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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 10: Favor seeker

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After dinner, as planned, Emily walked with her father to the garden. While they saunder under the moon light, the cold breeze whispered in their ears while it swept across their hair.

"So, whats this important thing you want to talk about?", Emilys father, Jacob asked.

"Uhhm. Its about my car dad. I think its time i change it because it is due for a change already. I don want to wait till i start having headache because of the car inefficiency to work like before before i get a new one...", Emily replied, trying her best to choose her words right before her always calculating father but it seemed she failed because her father stopped abruptly in his track.

"Em dear. What are you saying? Can you remember when last you changed your car?", he asked, finding what his daughter say unbelievable.

"I think i bought this five months ago or something... It has been so long i can really remember now", Emily replied nonchalantly while looking up at the sky like there was a video playing the day she bought the car.

"No! To be clear, you bought this exact car four months ago claiming the other one you were using then doesn fit your style and that its giving you cramps", her father replied and Emily cleared her throat.

"Of course, i do remember i changed my previous car to this because it was no longer in vogue. It was trending then and still trending till now, but still..."

"But still nothing Em. Your younger sister has been the one using that car now and has never for one day complained. I am sorry Em, but you can get another car. If it was to be Kara, i would not mind because the girl has never used a new car for once. She always uses your old or my old car. Moreover, you spent a lot two days ago at the club or did you think i would not know...?", her father said, looking at her intently with a blank face.

"Uhh... Huhmm. Dad, that was, uhmm..", Emily stammered.

"I need to go rest now Emily. This conversation is officially over!", her father said, his tone as a matter of fact.

Emily sighed and grumbled in the cold air while watching her father walk further away from her before throwing hersekf to the ground.

"What does dad mean by i can get another car? He has the money for crying out loud...! Its not like i can get it but it sucks knowing i have a huge amount of money in my account but i always have to ask for his permission before spending it... It sucks a lot...!!!!!!", Emily yelled while hot tears rolls down her cheeks.

"I feel miserable right now! I really do! I just want to die! What is the good of money without spending it? Fuck you all! Fuck you...!!!", Emily yelled in the empty garden while raising her middle finger to the direction of the house.

"I hate you all...!!!!!", Emily yelled hysterically before getting up on her feet.

"Oh. I will get that car dad. I promise you i will get it no mater what and you, you won be able to stop me...!!!!", Emily said as a smile formed on her lips.


Soon after crying and whining to the creator about my miserable life, i went back into the house and saw everywhere empty. No one was in the dinning room.

I left the dinning room and took the second wing of the stairs on my left which left to the big hall where the bedrooms were situated in.

Walking through the hall, i glanced at every picture of my dad from when he was a young man and i stopped abruptly at the one which was took on his inauguration day as the chairman of the Wrights Group.

He looked really dashing, responsible and equally serious as well. I looked at the picture the more and began to imagine how i would also look the day i become the CEO of the company.

I smiled to myself as several thoughts crossed my mind while i kept on walking till i got to another picture. It was a picture of my mum and dad. In regards to the story said by my mum, she had pointed out that the picture was the first picture they took together. That day happened to be their first date.

Walking away from the hall of fame as i do call it, i began having dofferent thoughts in mind, thoughts like how would i feel of i fall in lobe genuinely with someone?

To be sincere, i had never for once thought of how it would be to marry someone i truly love. I can really say my parents were without having feelings for each other because my mother claimed my dad and her had known each other even before their families both proposed the marriage.

My mother maid it known to me that the fact my dad and her already had a chemistry together made it easy for the two families to bond them together within months of proper introduction.

As i walked straight to my lavishly furnished room, i kept having the thoughts of how true love feels.

How would i find mine if i am not forced into an arranged marriage?

Would he be handsome and caring?

How would i know if a particular man was the one?

Even though i kept having this thoughts in my head, i could not just help than to push it away.

When i get to the bridge, i will cross it.

The only thoughts that i want to occupy my mind with now Is how to get the car i promised myself. Since i have made it a promise to myself to get it, it is now a done deal because i would no matter what and at all cost! Sooner than i even asked for.

Getting into my room, I stripped myself naked before deciding to freshen up. I have already come up with a plan on how to get the car but i will need the help of my friends in choosing a good style that matches my life of luxury.

But before that, i need to make sure i look okay without a sign of dry tear on my face. I don want them to know i cried or else they could literally appear into my room to console me.

Finally having my bubble bath, i hair dried my hair and chamged into my silk luxurious pink night down before I picked up my phone to group call Avery and Piper on face time.

I also needed to break the news of me getting another car in the next two days which will be Friday to them first before giving them the pleasure of choosing for me.

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