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After crying for a while, Isabella remained on the floor until she eventually slept off.

Angelo also remained where he was. Being on the island had helped him to forget what happened for a moment. He had even stopped having those nightmares for a while.

Why did Isabella have to remind him? He knew that it wasn her fault but, he hated her parents so much. He would never be able to forgive or forget what they had done to his family.

He recalled his sisters face. Little Sofia had been so innocent, so beautiful and so special but Isabellas evil parents took her away from this world.

The painful memory of the remains of her tiny body which had been crushed into paste came back to him. He leaned his head on the tree and closed his eyes as two drops of tears fell from them.

When Isabella opened her eyes, the sun had already set, she was surprised that she had slept for so long. Her stomach grumbled and reminded her that she hadn eaten yet.

She slowly got up from the ground and looked around for Angelo. He was still sitting by the coconut tree. She wondered if he had been there since that time and contemplated going to ask him to help her with the coconut.

Her stomach grumbled again and she began walking towards him. However, she got cold feet midway and stopped walking. She didn know the state Angelo was in and she didn want to upset him any further.

Angelo turned his face towards her direction and saw her standing. He could tell that she wanted to come to him but was hesitating.

He turned his face away and ignored her. After seeing his reaction, Isabella turned her back and went back to the rocks.

She picked up one of the coconut and struggled to break it with just her right hand. She eventually succeeded and sat on the floor as she ate almost the whole coconut.

She couldn deny that she was completely fed up of coconut and all her teeth were in pain because most of the coconuts were very strong.

Going into the forest to hunt didn seem like such a bad idea anymore. She began to wonder if Angelo had eaten anything. She feared that he would angrily go into the forest to hunt for food and he wouldn listen to her now because he was obviously upset with her.

She eventually got tired of sitting and decided to walk towards the sea but the weather suddenly changed and a very strong wind began to blow and move things around.

Isabella immediately closed her eyes to prevent sand from getting into them. Even Angelo had to stand up and close his eyes as well.

Soon there were loud sounds of thunder accompanied by lightening. Isabella opened her eyes and looked up sadly at the sky as it began to rain heavily.

After all her efforts to prevent her wound from getting wet. She could foresee herself suffering from so much pain. She wanted to run and stand under the tree but Angelo was there so she just stood under the rain staring at Angelo.

When Angelo saw that Isabella was not coming to him, he ran towards her and held her by the hand before running back to the tree.

"Why did you keep standing under the rain?" He asked angrily. "I know that this tree doesn shield us completely but its still a lot better than just standing there and letting the rain beat you."

Isabella didn say anything in reply but just stood there as Angelo held her hand. The rain finally stopped falling and just like the last time, Isabella began to feel cold but it wasn as bad as then.

Angelo held her hand and led her back to the rocks. They both sat under the rocks without saying anything to each other.

Isabella wanted to make conversation with Angelo but he had a serious expression on his face and it scared her so, she decided to continue being quiet so she would not upset him any further.

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