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Everyone raised their eyes slightly and looked up at the beautiful Phoenix face in front of the White Dragon Jade table.

He was so young, yet so domineering.

It was filled with the domineering aura of a Supreme Emperor who could decide life and death!

It was also at this moment that everyone finally realized how much donghuang Ziyou hated evil and how powerful she was.

Even the invincible soul-breaking spell that the fire cloud clan leader had personally described had been broken by a single devil Lotus of donghuang Ziyous.

It was enough to show how freakish and outstanding donghuang Ziyous talent in Demonic Cultivation was.

its our luck to be born under the rule of the Xuan Bing Empress! &Quot;

All the influential people in the heavenly passage cave exclaimed in unison.

Seeing donghuang Ziyou destroy Chen Yulins soul with one move, du rongming, the great elder of the fire cloud clan, was so scared that his soul almost left his body.

He knelt on the ground and begged, ”

“I beg Your Majesty to spare my life! This lowly one didnt intend to become an accomplice, but the young sect master has promised this lowly one that if this lowly one were to help him become the son-in-law of King Dongsheng, he would give me many benefits!”

this little one was only blinded by greed for a moment, and went against my conscience to help young sect master do such a heartless thing.

I beg Your Majesty to be magnanimous, this little one will definitely correct my mistakes! &Quot;

“Can your repentance be exchanged for yang Lingxius rebirth” donghuang Ziyou asked indifferently.

Du rongming was speechless.

Everyone nodded in silence.

Indeed, if repentance was useful, yang Lingxiu would not have to die.

The Empresss words were really sharp.

She hit the nail on the head with a single sentence and no one could refute it!

Chen Huicheng walked to du rongmings side, gathered his spiritual energy, and smacked his head with his palm.

“You bastard, you still want to beg for mercy at this point”

our sects hundreds of thousands of years of reputation has been destroyed in the hands of you and Chen Yulin.

You all deserve to die! &Quot;


Under this palm, du rongming immediately lost his life force and knelt on the ground, turning into a corpse.

Upon seeing this, the eastern sage king, ning Deye, his daughter Ning Jin, and all the nobles present let out a long sigh.

Who wouldve thought that a perfectly fine wedding banquet would turn into such a farce

Chen Huicheng knew that he had no face to stay here any longer, so he first bowed to Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou, then to ning Deye.


“Your Highness, it was this ones fault for not paying attention, resulting in the appearance of Chen Yulin and du rongming, these two crazy bastards!”

“This one knows that nothing you say right now can dispel your anger, so this one will take his leave first.

When I return, I will await His Highness” judgment!”

With that, he gritted his teeth and ordered the rest of the sect to take away Chen Yulin and du rongmings bodies, then left with a pained expression.

Seeing that the matter had been resolved, yang Lingxiu quickly stepped forward and bowed.


“Many thanks to Your Majesty for upholding justice and saving my daughter!”

Donghuang Ziyou nodded slightly and continued, ”

Ive read in ancient martial arts books that the highest grade of the mysterious Yin body can gather the seven spiritual and six physical souls and transform them into the mysterious Yin ghostly body.

Its an extremely mysterious and rare body.


when I attacked you just now, I not only helped you break the soul-breaking spell, but also checked your body.

I found that you have formed seven souls and six spirits.

You have changed from a pure ghost to a ghost body.

Obviously, you have obtained the mysterious Yin ghost body.


“Since Zhen has helped you, I will give you two more choices.

First, he had to wait for a certain body to be reborn.

The second is to cultivate the profound Yin ghost body and become a ghost cultivator of the generation!”

Yang Lingxiu was overjoyed.

She did not expect her dark Yin body to be so magical.

Furthermore, from donghuang Ziyous words, she was completely capable of helping him.

“To be able to obtain Your Majestys help is already the greatest fortune of my daughters life!”

“After experiencing this, I deeply feel that being a ghost is not necessarily worse than being a human.

Therefore, I chose the second option!” Yang Lingxiu quickly kowtowed.

“Good,” Donghuang Ziyou nodded slightly.

“I have long intended to set up the soul suppressing division in the heavenly abode to prevent evil spirits from causing trouble and to maintain the peace of the human world!”

now that you have such a magical body, you should display your talents.

If I were to give you the position of commander of the soul Suppression Division, would you be willing ”

Yang Lingxiu was overjoyed and quickly kowtowed, ” “My daughter is extremely grateful and will naturally do her best!”

“Im willing to assist yang Lingxiu and serve Your Majesty with her!” Zhao Qi knelt down and said.

“Yes.” Donghuang Ziyou nodded.

get up, all of you! &Quot;

She did not expect to meet a ghost cultivator as talented as yang Lingxiu on this trip to the heavenly abode.

Now that North Mystic heaven was guarded by the twelve men of gold, and the soul Suppression Division of Dong Yuan heaven had a leader, the people of both worlds would be able to avoid much more ghost chaos.

After figuring out donghuang Ziyous intention, ning Deye and the other top nobles of the heavenly cave heaven all showed deep admiration.

“Your Majesty is far-sighted and worries for the world.

It is our blessing!”

The crowd once again bowed in the most pious manner.

When Zhi Zhu and the rest saw the many twists and turns of the wedding banquet, they exclaimed, ”

I didnt expect the adultsAffairs to be so complicated.

The good people have become bad people, and Auntie would rather be a ghost than a human! &Quot;

“Yeah, its really hard to understand!”

Lin Xuan stroked the little girlsheads and said, ”

“Whether its difficult to be a human or not, it all depends on your state of mind.”

as the saying goes, when ones heart is calm, one will be clear and not confused by the outside world.

When good and evil are clearly distinguished, then one can guard ones heart and be the best of oneself! &Quot;

Naozhu blinked her big black eyes and said, ” so that groom uncle did not keep his heart, and made mistakes again and again! &Quot;

thats a good summary, baby! Lin Xuan smiled lovingly.

Everyone heard the conversation between Lin Xuan and his daughters, and after some thought, they all revealed looks of admiration.

when ones heart is calm, one will see clearly.

This eight characters are truly a famous saying that can warn people! &Quot;

“The words of the emperors husband truly convey endless wisdom!”

this banquet not only witnessed His Majestys heavenly might and benevolence, but also witnessed Di Fus unparalleled wisdom.

This trip was really not in vain! &Quot;


Donghuang Ziyou was pleased to see everyones praise for Lin Xuan.


“A man should have such a pattern!”

Her phoenix-like eyes turned and looked at Lin Xuan with admiration.

Donghuang Ziyou felt that Lin Xuan was surprising him more and more.

Seeing that the wedding banquet had come to an end, only his precious daughter had not yet come to a conclusion.

Ning Deye put his hand on Ning Jins shoulder with a guilty look.

“Luaner, father thought that he knew Chen Huichengs background, so he was at ease to let you marry his son.” He sighed.

“Who would have thought that such a big thing would happen”

“Father has let you down!”

Ning Meng held ning Deyes hand and shook her head with a smile.

“Father, you should always look at things positively.

Its better to see a persons face clearly before you get married than to be deceived by him all the time!”

“Thats true, but your marriage hasnt been decided yet.

Father cant put his heart at ease!” Ning Deyes eyes trembled with guilt.

Ning Jin smiled and said, ”

ever since I experienced this, Ive thought it through clearly.

In a marriage, its better to have nothing than to have bad quality.

If the other party has a bad character, I cant give in! &Quot;

so if you cant get married today, then so be it.

In my opinion, its a great thing.

If I cant meet a man I like in my life, then Ill stay by my fathers side forever! &Quot;


Ning Deye sighed deeply when he heard this.

It would be great if there was a man like Di Fu in this world.

Whether it was identity, temperament, style of conversation, ability, or character, they were all top-notch.

Only a father could truly feel at ease when he handed his daughter over to such a person.

Unfortunately, Di Fu was someone who could only be met by luck and not sought out.

Even finding a replacement for him was as difficult as ascending to heaven!

Thinking of Lin Xuan, ning Deye quickly collected his thoughts and said with a smile,

“Right! Since youve already seen through it, theres nothing father cant see through!”

“The wedding banquet tonight cant be held, but its rare that His Majesty and the emperors husband are here, as well as many friends and relatives.

Lets just treat it as a party and drink until were drunk!”

Ning Jin and all the nobles present nodded and smiled.


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