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After being quiet for a long time, Isabella finally spoke up, "what if we end up spending the next six months on this island, what do you think would happen?"

Angelo thought for a while before answering, "I hope that we do not have to stay stranded on this island for that long however, if we end up being so unfortunate, so many things would change.

My stubble would grow into long beards, turning me into a complete bush man."

Isabella laughed really hard and when she stopped, Angelo continued, "it would be worse for you because you will have to move about naked.

I doubt that your panty would last for that long. We will also have to start entering the forest to look for food because my teeth are already feeling sore from constantly chewing coconuts."

"Me too" Isabella chipped in.

"To be honest Isabella, the thought of being stuck here on this island scares me a lot. Do you think we would ever get out of this island?"

Isabella sighed, "I don know Angelo but hope is all I have, if I give up hoping that someone will come to save us, I might fall into depression."

"I won let you get depressed Isabella" Angelo replied. "As long as Im here, I will make sure your mental state is in order, you also have to do the same for me because right here we only have each other."

Isabella stared at Angelo and suddenly felt like crying. She had never imagined that a time would come when Angelo will show her this level of care, it made her feel really emotional and soon tears began dropping from her eyes.

Angelo shook his head at her as he wiped her tears, "you are always crying most of the time and I don like it."

Isabella looked at him and asked, "who is the one always making me cry? Is there any time I have cried that you were not involved? Even now, you made me cry with your sweet words.

I realize that I have not properly said thank you for how good you have been to me lately. No matter the reasons you may give, jumping into such a scary sea to save my life is something that I will always remember.

Thank you for being here with me too, I hope that if we eventually get off this island, you won change. Please don change Angelo. This loving and caring Angelo who finds little reasons to smile is the best. Can you promise me that if we get out of this island you won change?"

Angelo ignored Isabellas question, causing her to suddenly become afraid.

"Please answer me Angelo" Isabella said while holding his arm.

Seeing that Angelo was still not answering her question, Isabella stood up and went to kneel in front of him again.

Angelo put his head down in an effort to avoid looking at Isabella but she placed her right hand on his chin and lifted his face up so their eyes would meet.

Angelo saw that tears were still dropping from Isabellas eyes and reached out his hand to wipe them but Isabella held his hand.

"This tears would continue falling if you revert to the Angelo who found satisfaction in my pain, if you can give me your word now, whats the essence of wiping my tears?"

Angelo withdrew his hand and sighed, "Isabella, I can make any promises to you while we are still here because I don know what will happen when we get off this island.

I like to keep my promises so I seldom make any. All I can say is, let us get off this island first, then we can worry about how our lives would be."

Isabella hesitated a little before saying, "actually Angelo, I know you grew up believing that my parents took your family from you but the truth is that my parents never did that. My mum and your late mum were best of friends."

Angelos facial expression began to change as he said, "I don want to talk about this issue Isabella so, just drop it."

Isabella however, was willing to let Angelo see the truth at all cost so she continued, "think about it Angelo, how could my parents have caused the accident when my brother was also in the..."

"That is enough Isabella" Angelo screamed as his eyes suddenly became red. He stood up from the ground, causing Isabella to fall back in the process and hit her injured arm on the ground.

Ignoring her pain, he warned her, "don ever bring up this issue in front of me Isabella." After speaking, Angelo walked far away from Isabella and sat down beside the coconut tree.

Isabella remained on the ground where she had fallen and the realization that Angelo would never listen to or believe her parents side of the story made her weep profusely.

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