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Chapter 1634: So Damned Hard

“A Profound Pagoda!!” roared Mo Wusheng. He raised his weapon high and smashed it down on the Profound Pagoda. Far from being a regular Nihil World Sovereign, hed been ranked toward the top of the Argent Snow Hero Ranking and was extremely strong.

Though he wasnt honored with a title in the Luminaries, he rivaled the Great Brahma.



A tremendous collision sounded and terrible ripples wove through the air, spreading in all directions. The Profound Pagoda and Argent Snow domains were both shattered by the horrific surge of force.

The blood demon gushed blood from numerous cracks snaking through his body; Mo Wusheng was even worse off. He exploded, shattering his soul in the process. The blood demon was stronger than Mo Wusheng in terms of absolute strength, but the latter had gone mad. In the ten years that he searched for Lu Yun, hed developed internal demons that enabled him to employ a level of strength he should never have access to.

When that strength combined with Argent Snow, they gave rise to an awful force of destruction that consumed itself when the two soul weapons collided. Their copies of Argent Snow and the Profound Pagoda also broke apart.


“Lunatic!” Blood spewed from the blood demons mouth—it wasnt a manifestation from the dao of blood that he cultivated, but fresh blood from his core essence. His injuries were so serious that he was vomiting blood.

“…wait! Sir Lu Yun!” He gasped with dismay when he saw that the terrifying oscillations had ripped massive spatial fissures in the void around them. Lu Yun had completely sealed off his Nihil World Sovereign cultivation realm, leaving only World Manifest to call upon.

His master hadnt been able to offer any resistance when the fearsome shockwaves bowled over him. Lu Yun vanished on the spot.

“What happened here!” Situated in the far off Central Cluster, Yun Zhongzi suddenly appeared on the scene. He looked ominously at a blood demon still vomiting blood. “Wheres Lu Yun!” he demanded harshly.

The blood demons face was pale and he hastily scanned the recovering void with a blank look.

“I…” he stammered, not knowing what to say. He didnt know if Lu Yun was still alive or not.


Within the Hongmeng, the ten Yama Kings and beings with their names written on the Tome of Life and Death, including the Infernum, spat out a mouthful of blood at the same time.

“Master has been gravely injured, but he isnt dead! His karmic ties to us are flickering—he must be in a very dangerous situation!” Yuying shot to her feet, ignoring her own severely damaged nascent spirit. She operated formula dao at a furious pace to determine where their master was, then smacked her forehead without forewarning.


She toppled to the ground in pieces and swiftly resurrected on the spot.

“Master is fine… but where has he gone Why didnt I fly to him after I destroyed my physical body”

“Since master is fine, he will return at some point. We cannot let the two mistresses know of this!” Xingzi declared. “One of them is overseeing the development of formula dao and the other is fighting over the Hongmeng Tower. We cannot disturb them at the moment!”

The other eight nodded in agreement. In Lu Yuns absence, the ten Yama Kings were the esteemed overseers of the kingdom of hell. Even his disciples didnt outrank them.

Of course, Qing Yu and the little fox also sensed what had happened, but they possessed strong wills. Since Lu Yuns Yama Kings and Infernum were still alive, that meant he was also alive.

What they didnt know was that if the Yama Kings and Infernum were injured at the same time, it meant their master wasnt far from death.


The collision of two Nihil World Sovereigns at full strength pulverized even their soul weapons. When a mere World Manifest was caught up in the fallout, death was the only possible outcome.

Thankfully, Lu Yun was quick on his feet and darted into the first spatial fissure that formed next to him; his consciousness immediately darkened. When he came to, his first impression was a bothersome hubbub by his ears. Someone was chanting something.

“The voices… seem to be praying. Damn it, my connection to the Karmic Tree has been severed. I cant determine their emotions.”

His head hurt so much that it felt like it would split down the middle. His body was burnt to a crisp, like lightning had struck him, and he wafted the smell of charred flesh. His consciousness couldnt maintain itself and he drifted back to sleep after a while.

“Weird, whats beneath me It feels so damned hard,” was his lingering thought.


“Preceptor, is that really an immortal on the altar” asked a man in yellow robes embroidered with golden dragons and a crown on his head. He snuck worried glances at the towering altar placed in the middle of Truecloud Nation.

He was Trueclouds ruler—Xia Xu, and he addressed an elder with a wan complexion in daoist robes—Preceptor Situ Lang.

“Theres no doubt about it.” Situ Lang grew even paler. The gods had answered his prayers and sent an immortal from the heavens to resolve Trueclouds extinction crisis, but the thing on the altar more so resembled a piece of charcoal than an immortal.

According to the will emanating from above, the immortal had indeed come to them and the charcoal was indeed human shaped.

“Immortals must travel through anti-reversion passages and face numerous difficulties if they are to come to a lower world. This immortal was likely harmed by the thunder tribulation in the passage and is recovering,” Situ Lang offered weakly after prolonged thought. “The immortal needs prayers and goodwill for recovery. All Truecloud citizens shall pray with all their might that the immortal may wake up before disaster descends!”

A burnt immortal had arrived on the eve of Truecloud Nations annihilation. Situ Lang was trying to make the best of a hopeless situation—it was better than having no hope at all.

“This is… goodwill!” Lu Yun groggily emerged from his comatose state. Though his connection to the Karmic Tree had been severed, he was attuned to the presence of goodwill and retribution after all this time with the tree.

“Strange, why is there a tiny bit of goodwill coming from my butt Forget it, my Method of Life and Death can make use of it!” Lu Yun quickly gathered the minuscule amount of goodwill he sensed and operated the method, seizing all bits of available goodwill from whatever was beneath him.

etvolare's Thoughts

Lu Yun's finally done it, he's trolled someone into sheer insanity.

And I will howl with laughter and break my keyboard if Lu Yun's been thrown into a time travel loop again. Or he ended up in the original Hongmeng after telling Mo Yi he wouldn't go.

The Queen is dead. May she rest well. What a year for politcians. Wow, I was so shook I failed to release the chapter properly last night. *facepalm*

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