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Chapter 93


"Simon! Run!"

Camibarez rapidly fired Blood Bullets and shot down the pursuing students.

The range and speed of the bullets were significantly higher than the regular explosive Blood Bullets.

She looked like a sniper.

With her escort, Simon could sprint in without any hindrance, and finally…

[Class A Simon Polentia.

Entry into the house has been confirmed.]

He stepped into the mansion entrance.

Hearing the mansion's announcement, Simon took a deep breath and let his hands fall.

"You were late, huh"

Lorain, who was waiting in the mansion, gave a casual wave.

She was bringing her skeleton horse back into her subspace.

"A little bit of trouble came up."

Answered Simon while wiping the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve.

"Oh my.

I was last!"

Serene was approaching the mansion.

Around her, a dozen students were desperately protecting Serene by blocking or standing in the way of the pouring attacks.

Thanks to their escort, Serene effortlessly waltzed into the mansion entrance with soft steps.

[Class C Serene Aindark.

Entry into the house has been confirmed.]

"Good job, slaves."

She snapped her fingers.

The feathers attached to the students' bodies scattered in the air and disappeared.

The students came back to their senses and looked around in bewilderment.

"Huh What"

"Why am I here"

Lorain frowned and approached Serene.

"Don't you think that's a cheap move Why are you harming other students when you can get in by yourself…"

"I used my abilities fairly.

What's the problem with that"

Serene chuckled.

"If it bothers you, why don't you whine to your mother about it Tell her and get me expelled, please."

"Stop spouting nonsense.

I'll never move as you wish."

The two began to growl at each other.

Simon, stuck in the middle, let out an inward sigh.

'Being stuck between these two is exhausting.

For real…'


Camibarez rushed over to Simon and grabbed his hand. 

"What a relief! A huge relief! Are you okay Did you get hurt"


Seeing her pure-hearted care, Simon felt his mood suddenly improving.

He somehow felt deeply touched, too.

'Yeah, this is how it should be.'

"I'm fine, Cami.

Thank you for the help before."

Camibarez got startled and released Simon's hand.

She looked at her toes in embarrassment, then lifted her head again, and laughed.

"Now… Simon"

Serene approached while calling Simon's name.

Simon felt his body tense up as if by reflex.

"You owe me big time, right"


Thanks for your help."

He had no choice but to admit it.

Serene put her finger to her lips and gave a sly smile.

"Ahh, it's nice to feel this way at times, doesn’t it.

What kind of order shall I give you…"

"I do owe you something, but it's not like I'll grant any wish or anything, you know."

"I know, I know.




Meilyn, who returned from her fight with Elissa, rushed in with terrifying force.

She shoved Serene's face aside and stood in front of Simon.

With an exaggerated scream, Serene pretended to fall, but Meilyn didn't even bother to look.

"I warned you, didn't I! If you ever meet that woman, make sure to avoid her!"

"Huh Yeah."

"Then why are you with her!"

"Well, there's a long story behind th—"

At that moment, Serene smiled and attached herself to Meilyn's arm.

"Kyaaah! It's Meilyn! What are you doing here"

"Ah, **! Get off me!"

Something savage entering Meilyn’s voice, she pushed Serene’s face away once more.

Serene pouted and made a sour face.


You're so mean.

Seri just wants to be friends with Mei-Mei."

" ‘Seri’ my ass! It's creeping me out, so stop it!"

Spat out Meilyn, disgusted.

She then glared at her as though she had suddenly remembered something.

"And you **er.

You placed a feather on me before I knew it, didn't you"


"Why would I attack Simon! It's your doing, isn't it"

Serene tilted her head.

"Seri isn't so sure."

"Stop feigning innocence!"

Meilyn's face flushed red with anger.

Serene wagged her finger side to side while speaking with a lisp.

"And Seri's ability isn't to create feelings that aren't there, but to amplify the existing emotions.

The reason why Mei-Mei attacked Simon wasn't Seri's doing.

You just became faithful to your own feeli—"

"Stop the chop-logic and just die!"

The two got tangled up and started fighting.

Of course, rather than fighting, it felt like Meilyn was one-sidedly beating up Serene.



A voice loud enough to shake the whole house was heard. 

"I'm a sinful woman, after all."


It was none other than Malcolm Randolph, the No.10 Special Admission, who strode out into the mansion.

"You son of a bitch!"

He approached without giving Serene a moment’s break and grabbed her by the collar.

She dropped her arms without resistance.

"How dare you manipulate me into doing such a humiliating thing"

"Oh my~ I have no idea what you're talking ab—"


Malcolm slammed Serene to the floor.

As she fell, clamor could be heard from all around them.

"......No one else could do it but you."

Said Malcolm while angrily huffing. 

"You're the only one who can insult people that way! How dare you treat me like a dog!"

Serene, who had fallen to the floor, wiped the blood flowing from her lips without saying a word.

Malcolm tightened the grip on the rod in his hand.

"Ivory Tower or whatever, you need a good beating, you **er."

It was the moment Malcom lifted the rod.

Simon, who had approached behind Malcolm's back like a shadow, gripped it tight.


"Stop it."

Malcolm tried to move his arm, but it didn't budge.

His bewildered gaze headed to his back.

"Who the hell are you!"

"This is a non-combat zone."

Malcolm bit his lip tight and struggled, but he couldn't overcome Simon's grip.

Out of all the situations, it was the one where a lot of students were watching them.

Malcolm, whose face had gone red from the sudden humiliation, aimed his left hand at Simon's head.

"I'll just kill y—!"


A black dagger silently flew past Malcolm's eyes.

Then, it nailed itself into the wall.

Lorain, who was sitting at a table with her legs crossed while sipping juice, was staring at him with red eyes.

'......Not you too, Lorain Archbold!'


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

* * *


It was only the act of throwing a dagger, but Malcolm felt his body losing its strength.

His grip on his rod loosened, and Simon let go of his hand.


Malcolm bumped past Simon as he left and strode up the stairs.

The quiet surroundings soon filled with clamor once more as Malcolm disappeared.

"Are you alright, Serene"

Asked Simon, reaching out his hand.

Serene smiled before grabbing Simon's hand and standing up.

Beside her, Meilyn, arms crossed, watched on while looking very uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Simon."

"That's a relief.

So we can call it even n—"

"Don't tell me~"

Serene burst into laughter.

“You're not gonna call it even just because you cleaned up a rat who angered a sleeping dog, right”

Simon couldn’t meet her eyes in guilt.

'I was gonna brush over it, but I guess that won't work.'

"If you want to get a reward, take it from Malcolm.

He escaped certain death just now thanks to you~"

Serene waved her hand and disappeared, leaving only those words.

After that, Lorain, who had finished drinking her juice, also left while stretching her arms, saying she was going to take a shower.

"Ah, by the way, where's Rick"

Asked Simon, looking to Camibarez.

"We were waiting, too."

"I thought he'd be here first."

Now there were about 10 minutes left.

The students guarding the mansion started coming in one by one. 

The members of Group 7 stood in front of the entrance and waited for Rick.

"Meilyn, have you even seen a glimpse of Rick"

"......Ah, dunno."

She replied snappily and turned her head.

Why did she seem so unpleasant

There were about 5 minutes left now.

Students rushed through in the last few moments.

Elissa and the students, who had been guarding the mansion until the very end, also came in.

"How dare you sink my phantom ship!"

As soon as Elissa entered, she frowned and glared at Meilyn.

However, Meilyn just smirked and waved Elissa away.

"If you're unsatisfied, challenge me any time~ I'll sink all the other ships, too."


Elissa trembled with anger, but she saved her breath and turned her back on Meilyn.

Looking at this, Simon blinked.

"You won against the Special Admission No.


"Well, I can't say I won, but there's something called matchups."

Chuckling, Meilyn looked like she had something to back her up.

"It's the countdown to heading home!"

The students waiting at the entrance all began to count down the last 10 seconds.

Everyone tensed up and watched at the door.





And when they were about to count 1, Rick leisurely waltzed into the mansion.

"Bwahaha! I made it!"



[Island Survival has ended.

All students, please stop fighting and wait in a safe place.]

[Force teleportation will begin starting from the students outside the mansion.

When the teleportation magic circle is drawn, do not leave the circle.]


"It's finally over!"

"Let's go eat steak instead of monsters!"

"Anyone want to hang around Rochest in the evening"

The students in the mansion cheered and rejoiced.

Simon also smiled and gave Rick a high-five.

"What made you come in so late"

Rick chuckled.

"I was just waiting nearby until the very last moment till it became safe.

Did I really need to take a risk"

"It's a relief, Rick!"

"What's safe about coming in with just 1 second left! Gosh, you dumbass!"

Simon sat down on a nearby sofa and rested his back.

Just the thought of returning to Kizen made him drowsy.



It was then.

Hector came all the way to Simon, dragging the scales dangling on his body.

The three people next to Simon also flinched and raised their guards.

"…Simon Polentia."

Simon raised his head and looked at Hector. 

'What is he going to tell me now'

"The monster that appeared on the southern island."

Hector's eyes gleamed, and he continued to speak.

"Were you the one who slashed it"

Simon chuckled and shook his head.

"You think what you want."


Hector stared at Simon wordlessly, then turned his back and went up the stairs.


* * *


After a while, all of the first-years returned to Kizen.

The dormitory toilets and public baths were crowded with students.

Students who had showered in advance at the mansion immediately changed clothes and went to Rochest, and there were also students looking for meals.


"Yes, it ended without any troubles.

Of course~ It's fine."

Serene was talking to someone through a crystal ball.

[How did the persuasion of Simon Polentia go]

"Ah, that failed~"

Nonchalantly replied Serene.

"He wasn't the type of person to be intimidated or be threatened."

[He wouldn't be a Special Admission No.1 for no reason.

Then we'll proceed with our initial plan.

If we start it this week—]

"By the way."

Said Serene, interrupting the man's words.

"Do we really have to kill him"


We can't help it.

If he can't be our ally, he's just an enemy.

It's better to hurry before Kizen notices and takes actio—]


Looking down at the communication crystal ball, she rested her chin in her palm and smiled all the way up to her eyes.

"You're working ve~ry hard.

Are you perhaps interested in being a commander"

Bewilderment crept on the man's face reflected in the crystal ball.

[Wh-What do you…! You're going too far!]

"Ahaha! I'm sorry.

I was just joking."

She gently waved her hand.

"As someone who's acting directly on the field and as the successor of the Ivory Tower, I'll issue the next order."


"Give me a little bit more time."

[Y-You mean…!]

She smiled brightly.

"Simon Polentia is an irreplaceable existence.

It'd be a mistake to get rid of him to take the Legion.

I'll take my time and try to persuade him slowly."

[But…! Please reconsider! The future of the Ivory Tower is at stake! Even if you're the successor, you can't decide such an important matter as you—!!]

"I'll tell father directly.

I'll take all the responsibility.

That should do it, right"

She one-sidedly closed the communication.

As she beckoned gracefully, a feather supporting her teacup came up in front of her.

She grabbed the cup and took a sip of the coffee inside.


Looking up at the ceiling and enjoying the sweet taste, she gave a strange smile.

"I'll look forward to you from now on, Simon Polentia."

As such, the plan of Ivory Tower's extremists to assassinate Simon was placed on hold indefinitely with Serene's full authority.




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