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Isabella ran into Mato Hospital with her luggage. She quickly inquired about her fathers ward and went inside. She had already promised herself en route to the hospital that, she was going to be strong for her family and won cry in front of them.

However, when she saw her father lying lifelessly on the hospital bed and her mother, sitting dejectedly by his side with a tear streaked face, she couldn bear it. Her once graceful parents now looked like peasants. She ran out of the room and wept bitterly.

After crying for a while, Isabella went back into the hospital room. Her mum, who had not noticed her earlier on, finally saw her and hugged her sorrowfully. "Its okay mum," Isabella comforted. "Everything is going to be okay."

She sat by her fathers bedside and said; "don worry dad, I graduated with summa cum laude, the highest honors in my college. I was also the best basketball player so I was quite popular. A lot of hospitals and companies are already waiting to employ me, so hang in there a little longer. I will get back everything we have lost, you have my word."

Her father shook his head while trying to speak with one side of his mouth. Isabella took her ears closer to his mouth and heard him say; "Go far away from here and stay away from us. Angelo is the one after us, no matter what you do, he will not allow you to succeed."

Shocked, Isabella turned to her mum and asked, "mum, what is dad talking about?"

Her mother sighed sadly and said; "Isa, there was an accident before you were born. We lost your older brother, Antonio while Angelo lost his parents and little sister. He blamed our family for everything and swore to get his revenge. He is the reason why our family has lost everything.

Angelo is currently the wealthiest bachelor in panama. Your father is worried that if you try to help, Angelo will make you his target and you are all we have left. I shouldn have called you here in the first place, Ive ended up putting you in harms way."

"Please don say that mum," Isabella said. "You and dad are all I have and I would do anything for the both of you. If it makes me Angelos target, no problem. But I will not stand by and watch the both of you suffer alone."

After speaking Isa stood up, she wanted to go outside for a little bit of fresh air. She was feeling overwhelmed by everything she had heard. She had always thought she was the first and only child of her parents. She only just discovered that she had a brother who had died, and a maniac was after her family. It was a lot to take in.

Isabella bumped into a hard chest as she got to the door, mostly because she wasn paying attention to her steps. She looked up to see a huge hairy guy with one of his hands completely tattooed.

He wore a turquoise blue short sleeved shirt with black pants and was ruggedly handsome. She heard her mother gasp in fear as the guy made his way into the room. She went back to stand by her mothers side.

With a smirk on his face, he said, "you must be Isabella, the spoilt princess. I am the famous Angelo Flores and it is my utmost pleasure to meet you." Isabella clenched her fist while her whole body seethed with rage.

Angelo laughed heartily as he observed her. He then said, "I know it must pain you so much to see your familys condition. Even though you all deserve what is happening now, I am a very merciful man.

Out of my benevolent heart, I have decided to help your family. Your father can get back his company and his properties but theres a condition. Marry me and I will let your family go."

Isabella stared at him in surprise. She hated Angelo so much that she couldn even stand to be alone in the same room with him without wanting to kill him.

He took out a folded paper from his trouser, threw it at her feet and said condescendingly, "you have less than twenty four hours to think about it. Tomorrow morning by seven, send a text message to the number written inside that paper and meet me at the marriage court, if you truly love your family. Good day."

After speaking, Angelo Flores left the hospital. He had a smug smile on his face and felt really satisfied. He was going to marry Isabella and make her life so miserable that her parents wouldn be able to bear seeing her. This would be the best revenge.

He had thought about it and realized Isabella was their most prized possession. If he wanted to cause them real pain, Isabella was the perfect target.

Isabella sat down on the floor and wept once more. She knew the decision had already been made. She would do anything for her parents including marrying the enemy.

She thought about steve. She would have been extremely happy if she was getting married to steve. She wished she had given her virginity to him. She couldn believe she ended up saving herself for a monster. Now she had to resign herself to unhappiness forever.

"Mum, Dad, Im going to get married to Angelo if thats what it would take to give you both your life back." "Don do it Isa" her mother begged. "That man is only going to torture you."

"Isa my dear, listen to your father. I want the best for you. A bright future awaits you in London. Please don throw it away. Your mother and I can bear anything else but not seeing you suffer."

Isabella held her parents hands and said. "You both should not worry about me. I am stronger than you know. I promise the both of you that I will make Angelo pay for everything he has done to us. I give you my word."

"No Isabella, please don do it," her father begged. "Angelo is evil, please listen to me." "I am going out to buy food for us," Isabella said, before letting go of her parents hands and walking out of the room.

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