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Isabella didn want to give her parents a reason to worry so she replied while sounding very happy, "Im doing really good. Angelo isn as bad as I thought and he has been very nice and caring towards me.

He is going for a business trip in Sweden and asked me to come with because he is going to be lonely, so I won be in Panama for a while. I will enjoy myself as much as I can and tell you all about it when I get back, I promise."

Isabellas father felt so relieved when he heard how she sounded. He had been extremely worried ever since Isabella got married to and moved in with Angelo.

He was constantly plagued with guilt because he believed that his daughter was suffering somewhere for no reason while he couldn do anything for her despite having so much.

Isabellas mum sent her greetings to Angelo and they finally said goodbye before Isabella ended the call.

She laid on her body and curled herself on the bed sadly. She continually dreamt of the day when she would be happy again but she didn know when her reality would finally become better than her dreams.

Unknown to Isabella, Angelo had stood just outside her bedroom door and overheard her conversation with her parents.

After realizing that he didn tell her the time they would move tomorrow, he had stopped by her bedroom to inform her that it would be by seven but he had ended up overhearing her conversation with her parents.

All this time, he had believed he was torturing Isabella but she actually saw it as him caring for her? He wanted her parents to experience heartache at Isabellas plight but she was telling them how good he was to her and they were even sending greetings to him.

What did they take him for? A fool? Isabella was looking forward to enjoying her trip wasn she? He was going to make her more miserable so that the next she spoke to her parents, she would cry her heart out to them and let them know the sort of miserable life she was living.

He still went ahead and knocked on Isabellas door saying, "we leave at seven tomorrow. I don want any unnecessary delay."

After speaking, Angelo left to his room and Isabella briefly wondered if he had overheard her conversation with her parents.

That night, Angelo came up with various ways in which he could torture Isabella during their trip but the ideas that came to his mind were not feasible.

He got tired of thinking and slept off, meanwhile Christabel laid on her bed and thought about how she was going to seduce Angelo without being obvious.

A lot of ideas came to her mind and as she finally settled on the ones she was going to use, she closed her eyes happily and slept off.

The next morning, Christabel left her house before seven because she wanted to leave to the airport in Angelos car. When she arrived with her bag Isabella was surprised to see her.

She had been wondering why Angelo did not carry Christy instead. She never knew that Angelo planned to take the both of them on the trip. She began to feel sorry for herself.

The surprise on Isabellas face was nothing compared to the one on Christabels face. She had asked Angelo if Isabella was coming with them and he had said no.

That was the reason why she spent so much time planning on how to seduce him. Seeing that Isabella was coming with them, dashed all her hopes into pieces. She stared at Isabella with so much hatred and Isabella did not miss the look in her eyes.

Angelo soon came out with his bag and got on the drivers seat while Isabella quietly went to the back but Angelo said, "come and sit at the front so I can have my eyes on you."

Christy who had already sat on the passenger seat beside Angelo sadly came down from the car and went to sit behind.

Sometimes she didn understand Angelo. If he had wanted to bring Isabella along and treat her like his wife, why did he ask her to come along?

She would have rather stayed back at home and used her time for more productive activities.

Isabella also did not understand what Angelo was trying to do or what he meant by having his eyes on her. Nevertheless, she obeyed him without a word, put on her seatbelt and closed her eyes as he drove all three of them to the airport.

When they arrived at the airport, Angelos personal assistant was already waiting for him. He handed his car keys over to him and said, "be sure to take good care of my car and drive it here when I get back. You know I don like to be kept waiting so, make sure you are prompt."

Angelos personal assistant accepted the keys respectfully and gave Angelo his word that he would do just as he had said. After that, he got into the car and drove off.

Angelo turned and walked into the airport and Christy walked beside him while Isabella slowly walked behind the both of them.

Isabella was surprised when she saw that Angelo arranged for her to fly first class with himself and Christy. She had thought he would punish her by sending her to the economy class.

It was a punishment she had actually hoped for but it seemed Angelo had read her mind and knew that she would love such a punishment.

When their flight finally landed, a driver came and picked all three of them. They were taken to a remote area and Isabella began to wonder why the conference was held in such a place.

Or could it be that Angelo and Christy wanted to kill her and dispose of her body secretly? The more she thought about it, the more Isabella became afraid.

She finally calm down when they arrived at the place. There was a very beautiful and big hotel by the left and beside the hotel was a very big and well decorated building.

Isabella concluded that the building was probably where the conference was going to take place. There were so many people going into the hotel with their bags. Some were with their partners while the others were alone.

By her right, Isabella could see a big Cliff which was obviously a part of the big building since it was only a walking distance from it.

From where she stood, she had a very beautiful view and she knew that if she went closer to the top of the cliff, she would see even better. If she had come here with Steve she would have loved to take so many pictures.

Angelo gestured for them to follow him into the hotel. Isabella was wondering if she was going to get her own room while Angelo and Christy would share one room.

But to her surprise, Angelo took them all to one room and began to unpack his bag. She noticed that Christy was also unpacking her bag and asked, "are we all going to stay in one room?"

Isabellas question infuriated Christy who was already very unhappy about her presence but she couldn do anything because Angelo had warned her not to act without his consent.

She had attended the conference twice with Angelo and knew that the attendees were all given only one room each in the hotel because people from around the world were usually invited to attend.

When Isabella saw that no one bothered to answer her question, she decided to unpack as well. She still could not believe that they were all going to be in one room.

She decided to go out and see if she could book a room for herself. However, she was told at the reception that there were no rooms available and each attendee was given only a room.

As she walked back to the room, Isabella thought that something was definitely wrong with Angelo. He already knew that there won be enough rooms yet he took her and Christy along with him.

When it was time to sleep, Isabella took her bath and got dressed inside the bathroom before coming out. Angelo had gone out and left both her and Christy in the room but she kept a reasonable distance from Christy because she knew how evil Christy could be.

She turned off the air conditioner just as Angelo came back into the room. However, christy turned it back on while claiming that the room was too hot because it had three people in it.

Isabella was feeling very cold because she had not fully recovered from her sickness. She saw that Angelo did not say anything about the air conditioner despite knowing her condition. So, she quietly went to lie on one side of the bed.

However, Angelo asked her to sleep on the floor because the bed wasn big enough to accommodate all three of them. Isabella stared at Angelo as her eyes became misty.

She stood up from the bed quietly and took her duvet with her which she now felt grateful to have brought.

She couldn bear to lie on the cold floor so she sat by a corner instead and wrapped the duvet all over her body. She soon started shivering because of the air conditioner and began to cry silently.

Angelo laid on the side of the bed where Isabella had been while Christy laid on the other side with her back to him.

He couldn bring himself to sleep and laid on his back with his head on the pillow. He kept looking at Isabella who was shivering and crying until his conscience couldn take it anymore.

He had deliberately brought Isabella here to make her suffer but seeing her crying and shivering disturbed him a lot.

He stood up from the bed and turned off the air conditioner after which he opened the door and went out.

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