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Angelo on the other hand, wondered if Isabella would protest if he tried to take off the shirt she was wearing because it was wet. He was wearing only his trouser and couldn take it off but his upper body was bare.

Isabella had refused to come to him even when the rain was directly falling on her. He knew he had been harsh towards her earlier but that was because she kept talking about an issue which was very sensitive to him.

After a while of not speaking to each other, Angelo suddenly decided to break the silence. "Your shirt is wet so Im going to take it off."

Isabella just stared at Angelo without a word as he slowly unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. She closed her eyes because she knew that she was going to be completely naked.

However, Angelo did not open all the buttons. He left the last two so Isabella wouldn be completely naked.

After helping her to free her upper body from the shirt, Angelo laid back down and pulled Isabella with him. Isabella realized that Angelo just placed his hands on her bare back. He did not rub her back like the last time or try to kiss her and it made her very sad.

They both stayed in that position until Angelo slept off. Isabella wasn able to sleep until a few hours later because her injured arm was in pain and Angelo seemed to still be upset with her.

When it was morning, Isabella woke up and noticed that Angelo had already woken up. The weather was nice as the sun had just risen, she stared at the wound on her arm which had become wet due to the rain that fell last night.

Angelo was by the sea shore brushing his teeth. Isabella wondered if he was still upset and decided that no matter what it took, she was going to get him to smile.

Ignoring the pain on her arm, she quickly buttoned up her shirt, took her stick which had fallen on the ground and went to stand beside him. "Good morning Angelo" she said as she flashed him a sweet smile.

"Good morning Isabella" he replied without looking at her. Isabella heaved a sigh of relief. The fact that Angelo replied her meant that he was no longer upset with her.

She washed her stick and began to brush her teeth, occasionally smiling and stealing glances at him.

Angelo noticed her behavior and when he finished brushing his teeth, stood almost in front of her and asked, "why are you smiling and stealing glances at me?"

Isabella was about to reply him when she noticed something, she tried to make out what it was and when Angelo noticed the direction of her eyes, he turned towards the sea.

He was surprised to see a yacht approaching. The yacht was white in colour, just like the one the two men who had attacked them had used.

He suddenly looked at Isabella and said, "come with me, I think they are back for revenge."

He took Isabella towards the curve of the island and said, "I don know how many they are and I might not be able to protect you.

Follow the curve and turn to the other side of the island where I woke up from. It will take you about five hours or thereabout. When you get there, search for a tree and climb it.

Do not come down no matter what. I will make them believe that you are already dead and when they can find you, they will leave."

"But what about you?" Isabella asked as her heart kept beating fast.

Angelo picked up the knife from the ground and said, "I will do whatever I can to buy you enough time. Go now."

"No" Isabella said, refusing to leave. "I will not leave you Angelo. Those men are going to kill you."

"Angelo became angry and shouted at her "why are you so stubborn? You are already injured and theres nothing you can do if you stay back."

Isabella still refused to leave and began to cry. Angelo looked at the sea and saw that the yacht was getting close. He placed one of his hands around Isabellas neck and said, "please Isabella, I am begging you.

I won be able to watch those men abuse or torture you. You are my wife and Im going to protect you no matter what."

After speaking, Angelo pulled Isabella closer. He hugged her tightly and as she lifted her tear streaked face up to stare at him, he kissed her passionately.

When he ended the kiss, he said, "goodbye my little Isabella. Go."

Isabella turned and began to run slowly while Angelo kept his hand which held the knife at his back and stood at the centre of the beach waiting for the yacht to arrive.

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