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Isabella woke up in the morning and stared at the sky in happiness. She couldn believe the sun was shining. She looked at Angelo who was still asleep and felt shy when she recalled what had happened between them last night.

She couldn deny that Angelo was a very handsome man and pleasing to the eyes. Now that she was looking at him up close, she could see that his eye brows were thick and well arranged.

He had a pointed nose and thick long lashes. The curve of his jaw line was evenly proportioned and he had an oval chin. She realized that Angelo was handsome by international standards and could perfectly pass for a model.

She quickly got off his body when she realized that her upper body was still bare. She wore her red gown completely which she felt now had a weird smell because she wore it wet last night.

She saw her bra on the ground beside Angelo and quickly picked it up. Because of the sand in it, she ran towards the water and rinsed it.

Angelo woke up almost immediately and used his right hand to block the rays of the sun which fell directly on his face.

He saw Isabella by the sea washing her bra and recalled what had transpired between them last night. Contrary to what he had earlier believed, Isabella was a decent girl.

It was still difficult for him to believe that she was still a virgin considering the fact that she was beautiful and had dated Steve for so long and was in love with him. He was impressed with her level of self control.

He stood up from the ground and stretched his body as he yawned. Isabella turned just at that moment because she wanted to dry her bra on the rocks.

She stared at Angelo who was wearing nothing but his briefs as he stretched his body and didn realize when she began to drool.

Angelo noticed her gaze and smiled before asking, "enjoying the view?"

Isabella came to her senses and ignored him as she walked towards the rock. Angelo stared at her as she walked away and wondered why she was giving him an attitude.

He was being unusually nice to her because she kept him warm last night but it seemed she enjoyed it more when he was harsh and rude. She didn even greet him good morning.

"Good morning Angelo" Isabella said after drying her bra. Angelo stared at her in shock. She practically took the words out of his mind. Was she a mind reader?

Isabella was in a dilemma. She hadn taken her bath in a long time and didn know how she was going to do so with Angelo here.

She would have managed if she had succeeded in bathing last night but she didn because of the rain.

She couldn go the whole day without bathing again. And she didn want to wait till it was dark because she couldn guarantee that it wouldn rain. What was she going to do?

She decided to focus on brushing her teeth for now. She went to the forest entrace to search for an appropriate stick while Angelo watched her in amusement, wondering what she was up to.

When he saw her wash the stick repeatedly and use it to brush her mouth, he instinctively smelled his breath and was shocked by the odour that came out.

He couldn believe he had completely forgotten about the hygiene of his mouth. This island was quickly turning him into a bush animal.

He quickly went towards the forest entrance and picked up a stick before joining isabella by the sea.

He squatted just like she did and washed the stick thoroughly before using it to brush his mouth.

"This feels so terrible" he complained.

"I know" Isabella replied. "But we haven got much of a choice. We wouldn want to kill each other with bad breath."

The words had already left Isabellas mouth before she realized how it sounded. She had meant that their mouths would smell while talking but the look Angelo gave her meant that he thought she was talking about kissing.

She quickly tried to correct herself and said, "I actually meant that while talking we could.."

"Its fine Isabella" Angelo said while smiling. "I perfectly understand what you meant."

Isabella blinked at him and continued brushing her teeth. When she was done, she rinsed it with the salty water and stood up.

The heat of the sun was beginning to make her sweat and Isabella wondered at the contrast between night and day on the island.

The sun shone excessively during the day and the rain poured excessively during the night. Why couldn it be balanced?

As she walked back to the rocks, she kept her improvised tooth brush on top of one of the rocks because she she didn want to end up looking for another one in the evening.

She realized that her bra and panty were dry and knew that she would have to move around in them after washing her red gown but, where was she going to do that?

Isabella suddenly realized that she had much bigger problems when her stomach began making different sounds.

She clutched her stomach as her face turned red from discomfort and said, "oh no!"

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