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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 6: Usual sermon 2

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"Nothing mum. I was only asleep when you knocked", i answered.

"Oh. Sorry about that dear. I decided to check up on you since i couldn see you before leaving this morning", she said to me and i saw a smile formed on her lips as i directed my gaze to her.

"I get it mum. Please stop the pretense. I am quite aware that Dad has informed you of my excessive spending today just like he called it and you are here to talk to me about it", i said bluntly with anger evident in my voice as i went straight to the point so she would stop beating around the bush.


Rosalia understood the meaning behind the reaction she got from her daughter since she was the one who birth her and watched her grow.

"Okay Em. You are right. I am here to talk to you as always and i am hoping you would listen this time...", Rosalia began, looking at her daughter tenderly.

"I of all people clearly understand how you feel. I am your mother and apart from that also a human. I understand clearly how one should feel whenever they have things at their disposal but are been unable to make use of it. I understand so much how you see no reason why your father and i should caution and monitor your spending when obviously there is enough to go round for generations", Rosalia said, rubbing a hand on her daughters lap.

"...but what i want you to know is, your habit of spending and not doing other things like taking interest in the companys affair is also one of the reasons your father might be mad at you. You will be the heir of all this some day so why spend your youthful time in spending and wasting away when you could invest it in learning about the company now and strategizing in ways to make it better. When you learn about the company now, you will find out more ways to improve the company there by making more money in the long run", Rosalia continued with pleading eyes but Emily had turned her head as she stared at an opposite direction.

"Emily, the money is yours for the spending but you need to learn to be a producer and not just a consumer. The earlier you learn that, the better it would be. Think about it dear. You will own this money someday but you need to learn to multiply it now. That alone would make us happy and proud of you. Think about it hun", Rosalia concluded and Emily turned to her.

"Mother, i am not understanding you anymore. Is there something else you are not telling me apart from this because i don see the reason not to spend but focus on boring affairs when dad is obviously there to control things just as he has been doing", Emily said with a scoff.

"Em dear. You need to understand me. Your father didn ask you not to spend, hes only asking you to spend wisely and think of a way for the money to improve. And if you know you

e not fine with that, then you can get ready to advance in your business administration and management study by going for a masters program", Rosalia said firmly.

"But you know i am not ready for that mum. Why do i feel like you are stabbing me in the back?", Emily said with tears treathening to roll out of her eyes.

"I am not dear. I am not at all. I am only trying to be realistic and i want you to also", Rosalia said with a sigh.

"Alright. Alright. I will try my best to stop over spending then", Emily said as she faked a smile.

Hearing what Emily had said, Rosalia could only pray to God within herself that Emily would change just as she promised this time around and not trick her like she always did.

"Great then. I would be so happy if you can do that for mommy", Rosalia said then drew Emily closer for a hug.

"Mum. I need to go back to sleep. I am tired and i expect you to also rest mum. You must also be tired from all of todays stress", Emily said and Rosalia beamed.

"You are right. Then i will see you at dinner", Rosalia said and Emily nodded with a smile on her face.


I sighed while i watched my mother leave my room. I was still sitting on my bed, drowned in my own thoughts when the ringtone of my phone drove me back to reality.

I heard the ringtone somewhere but i could not see the phone. I crouched on my king sized bed, shifted the duvet and saw my phone lying under.

I picked up my phone and saw it was a facetime call from my friends. I didn realize my phones wifi was in and had connected to the house internet connection until now.

Since i was still crouching, i had to sit and rest my back on the beds rest before picking up the call.

"Hi girls. How are you doing?", i asked while i watched Piper drink beer from a can of beer standing beside her.

"Fine babe. Since you called to know if we got home safely, we have not been able to get through to you after that today and we got so worked up. Is everything okay?", Avery asked and i put on a smile.

"Yeah. Whats up Em? Not like you you know...", Piper also commented with a worried look.

"Yeah, yeah. I am fine. Nothing much happened. Just had the normal issues with my parents about the spending stuff and the likes. Thats all", i replied and i saw them both nod with an oh expression visible on their faces.

"So, what about our previous plan? The one about Friday night clubbing? Is it still on?", Piper asked with so much enthusiasm and a face wishing for me to say yes.

"I don know Piper. I think i have to cancel out on that for now since my parents are having issues with me spending", i replied but disappointment became visible on her face and Avery also frowned.

"How about next week?", i quickly suggest.

"Hmmm. Cool. I am fine with it", Avery replied and a smile formed on my lips.

"Look at her smile. Then next week it is then...", Piper concluded after teasing Avery and i winked at them both.

"Like you are not happy yourself Pipe", I teased also and saw her long lashes flutter shyly.

"But i don get, how do you guys do it?", i asked and i saw them both look at me like a confused spirit.

"Do... what exactly?", they both asked in unison.

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