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Isabella knew that she hadn had her bath all day but decided to do so when it was dark. For now, it was more important to care for her mouth.

At least, if she died later in the forest, it wouldn be with a smelling mouth.

She bent down when she got to the water and thoroughly washed the stick as much as she possibly could.

When she was satisfied, she rinsed her mouth with the salty water and began to scrub her tongue with the stick. She scrubbed her teeth as well and scrubbed all over her mouth before rinsing it with the salt water again.

When she was done, she smelled her mouth and told herself that it was much better now.

She stood up and looked at the forest. The sun was going to set really soon and if she wanted to search for food it was better for her to do it before it became dark.

She picked up one of the big sticks and began walking into the forest. She felt extremely afraid, especially because the only sounds she could hear were the ones made by the sea.

She stood at the entrance observed the forest as she tried to decide which part of the forest she could enter.

She suddenly heard the sound of a bird just above her and jumped in fright.

She lifted her head up afterwards to see the bird and know if it was something she could roast and eat, that is, if she were able to catch it.

As she looked up, she opened her eyes in amazement. She wasn going to die of hunger afterall. "What a wonderful surprise" she said to herself.


Angelo stopped walking and sat on the floor to rest. He had been trekking for hours but still hadn gotten to the other side of the island.

He didn know how much more it was going to take for him to get there. He desperately hoped that he wasn making a mistake and he would find something that could help him on the other side.

As he walked he kept blaming himself for his current situation. He thought about when he had first visited Isabella in her fathers ward and how he had thrown a folded piece of paper on the floor for her to pick up.

He remembered the day they got married, how anxious she had looked and how he had taken her to a trash house and locked her in immediately after they signed the marriage papers.

He also thought about how he had reduced her to the level of a whore at the club and offered her to a drunk pervert.

He recalled how she had tried to be nice to him so many times. When he was drunk, she had made herbal soup for him and treated his wounds.

She had cooked for him and although he deliberately insulted her and condemned her food which he actually found delicious, she had apologized and offered to cook for him again.

Sometimes he wanted to treat her better but each time he looked at her, he would remember his dead family members and his hatred for her family would get the best of him.

Perhaps what he was suffering now was punishment for all the things he had done to Isabella. She had died because of him and just maybe, he was going to die also.

But his death would come more slowly and painfully. Perhaps this was what life had in store for him but he would find out once he got to the other side of the island.


Isabella couldn believe that she was looking at a coconut tree and it had so many fruits.

The body looked completely different and that was why she hadn noticed it. She felt really grateful.

It wasn that she knew how to climb a tree. She hadn climbed any tree before but considering the options she had, this was completely an easy way to get food for her survival.

The tree was high up but Isabella didn worry about that. She began climbing slowly until she finally got to the top of the tree.

There were little insects up there but she ignored them and stretched out her hand to plug one of the fruits when she heard the sound of someones footsteps.

She was very shocked as she believed that she was the only one stranded at this island.

She held the tree tightly and looked in that direction while waiting for whoever was coming.


Angelo finally got to the other side of the island and placed his hands on his head in disappointment. It was just like the other side.

There was no one and no boat. Was he going to die here or spend the rest of his life here eating shrubs?

He suddenly noticed a big stick with a red cloth tied around it. Surprised, he ran towards the stick and observed it. He looked at the red fabric and it reminded him of the dress Isabella wore the last time he saw her.

He stared fixedly at the fabric wishing that he had been able to save Isabella.


Isabella was completely shocked when she saw Angelo. She didn know how he came to be here and even felt for a moment that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

She completely forgot about her hunger, quickly came down from the tree and began running towards Angelo.


Angelo heard the sound of someone running towards him and warily turned his head towards the direction of the sound.

To his surprise, he saw Isabella running towards him. "Isabella" he screamed happily just as she ran towards him and they both hugged each other.

They hugged for a while, each happy that the other was still alive. But they suddenly came to their senses and broke apart.

Angelo pointed his finger angrily at Isabella and said, "you little bitch. This is all your fault. If you hadn tried to kill yourself, I wouldn have made the mistake of jumping into the water to save you and ending up stranded on this god forsaken island.

What did you think? That you can have the easy way out? Did you think I would let you die so easily? No, Isabella, you cannot die. You need to live so I can torture you for the rest of your life."

Isabella stared at Angelo as the happiness of discovering he was alive quickly turned into sadness. Was Angelo going to make her life miserable even when they were both stranded on a deserted island?

"I am not a weak woman Angelo" Isabella replied.

"I don know what gave you the impression that I tried to kill myself but that is not what happened."

Angelo scoffed in disbelief and said, "I guess you miraculously found yourself in the middle of the big sea, isn it?"

Isabella smiled bitterly and said, "think about it Angelo. I love my parents so much that I was willing to get married to a monster such as you so that they can live a peaceful life.

I am the only child they have left and if I were to die, my parents won be able to bear it. So why would I do that to them?

If I was selfish and only cared about my own pain, I would never have agreed to marry you. Look around you, even while Im stranded here, I am doing everything to survive because I need to get back to my parents.

Look at this pole I set up, I did it so that I could be rescued. And a few minutes ago, I was about to go into the forest to hunt for food so I wouldn die of hunger. If I had actually given up on living, would I be trying so hard to make it out of here alive?"

Angelo thought about it and realized that Isabella was right. She was willing to give up on the man she loved and get married to him because she wanted to make her parents life happy.

She also endured everything he did to her because she didnt want him to end up taking out his anger on her parents.

This showed that she wasn a selfish person who would attempt suicide, so does that mean she fell off the cliff?

He heaved a sigh of relief. It was better for him if Isabella didn have suicidal thoughts. He didn want to second guess himself each time he meted out punishment to her.

Speaking in a calmer tone, he asked her, "did you fall off the cliff?"

"No, I didn " Isabella replied. "I stood at the edge of the cliff enjoying the beautiful scenery but someone came from behind and pushed me with so much force.

Its like the person wanted to make sure that I ended up inside the water. I didn get to see the persons face as I was too busy screaming and falling."

Angelo thought for a while before saying, "But Christy was the only person I saw standing at the edge of the cliff and she had told me that you decided to end your life despite her attempts to stop you."

As he said the words out, Angelo suddenly realized it.

It was obvious that Christy didn like Isabella so the fact that she was crying when Isabella supposedly jumped off the cliff was already suspicious.

It all made sense to him. Despite his warnings, Christy had once again acted impulsively and ended up putting his life in danger. If he made it out of here, he wasn going to spare her.

Isabella felt her hairs stand on end at such a revelation. She never believed that Christy was capable of murder and had not suspected her even once.

She frankly couldn understand why Christy hated her so much. She knew for a fact that she had not offended her in anyway and that was why she thought that most of Christys actions were ordered by Angelo.

Even now, if Angelo wasn here and someone else was telling her that Christy was the one who pushed her, she would have immediately concluded that Angelo was the one who ordered her to do so.

How could a woman be so mean towards another who had never done anything wrong to her?

Angelo began to feel guilty. Isabella had almost lost her life. He had blamed her for endangering his life but in reality, the reverse was the case.

He had thought that Christy was level headed judging by how proficient she was at her job. He never pegged her as someone who could resort to such evil extremes.

If he had known that she was capable of doing something like this, he never would have brought her with him to Stockholm.

He could not believe that she was the one he was hoping on to rescue him. Now that he had miraculously found Isabella, he needed to figure out a way for them to get off the island because apparently, Christy was not as reliable as he had thought.

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