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Odyssey Part One -The Beneath- CHAPTER THREE: Inevitable

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"Thank you for the reports you

e both excused."

The dark haired man exclaims both blunt and softly

"Ye-yes sir…"

The reporting agents respond as they vanish into the dark.

"Haaa… well guess we

e done here."

The dark haired man says as he turns away and starts to make for the interior of the Oasis

"Wait Vic… are you just going to walk away?

"Whats our plan?"

"Shouldn we organize a Strategy meeting?"

"Shouldn we do something, these people…this land…"


e the leader of the Guard shouldn we be coming up with something to protect the people of this land I mean…"

Jerry says somberly his face turned away before he is cut off by Victor who pauses his leave and staring down into the oasis says equally as sad and broken.

"Haaa…. Jerry I think its time you return home…"

"Return home?"

Jerry questions him a little abruptly.

"What do you mean return home?"

"This… this is my home Vic"

Jerry interjects impulsively.

"They sent one of the senses Jerry."

Victor cuts in…

"So?? So what we were both among the senses too Victor."

Jerry responds…

"Yeah but that was a long time ago…"

A short silence comes after before…

"Hey-hey… now whats that supposed to mean?"

Jerry adds…

"You should be able to handle this Yasser guy come on!!"

"The rest of us can then split up our forces and yeah sure they outnumber us but…."

Jerry continues in a shaken tone half believing his own words and half not…

"Jeremy Blanche!!!"

Victor raises his voice cutting Jerry off


"It wasn just any sense Jerry it was the sense of sight!!"

Victor begins aggressively

"Meaning part of that 500 should include the current squad 1."

Victor says before coming to a pause and continuing much more composed…

"The population in the Oasis is a little over 200… "

"The people…"

"The people here are peaceful immigrants from all over the outer-lands who settled here to get away from wars, from the dispute, and oppression…"

"I-I can ask this of them…"

Victor says before coming to a halt leaving a short silence after.

"So you want us to just take this lying down."

Jerry says hint of anger and stiffness in his voice before continuing in a much more somber tone trying to reason with Victor

"I-I don want anything Jeremy…"

Victor responds softly.

"But this-this is exactly why we formed the Guard though…"

"The people don need to get involved in this…"

"Yeah…yeah thats right we can do this with just the Guard we just reached the 50 mark too…"

"And you

e not alone in this either I was a sense too!!! Please cap…"

Jerry halts before he finishes his sentence…

"Am sure we can find some way to…"

He tries to say softly before he is cut off by an angry Victor.

"And then what Jeremy?!? Huh?!?!?"

"Even if…."

"And thats a big if!"

"I could somehow oh I don know take down Yasser… "

"Then what?!?"

"You know my father he would just send the next group of expendables he has!!!"

"And then what huh?? God knows hell probably send all the Senses after this place next after losing his precious sense."

"Are you going to protect the people of this land?"

"Because regardless of the situation the people…"

"I doubt the people of this land would ever take up arms…"


"It would be going against everything they believe in…"

"And Im…"

"Im just not ready to ask them to do that for our sake…"

Victor sighs before adding…

"Go home Jerry…"

He says as he continues his walk back into the interior of the beneath.

"An-and what are you going to do?!?

Jerry cuts in a little confused but straight…

"I promised my wife and son that Id be back before dinner.

"So hopefully to have a peaceful dinner with my family."

He says softly a small smile across his face.


"Goodbye Jeremy."

Meanwhile back at Smart Marks

"Well thanks for everything Uncle Mark."

"Ill see you tomorrow."

Xavier says smiling as he prepares to get on his way back home.

"Anytime little Grey boy. See you tomorrow."

The stocky man responds smile on his face, eyes closed.

"Yeah you better show tomorrow or Rusty and I are having a round two with both you and Mylo!"

Lucy shouts as Xavier and Mylo begin to walk away.

"Ahhh-haha goodbye to you too Lucy."

Xavier responds awkwardly.

"Cmon Mylo lets go"

Xavier says as he turns and starts properly on his way back…

"You think hell be fine?"

Lucy asks Mark in a more serious tone.

"Hmmmm son of Siyah and Beyaz…"

"Hell be just fine"

The stocky man responds a smile on his face.

"Ye-yeah I guess so…"

Lucy responds silently…

Xavier starts on his way home, watching the town with every step as the cheerful, vibrant energy gives way to the quiet and low chatter of everyone shutting up shop for the night… The lights from candles illuminate the paths as the gold sand takes up a different look in the dark, that of a path laden in glitter. Its peaceful.

On his way back Xavier begins to ponder many things. From his home to his parents. From Lucy to Uncle Mark and even Mylo to Rusty…. All these things that he cherishes so much he can even begin to express his affection for. Their value is incomprehensible. With that comes the realization that he doesn want to lose any of it, any of all hes ever known in his short life. And it is at that point that he decides he won let anything take away what he has come to love and know, so in that moment Xavier makes a resolution.

"I won let anyone take this away from me!"

"You hear that gramps???"

"I won let you take away any more than you already have from me!!!"


Mylo howls

"Seriously though whats his deal?"

"Up until two days ago I barely knew he existed and now I all I know is hes alive and wants to kill me??"

"How about a little greeting first I am your grandson you know…"

He says with a pout and star shone eyes but full of conviction nonetheless.

"Huh? Xavi???"

A voice interrupts in a confused tone



Xavier comes to a halt as he bumps into his father at the turn that leads to the sunflower field.

"He-hehe funny bumping into you here…"

Xavier says a little embarrassed wondering how much of that his father had heard. All of it buddy. All of it….

"I could say the same to you kiddo."

Victor responds a little caught off guard but still pleased to see his son.

"Wanna head in together??"

Xavier says scratching his head still a little embarrassed.

"Su-sure why not??"

His father responds.

"Hmmm… the unbiased, unconditional resolve of a child."

He thinks to himself as he and his son make for the door.

"Naïve? Yes. However, thats the beauty of childhood."

He reminds himself as he watches his son quiver in embarrassment.

"An unconditional sense of commitment to do what they deem is right regardless of what it might mean to any and every one beside them.

He ponders.

"I wish I had some of that"

He mumbles to himself


Xavier cuts in… his fathers words having just barely passed him.

"Oh nothing…"


e a good person Xavi you know that right?"

"eeeeehhhh… wheres all this coming from???"

Xavier responds cheeks turning a bright red from his fathers praise finding him a little wrong footed…

"Hehe…cmere boy lets go bother your mom."

Victor says as he takes Xavier up on his shoulders

"Whoa wait wai- wait FATHER!!!"

Xavier lets out a little confused and in shock but brushes it off and begins to laugh with his father as they head home.


e home!!!"

That night the family had another one of their routine dinners… of course there lingered the feelings from that morning wrapped around in their somewhere. But more than anything was a sense of peace, all seemingly having steeled their resolve on their fate and decided what path theyd take. Regardless of what it would mean for the rest…

The next day.

"Hurry! Hurry! Victor youll be late for work!!!"

Risa calls out urgently

"Arrrgghh… aaaaaaarrrrrgggh… wheres my shoe? Wheres my shoe?!?"

Victor replies? In a staggered and ridiculous tone.

"Xavi help your father find his shoes…"

Risa calls out to Xavier

"Shoe Risa!!! Shoe!! Am only missing one…"

Victor cuts in, in a panic

"How does that even happen?"

Risa asks confused…

"Shoe Xavi…shoe."

Risa repeats…

"Mylo! Go boy find the shoe."

Xavier sounds to the little husky but to no avail as he just moans and gets comfortable awaiting his breakfast.

"HEY! Hey!!! I feed you…"

Victor threatens the pup pointing his finger at it.

"Arrff arrff."

And as if somehow understanding the pup gets to work looking for the shoe upstairs. Huh… what do you know…

The house is in a frenzy in the morning thats definitely new… as Mylo returns with the shoe in mouth rushing down the stairs.

"There it is hunnie."

Risa makes Victor aware.

"Oh thanks Mylo sorry I questioned your contribution to the family."

Victor says with a smile on his face rubbing Mylos fluffy white fur as he takes the shoe.


Risa asks immediately after.

"Ill just get some buns to go."

He responds in a rush putting on the shoe as he turns to the basket and grabs the entire basket.

"Oh not again I haven had any yet."

Xavier subconsciously sounds out.

"huh…ah oh well I could always bake some more Xavi."

His mother responds to him a little caught off guard.

"Eh… aaah"

Xavier lets out embarrassed…

"Eeeeh…. Noff shance you shnooze you wuse kiddo."

Victor responds bun in mouth still trying to knot his shoe.

"Chew your food dear."

Risa says as she gets close to him to fix his collar while Xavier just pouts arms crossed.

"Bye hunnie, bye Xavi and good day to you Sir Mylo!!"


They (Xavier and Risa) respond in chorus

Victor swings open the door to make it out only to be stopped by the sight of Jerry at their door staring him down.

"Oh? Jerry… sorry am late it won happen again what are you doing here though come to pick me up?"

Victor says with a blank expression


He asks to no reply as Jerry remains silent as he continues to stare straight at Victor

"hunnie you forgot your…"

"Oh Jerry… great to see you, Vic was just on his way."

Risa says with a smile on her face as she hands Victor his bag and straightens out his shoulders.

"Great to see you too Mrs. Grey."

Jerry responds softly not changing the uneasy tone and air about his arrival at their home

"Hello Uncle Jerry."

Xavier shouts from the inside having just noticed him. To which he simply responds by just nodding.

"Victor we need to talk."

The words leave Jerrys mouth coldly as he stares straight back at Victor.

"Uhhh… yeah."

Victor responds

"Good day hun."

He kisses Marissa and he and Jerry begin to walk towards the giant oak tree that marks the beginning of the field.

Upon looking him up and down properly Victor notices the bags under his eyes, and the scruffy way in which he appears, signifying he didn get enough sleep and rushed here without second thought…

"Whats happened Jeremy?"

Victor asks his tone more serious

"Theres been a change in our Intel…."

Jerry starts.

A short silence comes over the pair shortly after.


Victor responds starkly as the pair walk in silence before arriving at the giant oak.

"This morning at exactly 06 hundred hours…"

Jerry begins before he is cut off by Victor...

"This place is quite beautiful."

Victor says staring down in the oasis as the morning sun kisses the gold wrapped houses and emerald water.


Jerry stays…

"Don you think so too Jeremy?"

Victor says as he turns to face Jerry smiling.


Jerry responds as he gazes towards the oasis as well.

"Its a pity we had to drag it into all our problems…"

Victor responds bluntly.

"Right go on."

His tone more serious than before.


Jerry says as he gets on one knee and bows his head.

"Yesterday… at 16 hundred hours we received a report from the Guard outpost in the outer-lands that borders us with the city of willows."

Jerry begins.

"Yes I am aware."

Victor responds still staring into the Oasis.

"The report indicated that the sense of sight Yasser Freid was on his way towards the Oasis and was not too far away, but was still however expected to arrive on the expected date that is in the next 15 hours."

He continues…



Jerry pauses.

"Out with it Jeremy we don have all day…"

Victor adds bluntly

"Ye-yes sir. As of this morning… at exactly 06 hundred hours agents at the watchtower have since reported the seeing smoke coming from the direction of our outpost."


A short silence passes before Jerry continues…

"We believe the smoke came from our outpost…sir…"

Jerry pauses again his voice starting to turn cautious and stiff.

"Haaa…Yassers party seems to have moved faster than we expected."

Victor cuts in sighing to himself.

"Well if thats all then well just have to…"

Victor starts before this time being the one cut off by Jerry.

"A-as of today 07 hundred hours…"


Victor audibly lets out before checking his watch to see its 9:30

"As of today 07 hundred hours…"

"A boy…15…by the name of Ethan Sully was outside the vicinity walls on his way to trade his familys produce to the raveling merchants…"


Victor remain silent as he turns to stare straight at Victor, face hoping the conversation isn going the direction he sees.

"The trip wasn meant to be a long one just an exchange between merchant…"

Jerry continues…

"As such his father came to the guard to report the absence of his son at exactly 08 hundred hours."

"Wa-wait you must be joking…"

Victor cuts in in disbelief.

"Guard agents were sent to go investigate the disappearance thereafter…"

"No…NO! That can be…"

Vic cuts in the shake in his voice strong.

"Upon arrival at the sight of the disappearance..."


Victor tries to stop him…

"Our agents were horrified at what they found…"

"Jerry thats enough…"

"15 year old Ethan was found tied to the other merchants."


"His intestines used to tie him to the merchants him as their jaws were broken down to signify a sort of twisted face of laughter…."

Jerry says as he grits his teeth and clenches his fists…


"15 year old, Ethan Sully is dead sir."

A silence hovers over the pair…

"Thats enough Jeremy..."

Victor sighs…

"Yes sir."

Jerry replies silently

"Hey… tell me something Vic…"

Jerry begins softly as he slowly gets off the ground

"What are we doing here?"

Jerry asks his face broken and sad as he looks at Victor looking for reason…

"What did the people of this town do to deserve this fate…?"

Jerry asks again more intent and slightly more aggressive fist clenched.


"They let us in…."

Victor replies silently staring into the nothingness to no response from Jerry.



Jerry says as he collapses to the giant oak.

Another short silence falls upon the pair before Jerry gets up again beginning to walk away..

"Captain…. Are you still not going to do anything?"

Jerry halts and asks his face and tone more serious


Victor remains silent.

"I see…"

Jerry replies face down a little broken…

"Ill start spreading word for a mass evacuation they probably won listen to me but its worth a try."

"If at least one person is able to survive this then maybe I won join you in hell."

Jerry says seriously.

"Goodbye Captain."


Jeremy resumes his walk away



Jerry stops after Victor calls out.

"Be safe."

Victor says softly…

"You too captain…"

Jerry responds continuing on his way.

Victor stays staring down at the Oasis for a while before saying once again the simple words.

"Im sorry."

After that he heads back to his home silent and serious and straight to his wife as he pulls her aside to talk. They go out to talk and the whole time Xavier watches his parents animated expressions and movements as they turn from aggressive and mad, to sorrowful and sad, finally to peaceful as they hug. He watches them return to the house in silence as memories of the night that changed their lives come flooding in. Its all too familiar at this point he thinks to himself as he pats Mylos head.

"Well Ill get going now."

Victor says softly as he reaches his wife at the door.

"Bye hunnie…"

Risa replies softly…

"Have a great day at work…"

She says her voice slightly cracking as she kisses his cheek.

"Xavi take care of your mother."

Victor says sternly facing his son sat by the kitchen island.

"Yes father."

He replies subconsciously the tone of his fathers words almost commanding him.

"See you later then."

Victor says as he turns and leaves

"Have a great day at work."

Xavier whispers to himself…

Somethings off, he can feel it. And unlike before its way more serious and that scares him because what could be serious than their deaths in a few hours?

"Well I guess am off to uncle marks."

Xavier says softly.

"Oh… Then why don you wait up a bit am heading that way too…"

Risa says softly eyes closed.

"Huh? You

e coming into town too?"

Xavier asks…

"Yes is something wrong?"

Risa responds her tone still somber….

"No-no its just been awhile since I saw you go out that far that is minus the carpet incident."

Xavier says softly slightly chuckles to himself

"Well forgive me for wanting the best for my family."

Risa responds a little ticked off as you might imagine


Xavier forces a frightened laugh.

"Besides I haven seen Mark and Lucy in a while itll be good to refresh."

Risa says her tone much softer with a gentle smile on her face.


Awhile after breakfast Xavier and his mother walk together down, with Mylo of course, from their little hill top home. As they reach the town they are met with the usual vibrant energy and chatter. Its refreshing coming here after all thats happened recently. But its also a different feel coming with his mother, she rarely ever leaves the hill and curious enough he begins to wonder why?

En route to Marks they make stops at a variety of stands from accessories to food. Trying something at every stand

"Haaa….. Its been so long since we last spent this much time together."

Risa sighs in exhaustion as she takes a sit at a bench by a kebab stand just outside an accessories shop.

"I agree."

Xavier responds patting Mylo as he takes a sit as well.

"It really has…"

He thinks to himself…

"Hmm….. If you think so too then you definitely shouldve at least tried on some earrings I picked out for you theyd look great with your hair and tone you know."

Risa pouts as she gets into her sons face and places his dark hair behind his ears.

"Eh… Mo-Mooommm!!! Am not a girl mom everyone would make fun of me!!"

Xavier shouts cheeks flushed with embarrassment as he pulls her hands off

"Hmmm… really?? But why???"

Risa asks genuinely confused.

"What do you mean why earrings are obviously girl stuff…"

Xavier responds shyly patting his hair down.

"Really? Well where Im from its actually quite normal to wear earrings."

Risa replies neatly with a smile on her face.


Xavier asks


She gives a big grin and pats his head

In that moment he realizes something while staring at his mother happily smiling at him and patting his head. Who is he to argue? He simply doesn know nearly enough about his mother. His parents are strangers to him… he had focused so much on his father the last two days that he didn realize that his father wasn the only stranger he lived with. So who is she? Why doesn she come down from the hill a lot more? All she ever does is stay at home and do chores…Xavier thought to himself….but also whats with her hair? Shes the only person hes ever met with such beautiful white hair and her eyes…those eyes that clearly distinguish her from everyone else but himself and Mylo… just who are you?


Xavier stutters as he begins..


His mother responds looking at him smile still on her face.

"Mind if I ask you a few que…."


A sharp sound shrieks through Xaviers ears...

His body is heavy…

He can move…

What just happened?

Opening his eyes ever so slowly the sound begins to return to his ears…

He can see a lot of people on the ground…

There are people in a panic running all around him…

What just happened?


Whats that?

Someone just called his name?


Who is it?

Who just called his name?

He tilts his head much to tremendous pain and strain on his neck that makes him wince…

Its white…

A deep white shinning more in the sunlight…


He forces the words out with a cough… his throat hurts too


"Take my hand Xavi!!"

Her voice is so warm…he reaches out his hand and is stiffly pulled from the ground…

Turning his head back to where he lay he skims through to see he was buried under some sand. The building that they lay their back on while at the kebab store.


Xavier mumbles….

"Yes!…yes baby!!"

Risa responds as she takes him into her hand hurriedly.

"Whats going on?"

He tries to let out but chokes.

"shhhh… shhh try to conserve your energy not another word okay baby."

Her response is swift and composed. He simply nods in agreement as she takes him on her back.

The sound fully returns to his ears as the people clamor and run around.

"What is all this??"

He then notices the red liquid constantly pouring down Risas head and reaches to touch it..


Her response is immediate.

"th-that hurts Xavier don do that."

He recedes his hand…

Theres so much confusion… whats going on? He thinks to himself as he watches the confusion. People are on the ground buried in the golden sand…others are over them trying to pull them out….theres so much wailing…oh thats right he was going to ask his mother something…


Xavier pauses…

"I told you not to say anything Xavier well be fine okay baby… Marks isn that far away from here just a little more."

Risa responds in between gasps for air as she labors herself forward…

Something is missing… Xavier thinks to himself as he watches the fires ignite and blaze wildly all around him… he was doing something when he sat with his mom on the bench… why does it feel like a big part of him has just disappeared as well… a flash of white….

The memories come flooding in as Xavier turns his head to face back. His face turns pale as his eyes quickly search the area… he can feel the blood in his swollen eyelids cause him pain every time he strains to look. But he can stop. He mustn because then…because then it all becomes real….




A flash of white catches his eyes… yes thats it…. a deep white that shines in the sun just like his mothers hair….


Xavier mumbles to himself lifelessly staring behind to where he was once buried

"What did you…"

Risa begins to respond when…


The buildings fall in tandem, another loud sound is heard. The sand flung in the air falls ever so elegantly unto the ground. Glittering in the sun….

"aaaah… how pretty…."

"A Golden Rain…"

12 hours till the incident

-To Be Continued-

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