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My maid is a Billionaires Heiress Chapter 3: Scolding

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The girls chitchat while they shopped for shades the more. Emily watched her friends pose and take pictures to their satisfaction and she suddenly felt jealous of them since she was not allowed to take pictures due to the private life her parents wanted them to have.

Due to the news which made headlines about Emily, which happened when she disguised while following her friends out before her father took it down, Emily had decided to always be the only one in the mall whenever shopping so the mall was empty because everyone was kicked out just so Emily and her friends could shop.

"Ive gotten all i need now. Are you both done?", Emily asked while searching her purse for her credit card.

"Sure Em. This are all i also need. You Piper?", Avery asked, walking away from the shades section to where Emily was.

"Yeah. Im done too. I will just take this one, then we can leave", Piper said, picking up a shade with red frame and black lens before joining the others.


We all paid for the goods we bought and said our goodbyes before we walked back to our different cars and drove back home.

I was still dancing happily as i enjoyed my ride with the company of Ariana Grandes song; 7 rings, when i heard my phone ring.

Without checking its caller, i picked up the call and was surprised by who it was.

"Come back home this instant, i want to meet you at my study", i heard and gasped with surprise.

"Dad...?", i said but he was quick to hang up.

"F*ck...", i cursed as i banged my steering wheel hard.

I got home few minutes later because i sped right home like a stampede after getting that call. The last thing i want is to get on my dads bad side or hell have my credit card blocked or taken from me to which my mum can also do nothing.

After checking out at the big gate before the four minutes drive into the mansion, i drove to the front of the house and left my car open.

"I have things in the car. Just take them right to my room and park my car at the garage. You can drop the keys on the table in my room", i informed a driver and went straight into the house, taking the stair way that leads to one of many places, one which is my dads study.

On getting to the front door of my dads study, i knocked gently and heard a familiar voice ask me in except of course, it was not my dads voice.

It was that of Assistant Kim. My dads ever loyal assistant and poke noser. I went in and asked i guessed, Assistant Kim was right in the room.

I opened the door slowly amd went into the big study room. There were selves of book which were arranged orderly to the left and also to the right, leaving the center free of books but of course, decorated with a huge desk with multiple drawers and two large chairs opposite the desk.

A single chair was also opposote the two chairs and there were books arranged on the two sides of the desk leaving the middle empty for writing or whatever activity a user would love to use it for.

I walked gently to one of the huge chairs opposite the single one were my father sat. I took a glance at the annoying face of my fathers assistance and rolled my eyes at the sarcastic smile he had on his face.

"Assistant Kim...", i said with an arched brow and a frown knowing fully well the man was the one who snitched on me.

Of course, it was an instruction my father gave to me. I shaked my head slightly before finding my seat before my father.

"Good evening miss Emily. I hope you enjoyed your day", Assistant Kim finally said after i sat and i swear i could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

"Of course i did", i replied and balanced well on the chair in front of my father.

"Kim...?", my father called, looking intently at me as i swallowed hard.

"Yes Mr Wright...", i heard the assistant answer.

"You can go wait for me outside. I need sometime alone with my daughter. I will send for you when i need you", my father said, without tearing his gaze from me.

"Alright Sir....", i heard the assistant say before walking out of the study.

"Dad, you asked of me...", i said, before swallowing hard again.

"You went shopping again", he said rather than ask.

"I can see Assistant Kim has informed you already", i said, cursing the snitch of a man under my breath making it obvious i knew that was why i met the man in his office.

"When was the last time you went shopping apart from today?", my dad asked.

"Two weeks ago...", i said, reluctantly.

"Two weeks ago Emily and how much did you spend then?", he asked again.

"Just one hundred and seventy five thousand Pounds dad", i said, my tone of speech as a matter of fact.

"Listen to yourself Emily. Just one hundred and seventy five thousand Pounds? Do you know that this same money you just pronounced is enough to make some people rich forever? Huh...!!!!!", he yelled at me and i shivered as i watched him stand while i bent my head as i looked at my knees.

"But dad...", i began, still without looking up but was cut off rashly by him.

"No buts Emily. No buts. It was reported to me you spent two times the money you spent two weeks ago. Why do you want to use all of those clothes and things you bought today for?", he queried before he continued again.

"Now Emily, what did i tell you about spending too much? Don you know the value of money? Don you? Im not saying spending is bad, but spending too much, not been able to control that urge to spend just because your father has the money Emily, is what i am correcting you about. You wanna shop, why not go shopping once in two months, then spend less and give the rest to charity?", he said as he got up amgrily but i was quick to bring to his remembrance a fact or should i say truth he had probably forgotten.

"....we already have a charity organization which i visit once in a while dad", i said calmly before lowering my head.

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