Zhou Hua, but this time he is also approaching his soul riot, aii.”

    Yang Yang was stunned, “Soul riot Is it his sickness ”

    Mother You nodded, not saying more, with a sad face.

    After a while, Archibald came down.

He was wearing a formal military uniform even with a hat, and brought a chilling air with him.

    At this moment, the doorbell rang, and Zhou Hua and his wife came.

    “Mother You, bring them here.

Yang Yang, come with me.”

    Archibald said as he walked through the the living room and walked towards the back of the villa.

    There was also a back garden at the back of the villa, which was connected to a slightly shorter building, and the first floor of the building was a small tea room.

    Archibald let Yang Yang go to the second floor, and he took the black panther Roth into the small tea room.

    On the second floor of the small building was a lounge, Yang Yang chose a soft couch to sit down, and then opened the terminal to see the picture from Roth.


    Archibald was sitting on the sofa, leaning his back against it, his head bowed slightly, the lowered brim of his hat concealed his expression, only revealing the lines of his tightly pursed lips.

    Black panther Roth lay quietly at his feet, his golden eyes glowing with inorganic cold light.

    Killing Gods and Monsters* is what Zhou Hua and Mu Shuyi saw when they entered the door.

*could be a reference to the Gods and Monsters 1998 movie, that’s the only thing I found ().

    For a second, the two stood stunned at the door, and Zhou Hua swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


    Archibald slowly raised his head, his dark pupils appearing from under the brim of his hat, like a sword with a sharp edge, piercing their souls.

    “You go out for a walk with You mother, and my uncle and I will talk alone.”

    Zhou Hua’s heart skipped a beat suddenly—this opening statement didn’t sound good.

    Mu Shuyi also heard Archibald’s unhappiness.

She pursed her lips and said, “Byrd, I—”


    Archibald interrupted Mu Shuyi, for the first time in so many years he lost all his respect for Mu Shuyi: “Go out.”

    Mu Shuyi was stunned, as if she couldn’t believe that Archibald would treat her like this, then showed a shocked and sad expression, and turned away after a few seconds of silence.

    Mother You waited for Mu Shuyi to come out, and then she immediately closed the door afterwards.

    With a sudden soft”crash” sound Zhou Hua also jumped in shock.

    However, Zhou Hua quickly calmed down again.

He walked to the sofa opposite Archibald and sat down, barely keeping his elder’s demeanour, and said solemnly, “Byrd, this time I am here to talk to you about you and Yang Yang’s business.

—Have you made up your mind Are you really planning to get married Yang Yang is pregnant with an unknown child.”

    Archibald’s eyes became colder—Zhou Hua was really an example of shamelessness.

Even at this time, he still sounded so magniloquent and put on a grandiose appearance.

    Archibald sneered and asked, “Oh, about the child, can uncle explain it to me”

    Zhou Hua seemed to be waiting for his words, and hurriedly took out a piece of paper from his space storage and handed it to Archibald.

    “This was left by Yang Yang before the car accident.”

    Archibald didn’t pick it up, but Zhou Hua didn’t feel embarrassed, and just put the paper from his hand on the small coffee table in front of him.

    Then Zhou Hua continued his performance, “You must know the reason for his car accident, aii, it’s my fault! In fact, you were the blind date Yang Yang was arranged for, but who knew that he would suddenly be so self-willed and run away from home.

Before leaving , he left this letter saying that he wanted a child of his own.

But who would have thought that Niya learned of that blind date, became jealous and made Yang Yang have an accident—

    Yang Yang was in a vegetative state after the car accident, and at first, I was expecting him to wake up, but he was unconscious for three months, and suddenly his condition began to deteriorate.

Then I remembered the letter he left, and I just wanted to fulfil his wish and leave his bloodline living, so I signed the authorization letter for artificial surrogacy.”

    After speaking, Zhou Hua looked at Archibald sincerely, “Later Yang Yang’s condition suddenly improved and he woke up, but he lost his memory, so I didn’t dare to tell him about his pregnancy, for fear of stimulating him.

That’s why you met with a misunderstanding.”

    Archibald repeated, “Misunderstanding.”

    Zhou Hua nodded repeatedly, “Yes.”

    Archibald raised his head slightly and looked down condescendingly at Zhou Hua, “Do you think I’m stupid enough to believe what you say, or is your own brain not clear”

    Zhou Hua’s smile froze, his eyes flickered for a moment, and then he answered with slightly twitching corners of his mouth: “What’s do you mean—”


    Archibald suddenly put his foot on the coffee table, and his military boots directly pressed the coffee table, leaving cobweb-like cracks.

    Zhou Hua jumped up, the calmness on his face could no longer be maintained, and his expression was panicked.

——Now, he finally understood why Archibald’s attitude was like that today.

    Zhou Hua couldn’t believe it, because the Donton family had been patient, tolerant, and closed one eye on his small actions for so many years, so even if he knew that the Donton family now could crush him with one finger, he still couldn’t help getting more and more courageous.

    He originally thought that this time would be the same, or even better—because he had a pregnant Yang Yang!

    But now it seemed to be quite the opposite.

    Zhou Hua broke with cold sweat under the layers of his vests, and he stuttered, “B, Byrd…”


    Archibald retracted his legs, then bent down, resting his elbows on his knees.

    Following his movements, Zhou Hua couldn’t help but lean back too and subconsciously moved away from Archibald.

    Archibald continued, “Perhaps Yang Yang’s car accident was indeed unexpected, but this child is not a misunderstanding at all.—My sample was in the medical research institute, which required the highest level of qualifications to get it, it’s not easy to mix in the breeding center and perform directional extraction.

    There are only a few people who can perform this level of operation.

In addition, there are only four people who can sweep their traces so cleanly*.

But these four people are all uncle’s opponents standing on the opposite of the Donton family.


sweep/hide their tails

    So, you’re now the dog of the Donton family’s enemy, is that right”

    Zhou Hua’s face changed suddenly, and he retorted fiercely, “No! Byrd, you misunderstood.

, how could I betray the Dontons And what do you mean by the sample, I don’t know anything—”

    “Don’t know anything”

    Archibald took Zhou Hua’s words and raised his mouth with a sneer, reminding him, “I advise you to think about it before you speak, because if you make up another nonsense lie, I will break your leg.

——You can try and see if I dare to.”

    Zhou Hua “…”

    He would be crazy to try it!

    Zhou Hua maintained his emotional expression and actions, as if the pause button had been pressed, and remained motionless.

    Archibald “Go on, what’s the matter”

    The veins on Zhou Hua’s neck came out.

He took a deep breath and pinched his thigh with his hand to calm himself down a little.

    Zhou Hua “Byrd, I swear, I didn’t betray the Donton family, and I have no intention of becoming an enemy with the Donton family.”

    Archibald straightened, stood up, and looked at Zhou Hua condescendingly.

    “Stealing my genetic sample with others, creating a child that I didn’t know existed, and not even planing to tell me.

——This kind of behaviour in your dictionary isn’t called betrayal, then what’s is it A pleasant surprise”

    Zhou Hua swallowed his saliva.

    In his panic, he was habitually lying trying to fool him, “Byrd, you misunderstood…”


    Suddenly, Archibald raised his hand, and at some point in his hand he held a gun that was aimed at Zhou Hua’s thigh.

    Archibald’s expression didn’t change as he said, “It seems that you forgot what I said just now.”

    Zhou Hua’s eyes suddenly widened, and then it seemed as if someone had caught his throat, and he couldn’t make a sound.

    At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open with a “bang” and Yang Yang staggered and ran in, with tears all over his face.

    Yang Yang threw himself on Archibald’s body, crying like peach blossoms with rain*: “No! Byrd, don’t kill uncle!”

    Archibald “…”

    Don’t rub your nose on me! ! !

**line from a poem called 《長恨歌》, referring to beautiful woman crying, woman…cough cough cough, Yang Yang you really have a beauty transcending gender.


The author has something to say:

Yang Yang: I didn’t rub.

Archibald: ….

(points to a stain of unidentified liquid on his military uniform)

Yang Yang: I didn’t rub anyways. Lueluelue.jpg*

*略略略.jpg internet meme originating from Weibo (of course it would), used when making fun of someone, sound of sticking out your tongue mischievously

Examples of such meme: (slide slide slide)


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