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Isabella didn want to take off her gown especially since she was wearing nothing else on her lower body but, she knew that there was nothing else she could do about her pathetic situation.

She took off her gown from the top and left it at her waist. There was no way she was getting naked when she was so dangerously close to Angelo. Not even when her life depended on it.

Even as she took her gown off from the top, she still felt cold because her bra was also wet and so was the lower part of her body.

Angelo stared at her and said, "you will have to also take off your bra because its very wet.

Isabella refused and said, "no, theres no way Im taking my bra off."

After speaking, she rubbed her palms together fiercely and occasionally paused to rub the hot palms on her arms.

It helped a little bit but her body was still shivering. She felt self conscious because she was facing Angelo with only her red bra on.

It was a designer bra and exposed half of her breasts. She turned her body so Angelo could only see her back even as she continued to shiver.

Angelo observed her actions and became angry, "what do you think of yourself Isabella?" He asked.

Do you think I am interested in you just because Im trying to help you? Even if you were the last woman on Earth, I won look at you because you do not measure up to my standards so, stop getting ahead of yourself."

Isabella barely paid attention to what Angelo was saying because she was more consumed with her predicament. Angelo was not only angry but frustrated. He was also feeling cold, even if it wasn as bad as Isabellas, he also needed the body heat to feel better.

He believed that they didn have any other choice at the moment but Isabella was acting like he was interested in her when he had nothing but hatred for her.

He laid back on the ground and decided that he wasn going to say anything to her again. The wet sand made it more difficult for him but he closed his eyes and tried to distract himself with different thoughts.

The cold wind worsened Isabellas condition and soon she began to whimper as goose pimples appeared all over her body.

Angelo watched Isabella for a while and got up again. He pulled her closer to his body and tried to take off her bra.

Isabella weakly said, "Angelo, what are you doing? Stop it."

Angelo said, "shut up Isabella. I am not going to let you die here. If you are so eager to die, you are free to do so when we have gotten off this island."

After speaking, Angelo unhooked the the straps of her bra while Isabella closed her eyes and quickly covered her breasts with her hands.

Angelo pried Isabellas hands off her breasts and said, "don worry Isabella, I promise that I can see anything. You can see that its already dark and Im just trying to help, so you can keep warm."

Isabella tried to relax as Angelo spoke softly but she still felt very uncomfortable. Angelo laid back down and pulled her closer to his body so her breasts were on his chest and her face was buried in-between the crook of his neck.

Isabella could feel the impact of her breast against Angelos body and it made her afraid.

She had never been this close to any man before. Steve was the man she loved the most yet he had never seen her without her bra because she never let him get past it.

It worried her more that she couldn be this way with the man she loved but was now being so close to a man who hated her so much.

She kept shivering while Angelo kept rubbing his hands around her back.

Angelo wished he wasn on the floor as did Isabella but they figured that it was more important to get Isabellas body warm.

Eventually, Angelos actions began to work as Isabella slowly began to feel warm. Angelo kept rubbing his hands all around Isabellas back and soon their bodies became heated up but, he was now the one who was suffering.

With their naked bodies touching, Angelo involuntarily recalled when he had broken down Isabellas bedroom door and seen her naked.

He suddenly found himself having amorous desires for Isabella and struggled to rein it in.

Isabella could not bring herself to fall sleep. She felt heated up as well and was no longer as cold as before.

She felt more worried when Angelos breathing became rapid and his heart beats became faster too.

She knew that he wasn like this initially and wondered if it was because the rain had also fallen on him before or because her upper body was naked and lying on his.

She greatly hoped that it was the former because if Angelo suddenly lost it and decided to take advantage of her, she would not be able to protect herself.

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