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735 There can only be one sword immortal, and that is me!

In the nearly one million years of martial arts history of the Cang Dragon continent, there had been two sword Immortals.

One of them was “sword immortal Taibai,” Yuan Taibai.

A sword light that could freeze 90000 continents, and a sword Qi that shot into the sky and shot at a fighting bull!

The other one was the blind swordsman, Lu Zhan Tian.

The aura swallowed the heaven and earth, and the divine sword merged with yin and yang!

Both of them were born in the same era, and they were both Supreme swordsmen who swept across half of the Cang Long continent.

They were both known as the north and south sword Immortals.

They were known as the White of the South and the blind of the North!

Li xiake remembered very clearly that there were all sorts of legends about the blind swordsman, Lu Zhan Tian, circulating in the world.

The most unforgettable memory of all was that Lu Zhan Tian was born with no eyeballs, and could not see things with his eyes like ordinary people.

So from the moment he was born, he was crowned with the name of ” blind.


However, as long as one knew him, no one would dare to look down on him or show him any disrespect.

boxn ovel.


This was because he was just like Yuan Taibai.

From the moment he was born, he was surrounded by 100000 innate sword energy, and he had the potential to transform into a Dragon.

At the same age of two, he could already split mountains and rivers with his sword Qi.

The heart of the sword was clear.

Although he had no eyes, he could see everything in the world in his heart, and nothing could escape his surveillance.

As he was born a year later than Yuan Taibai, he had defeated countless Qilin prodigies the year after Yuan Taibai had ascended to the Azure Dragon continents GreenCloud rankings, and was revered as the number one prodigy of the GreenCloud rankings!

And it was his most shocking battle.

On the top of the snow-capped mountain in the beihuang region of the Cang Dragon continent, he had killed all the experts of the three sword sects in the beihuang region with one sword strike!

Among them.

Six quasi-sword Immortals, a hundred sword Saints, a thousand sword grandmasters and grandmasters, and five thousand sword cultivators above the Supreme realm were all killed by his sword!

This battle had made his prestige in the Cang Long continent reach its peak overnight, and he was feared and worshipped by countless martial arts masters!

Li xiake had never imagined that such an overbearing Supreme level sword cultivator would come with such an overbearing momentum.

It was obvious that the other party was here for Yuan Taibai.

This made li xiake very suspicious.

“Master and the blind sword immortal have never had any disputes, so why did the blind sword immortal come all the way here to find him with such a provocative aura”

Then, Lu Zhan Tians voice, which was filled with a thick sword intent, rang out, ”

“Yuan Taibai, youve finally come out of the mountains!”

Lu Zhan Tians eyes were covered with a black cloth as he looked down at Yuan Taibai from a million li above.

The sword Qi was overflowing with domineering power!

Yuan Taibai furrowed his brows.

With a wave of his sleeve, a myriad of sword gleams appeared beneath his feet, carrying him up into the sky, where he faced Lu Zhan Tian from afar.

as a sword immortal, you should focus on your sword cultivation and not on me! &Quot;

Li xiakes eyes trembled when he heard this.

He thought,”so master and the blind Swordmaster knew each other long ago.

It even sounds like they had some disputes.”

This made him very curious, wondering what had happened between the two.

Lu Zhan Tian sneered, ”

850000 years ago, the words I told you still havent changed.

The way of the sword cultivates the sword through battle, and defeating you is the way of the sword! &Quot;

“Ridiculous!” “Youre clearly too greedy for fame and fortune!” Yuan Taibais Silver eyebrows twitched.

“So what” Lu Zhan Tians face was filled with disdain.

in todays world, there can only be one sword immortal, and that is me! &Quot;

As he spoke, he put two fingers together and formed a Qi sword in the void.

The sword Qi was green in color and its edges were jagged.

It was blurry and chaotic, and it had already become one with the endless void.

He looked around.

It was as if wherever there was heaven and earth, there would be sword Qi.

At the same time, the entire heaven and earth had been condensed into sword Qi by Lu Zhan Tian.

Seeing this, li xiake couldnt help but exclaim in shock,

as expected of a true sword immortal.

The sword Qi that he casually condensed has the power to cross the heaven and earth.

Its truly terrifying! &Quot;

Yuan Taibai couldnt help but secretly sigh when he saw Lu Zhan Tians aggressive attitude.

850,000 years ago, Lu Zhan Tian had crossed half of the Cang Long continent to challenge him.

He had wanted to defeat him and become the only sword immortal.

That battle went on for ten days and ten nights without a Victor being decided.

He only stopped when the sea was broken and the universe was overturned.

As the consumption was too great, it hurt his origin.

From then on, Yuan Taibai went into seclusion on the mountain and focused on tempering his sword Dao.

What he didnt expect was that the moment he appeared 850000 years later, Lu Zhan Tian would immediately come looking for him.

Moreover, his attitude was even more domineering than before.

Knowing that this battle was inevitable, Yuan Taibai didnt waste any time and raised his right hand to condense boundless sword Qi.

Hu ~

A million energy swords condensed in the air, forming a massive sword formation around Yuan Taibai.

All the Qi swords trembled slightly, letting out the cries of Dragons and phoenixes.

It was as if it would explode at any moment, releasing a power that could destroy the world!

Li xiake and many other cultivators of the Central Plains who had been drawn over by Lu Zhan Tian trembled uneasily under the might of the two great sword Immortals.

for nearly a million years, two great sword Immortals have been facing each other on the same stage.

This scene is no different from a collision of stars.

Its too exciting! &Quot;

yeah, sword Immortals are hard to come by in a million years.

Today, the sword Immortals from the north and south have gathered.

Its really like a dream! &Quot;

the two sword Immortals have not even made a move, and they are already showing their might.

How terrifying will they be once they fight ”

More than a hundred thousand people looked up at the sky.

His eyes were filled with shock, excitement, and fear.

High up in the sky.

Seeing that Yuan Taibai had also condensed his sword energy and formed the might of heaven and earth, Lu zhantian laughed hideously.


“We havent seen each other for many years, but your sword Qi is still as strong as before.

It seems that youve been cultivating hard because youre afraid of being defeated by me!”

“Thats good.

Let me see how strong you are now!”

The million li sword light receded, and with the Azure Qi sword in hand, he stepped through the void and charged towards Yuan Taibai.

Everyone could see that with every step Lu Zhan Tian took, millions of sword gleams would appear in the space beneath his feet.

His pace seemed slow, but there was a certain speed in it.

It was a strange and mysterious speed.

The distance of five kilometers was covered in an instant!

“Youre too noisy!”

Seeing Lu Zhan Tian close in, Yuan Taibais body exploded with sword light, and millions of Qi swords charged toward Lu Zhan Tian.


Lu Zhan Tian didnt show any fear in the face of the rain of swords.

Instead, he used his Qi sword to block the million sword Qi.

This explosion tore apart the sky within a radius of 100000 miles.

Countless sharp sword Qi flew around like dragons dancing in the sky, with the power to destroy the world.

All the cultivators below were dumbfounded.

Oh my God! The first battle between the two sword Immortals was so destructive! &Quot;

“If they were to go all out, how terrifying would that be”

Before anyone could react.

The sword Qi around Lu Zhan Tians body surged like a tide, forming a sword light as bright as the sun that enveloped his entire body.

The sword Qi had condensed into a liquid state, and it was like a sticky liquid that was wrapped around him.

It was extremely dense.

“Yuan Taibai, this isnt your only ability.

Youd better go all out!”

“The emperors sword technique!”

He drew out a strand of sword Qi from the endless liquid state and turned it into a huge sword.

“What a sharp sword technique!” Yuan Taibais gaze trembled slightly.

He discovered that this move of Lu Zhan Tians was more than ten times sharper than it had been 850000 years ago.

From this, it could be seen that Lu Zhan Tians strength had also risen by quite a bit.

Thinking of this, Yuan Taibai also condensed boundless sword light and stepped on a sword rainbow to meet the attack.

“Sky sun sword technique!”

The two of them both used celestial-grade sword techniques, and sword Qi and sword light danced in the sky.

Each of their moves was fatal!

In just ten breaths of time, the two of them had exchanged more than ten thousand blows.

The group of cultivators below all had their mouths wide open as they looked at this heaven-defying scene with dumbfounded expressions.

The two sword Immortals fought at such a terrifying speed.

The explosive sword light and phantom-like moves simply dazzled their eyes.

They all sighed in unison.

so this is the might of a sword immortal.

Its really … Awesome! &Quot;

Seeing that the two sides were locked in battle, everyone couldnt help but begin to guess whether the two great sword Immortals could only fight to a draw.

Just as they were in a daze, a loud roar shook the heavens and earth.

“The emperors sword technique!”

“Im the sword Saint!”

In the midst of the boundless sword light, the Qi sword in Lu Zhan Tians hand instantly expanded to ten thousand li.

The blade of the sword was wrapped in countless ancient inscriptions as it slashed down.


This sword directly broke through Yuan Taibais boundless sword Qi and exploded above his head, transforming into a terrifying might that poured down from a million seas and heavily sent him flying.

Li xiake and the other cultivators narrowed their eyes.

“Master, sword immortal Taibai has lost!”

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