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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 9: Clubbing 2

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We crashed at Averys place after leaving the club at around five Am the following morning. I have a low alcohol tolerance unlike Piper and Avery who can never black out no matter how much they drink. The amount of alcohol in take i had made my head throb with headache even before sleeping this morning.

I slept in till nine Am this morning to notice my hangover had gotten worst. I saunter to the bathroom to wash up and probably pour some water on my head before taking the hangover drugs.

I was about to close the bathroom door when i head my phone ring. It was the ringing of my phone that woke up Avery and Piper since we shared the room.

"Come pick up Em. Someone is trying to sleep here", Piper mumbled while Avery sat up and stretched, looking fully awake but still a mess.

"Who could be calling you very early this morning?", she asked.

"Its nine am Avery. Time is far spent already", i answered while checking my phone.

"Well, its still early so who...?", she drawled and i rolled my eyes.

"You love gossiping a lot", i answered with a grin.

"Like you don have a masters degree in it", she replied bluntly before trying to lie down back again.

"Bad asses... Still not able to sleep guys", Piper mumbled again with a yawn, looking clearly tired.

"Why is he calling me? Thought i told him its over already", i said aloud before dropping my phone.

"Hello? Girlfriends in the building. Give us the update missy. Who called?.., Avery inquired and i snickered.

"Its Tod....", i answered while walking to the closet.

"....and what happened to Tod Em?", Piper who i thought had gone back to sleep asked, sitting up also.

"Wow. Thought you were asleep", i said, keeping them in suspense.

"Don change the topic Em", Piper said with a frown.

"Yeah. I can believe something happened and you did not let us know whats up", Avery complained.

"What happened to Tod, missy? We are awaiting your response", Piper dragged and i finally gave up.

It was time to let the cat out of the bag, i thought, before taking my seat on one of Averys couch.

"Hello...???", Piper, my impatient friend said.

"Hold on girl. Be patient or else Ill just keep my mouth shut", i tease with a frown.

"Don mind her Pipe. She would not dare", Avery said while i inhaled and exhaled once before opening my mouth to talk.

"Well, i and Tod are no longer together", i said and saw them open their mouths wide.

"What...?!", Piper exclaimed.

"Really? When was that? How come?", Avery asked, utterly confused.

"Did i not inform you?", i pretended and sauntered to the bed to join them both.

"Would we look this surprised if you did?", Avery queried.

"Tell us the full story...", Piper said.

"Well, i asked my poor ex to get me a cheap limited edition bag worth seventy five pounds and he claimed he could not so i left him. I mean, whats the good of dating him if he can spend on me?", I said with a scoffed.

"What a pity. Tod lost a gem", Piper said and hugged me tight.

"So why is he calling you? If he can get you the bag then why call?", Avery said with confusion.

"I know right. Who would know the guy could not afford such a cheap thing. I can believe he rejected buying you such cheap stuff after professing his love to you countless times. Just seventy five pounds and he refused...?", Piper added.

"Yeah. He did", I replied, raising my long lashes up with a slight shake of head.

"Or could he be calling because he had gotten the bag already?", Avery said with shrugged shoulders.

"Nah. I don think so and even if he does, does he think our previous Emily will go back to him? He really needs to think again if reverse is the case", Piper replied and I saw Avery nod in agreement.

"Maybe he didn quite understand the fact that love is money and money is love. Especially when you

e rich. Does he think i am dating him for love? Does the rich date for love?", I said with a mocking grin on my face.

"Could you imagine he begged me saying we should continue the relationship after i asked for a break the following day. He even said he would get me the bag once we get married", I added again and slapped my palm on my face in frustration.

"Imagine! Don mind the coward. Its a good thing he gave up now than when you

e married or else, you would be the one feeding the d*ck head and his family", Avery added with a sigh.

"Yeah. I can believe i almost fell into his trap", I said again, walking back to the dresser.

"Thank goodness you didn ", Piper said with a wink.

"And i am also grateful he never knew my parents", I said again, giving out a relieved sigh this time.

"They never meet your parents Em. None of the guys you have dated doesn even know where you live. So, why talk like he was an exception?...", Avery replied with a chuckle.

"Well, he lasted a while than the others...", Piper added while heading to the washroom.

"Huh... Whatever. That is now all in the past", I said and they burst into laughter.




"Dad. Can i talk to you after dinner? It is really important", Emily said with a smile on her face while cutting her beef.

"Is there a problem honey?", her mother asked with concern while she looked at Emily intently. Trying to read the expression on her face.

"No mum. It is nothing you need to worry about. I just need to talk to dad. Thats all", Emily replied shortly and her father nodded in acknowledgement.

"Alright then. Lets take a stroll to the garden and have some dessert after dinner, shall we?", Emilys father suggested and she beamed.

"That is great dad. Thank you", she said with the whole of her teeth out.

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