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Aryana POV ...

I was happy knowing that my mom was alive and i finally got to meet her but to my surprise my twin sister is more like a gangster in looks at terrible in attitude , i can believe she just spoke like that to our mom.

Mom was so okay with her behaviour and i understood she is used to her but i will not , not ever and i will prove to her am not dumb at all.

I took my mom from there and we went for fun as my twin said mother-daughter duo . We shopped , bought ice cream and what made me happy is she really poured out her heart about how bad she felt not spending her momemts with me and my sister as she was in jail and there i remembered again about what Audrey said before.

" Mom why did Audrey say about the case , please can you explain mom " i asked with puppy eyes and she smiled.

" Well Ariana , its a long story but its not how it seems , even Audy does not know anything" mom said and i wondered so she just blabbers without knowing the truth , she surely has got a terrible character.

" But for how long are you going to keep it a secret" i asked and she stood up and started pacing in a room slowly as she explains all of the scenerio to me.

" I just wanted all of you to be with me and am guilty that i failed to save that child that day , please forgive me princess" mom spoke tears rolling down her cheeks .

I stood and pulled her into a hug to ease her pain , how i wish i could have stayed with her.

After a while she calmed and since we took routes all the day , she must have been hungry, so i walked out of the hotel room and went for

food ordering as she wanted different kind of food.

When i thought of going back to hotel i saw Audrey from far walking toward the hotel and i scoffed while waiting for her. I realized that am not quite okay with her , same as applied to her too.

Suddenly i saw a van parked infront of her as shr was crossing the road and was droved inside and the van went off. Was she just kidnapped , my heart beat increased , what was that or did i mistake in taking a look.

I walked outside and took a cab. " Follow that car" i ordered the driver and he started his job immediately. We drove slowly as i insisted the driver never to miss it.

" Make sure you don lose it, okay " i insisted .

" yes maam " the driver replied as so many thoughts ran in my mind . Who are those people because am pretty sure that i saw Audy crossing the road and this black van took her with it.

The black van took a corner and parked near a certain house that looked much pretty left unused for years maybe , looks more like a goff. Four men got off wearing black suit and they were so muscular and their aura spoke danger in them.

" Mmmh " i heard a groan and i looked closely from where we parked and it was Audy , they threw her on the ground , she was tied her hands on her back and her mouth was tied too with a seal.

Who are these people, why did they take her. Well Audrey herself speaks of gangster looks , is she associated with them , did she do wrong in whatever they were cooperating on . Lot of question aroused in my mind and i paid the driver and got off the cab.

" What is this place ?" i asked myself as i walked toward the house following where they took her, i must do something to help my sister . I tried my best to hide myself when i got in and realized its a gowdown and some parcels were there too but not that Much. The place looked shaby like no body operates here, i suddenly heard some voices and walked in its direction.

" I never thought it would be so easy " one of the man laughed as my sister squealed on the floor , i hid my self behind a huge box.

" Release her mouth , we need to have a good talk" A dangerous voice filled the place and the other men became quite as another removed the seal from her mouth .

" Fuck you " Audy said breathing heavily. This girl is really stubborn , even in such situation she dares to insult her kidnapper , i thought.

" Well thanks " the man smirked and held her chin making his eyes meeting hers. " You

e too good and smart Raya thats why i choose you to be a pawn in my games" the man said gritting his teeth.

" But you failed me this time , but ain gonna make you pay that easily now tell me where is my money" the man shouted and my sister fear cupped her face in a while.

Is she crazy , did she borrow money from a gangster , god she is the dumbest here not me afterall.

" Someone stole it from my house boss after i delivered the parcel" Audy spoke trying to stand up but was given a hard fist blow on her face and she spat blood.

My heart ached seeing that , my sister was beaten.

" Trust me Mr.cobra , i think Chriss betrayed us here" she said again with difficulty.

" Sir you have a call " another man came running from a certain room.

" I told you not to come out , didn i ?" Mr.Cobra shouted , " Sir its important " the young man said but all his gaze was on Audrey and he smirked when his boss took the call and left.

I couldn miss the hurt face of my sister looking at the young man , who was he . I could see tears rolling down Audreys cheeks and anger filled her nerve , it was like shr wanted to kill the man before her.

The young man knelt before her and they were speaking something i couldn comprehend after that he started beating her with his fists and kicks , now my patience was at verge and i was on my way to save her when someone held my hand and pulled me back.

" Stop if you want both of you to come out of here alive" a blonde girl said to me and i couldn understood her , who was she .

" I could have believed her when she said she has a twin" the blonde girl said almost like whispering when looking atvthe young man. " I will surely kill you sam " she added and i noticed so the man is sam and this girl definitely knows whats going on here .

" Who are you ?" i asked but she didnt and as hrr face filled with pity looking at the unconscious Audrey and i gasped when she held my mouth. The men looked around to see if there is anyone.

" Can you be shut , for gods sake , Audrey was right , your so dumb " . I gave her a sharp look, ** this blonde girl does she even know that am a sparkle , and i could solve this in one call .

" You can do anything despite being rich , trust me this is out of your league" the blonde said like replying to my thoughts. " Am andrea , Audys best friend and if you want your sister out of here , you gonna be shut and under my order , okay "

" Okay " i said rolling my eyes and cursing her inwardly , what do these people take me for.


Sorry guys for the late updates and anyberrors encountered.

Please do comment and i really need your support and your honesty throught this work.

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