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My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 6: Infuriate

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Chapter 6: Infuriate

Once the police arrived, the surrounding populace crowded over, discussing in whispers whether Yang Chen is about to be unlucky.

"Yep...Its me." Yang Chen raised his head in bewilderment, he didn understand why the police would come to find him, could it be that the countrys authorities have spotted him? That can be, if that were the case, the ones being sent would be the secret special forces, moreover it would be a sudden night raid, how can it be 3 little policemen?The police officer flashed his badge, and said with cold arrogance, "I am West Region Police Departments Captain Feng Biao, someone reported that you are a suspect who beat up and murdered youths, right now we want to bring you to the police station to assist with the investigation immediately!"

So this is whats going on... Yang Chen understood in a flash, seems like it was the devious plan of the one who ran away, Chen Feng. The criminal underworld actually had the police to their work for them!

Old Li who stood at the side panicked, and hurriedly went up to explain, "My police friends, you guys are arresting the wrong person! That was Chen Feng and several hoodlums arbitrarily collecting protection fees, what Yang Chen did earlier was self-defense!"

"Hmph, whether we arrested the wrong person or not, we will naturally investigate clearly! All I saw was Boss Chens son beat to the point he puked blood, yet I do not see this fella hurt in any way!" Feng Biao finished speaking, and no longer entertained Old Li, he waved his hand to let the 2 policemen come forward to detain Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn resist, after being handcuffed all he did was sigh a little, then say to Old Li, "Don worry, I didn do anything I should be guilty of, this is not a big deal. Help me watch over this mutton skewers stall of mine, if Im not back when its dark, help me push it back home."

"Don speak rubbish, hurry up and move!" Feng Biao sternly said.

Old Li still wanted to speak more, but he also knew that he wouldn be of any help, and could only bitterly sigh watching Yang Chen arrested by the police and enter the police car.

After Feng Biao and gang brought Yang Chen away, the resident peddlers finally started cursing out loud, about none other than the police and underworld boss being "villains colluding together," or "government and criminals are one family" and such. However, in front of the police they would never dare to say these words.


After being brought into the police station, Yang Chen was immediately pulled into the interrogation room. In this exceedingly stern room, Yang Chen looked all around in curiosity. To be honest, he had been to police stations many times in the past, but this was his first time entering one as a criminal.

After Feng Biao called his 2 robust police subordinates into the room, he coldly laughed and said, "Look at your leisure expression, you still have the spare time to look around this room, when I return later to take a look at you, Ill see if you still have the mood to be like this." With that said, with a slamming sound he shut the metal door and walked off.


Yang Chen sat down without looking concerned, he calmly looked towards the 2 policemen who also sat down in front of him, they glared at him covetously as if they were staring at a prey.

A policeman with a big mustache began interrogating, "Name?""Yang Chen."


"Male..." Yang Chen cooperated with the questions, while wearing a smile.



"Place of birth?"

"Zhong Hai."


After a string of simple yet irritating questions, Yang Chen as before remained calm and collected as he patiently answered. He answered happily even if was the most retarded questions ever, unexpectedly causing the 2 policemen to be the ones that felt irritated.

The order they received from Feng Biao was to find a reason to deal with Yang Chen, with him being this cooperative, he deserved to be called a role model for all suspects. How are they going to find the justification to make him suffer?

Finally, the other policeman with dark skin thought of something, and asked, "Today you beat up 6 youths at the market, is there such a thing?"

"What happened wasn that I beat them up, it was them trying to collect protection fees from me, they extorted first, I have the rights to self-defense." Yang Chen replied .

"Im not clear whether they collected protection fees or not, but you made a move first, did you not?" The policeman with a big mustache maliciously smiled as he asked.

"Yep..." Yang Chen nodded honestly, "However I believe the fault in this matter doesn lie in me, in the worst case we could have a lawsuit."

"Fighting in a lawsuit... A mutton skewers seller..." The dark-faced policeman whispered with disdain, he brought out a form and pointed at the signature line, "Write your name there, indicating you admit to your crimes, furthermore, pay for the victims rightful compensation."

Yang Chen swept a glance at it, it was actually a pre-done plea of guilt form, various kinds of charges were added up, enough to make him sit in jail for half a lifetime! Yang Chens expression turned playful as he coldly laughed and said, "Officer, this thing, I think its not legal right? I didn even admit to anything, and there suddenly is so many more criminal charges brought up."

The dark-faced policeman fiercely slammed onto the table, "Are you questioning our integrity, thinking that we have planted false evidence against you!?" Do you know where you are right now!?""Im just speaking the truth." Yang Chen understood in his heart, these 2 were determined to make him commit a crime, unintentionally, his eyes revealed traces of coldness.

The 2 policemen naturally knew that Yang Chen wouldn sign this document, any normal person who could read wouldn willingly enter jail for half a lifetime. There is only one reason for bringing this document out—— to infuriate Yang Chen! Obviously, they succeeded.

"Brat, what you are doing is not cooperating with our investigation, do you know what are the consequences!?" Big mustache stood up, and slowly walked behind Yang Chen, cracking his fists.

Yang Chen glanced at the camera in the room, he reckoned that for the scene in this room, only him contradicting the police could be seen, while what comes after is things that the people outside have no way of knowing, even if it was known, who would rashly gossip about things that happened in a police station?

Seems like in the entire world, there is this type of police in every place...

"I don know what consequences I will face, but the 2 of you will definitely face a consequence you didn expect..." Yang Chen heedlessly turned his head over, grinning at the big mustache policeman.


e courting death!"

Seems like Yang Chen finally said something that offended the police, the big mustache policeman fiercely stretched his hand to grab onto Yang Chens shirt collar, while the other hand formed a fist, ready to slam!

But it was right at this moment, big mustaches hand grabbed onto air, and saw that unwittingly, Yang Chen stood up from his seat, with his hand conversely stretched and grabbed onto big mustaches shirt collar!

"Is this what you wanted to do?" Yang Chen evilly grinned, and slammed onto big mustaches stomach with a hook!

It could be seen that big mustaches body spasm for a while, curl up and fall onto the ground twitching!

Dark-faced policeman angrily stood up, "You dare to attack police!" With that said, he no longer gave a damn as he pulled out a Type 54 handgun from his waist, and aimed it at Yang Chen!

But Yang Chen simply ignored the gun pointed at him, with a lightning-quick step, he shifted behind the dark-faced policeman in a flash, lightly tapped on the dark-faced policemans arm, and as if that arm was electrocuted, it violently trembled, and the Type 54 handgun immediately fell onto the ground!

The dark-faced policeman simply wasn able to react before feeling numbness at the back of his neck, and falling unconscious...

Yang Chen picked up the illegal document on the table, making a strange smile as he said, "This type of ruse is something you guys often employ right? I wonder what will happen if this was divulged."

((End Of This Chapter))

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