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Chapter 2 – To Be Able To Walk With The Immortal Venerable.

“Have you not seen a ghost like me” The woman in red asked with a smile, She looked only fourteen or fifteen years old.

“Haha,” the woman covered her mouth and laughed softly, “I’m just an empty and lonely ghost, I have no ill intentions towards you, I have been alone for a long time, I just want to have some fun.

The boy said coldly: “Then you are really boring.

“Xiao Lang Jun’s¹ words are hurtful.

Am I not beautiful I can’t even touch Xiao Lang Jun’s heartstrings.” The woman pretended to cover her face and cry.

This is the first time the boy has encountered such a ghost, in the past, only in spring books has he come across such a female ghost.

They usually flirt and entice ordinary men passing by, and then eat their souls.

But this ghost doesn’t seem to be so simple.

“Don’t nauseate me” The young man put his arms around his chest, There was a hint of disgust on his small face.

“What offense have you committed hurry up, and be truthful” The female ghost gently stroked the dog beside her and said,

“I just want to give my baby new skin, but I didn’t kill anyone.

I’m not like that ugly black devil who doesn’t have pretty skin and looks so mean.

I want to get the skin of a live dog to prolong the life of the yin-yang dog.

The young man did not expect that there would be such an uneventful ghost, and he was instantly speechless.

But the “black devil” she talked about should be the guy who died tragically under his hands.

If so he doesn’t have to offend the female ghost in front of him, so the teenager thought about it and said:

“You can go, I won’t kill you and don’t do evil in the future, or I will not spare you.”She laughed, and the red dress made her more beautiful, “Xiao Lang Jun’s words are very delightful, and they make people laugh.” “You are different from others, Xiao Lang Jun, I don’t want to play with you any longer, Xiao Lang Jun.

An unpleasant guy has just arrived.

See you next time.”

After that, Lady Yu in red disappeared.

“What the hell” The teenager stomped, he didn’t expect that today wouldn’t be only tormented by little ghosts but also molested by the female ghost.

“You are interesting.” Suddenly, a male voice came, He saw a man in white standing on a tall withered tree.

He supposed it was the ‘unpleasant guy’ that the ghost babbled about.

The man was behind the moonlight so he could not see his face.

The young man could only hear his voice, which was clear and beautiful.

It was blended with the whistle of wind in the forest, it made his ears itch.

The teenager looked up at him with itchy ears and asked, “Who are you”,

“On the top of Shangshan Peak, there is no road for Yaoqiu Mountain and River.

Who doesn’t know that Shangshan peak is the ‘head of the cultivation world, including Duanchenya and Ningyanmen, they’re collectively known as the “Three Realms of Cultivating Immortals”, and they are responsible for eradicating evil in the world, undertaking the task of eliminating evil spirits and protecting the peace.

The top of Shangshan Peak is located on the top of the famous mountains in the Middle East, surrounded by four mountains: ‘Yaoqiong Mountain, Xiuya Mountain, Fengqi Mountain, and Zhenmo Mountain.’

The peak gate is hidden among the mountains, hidden in the fog

and it is also the place where the soul of the devil is sealed.

And Jiang Wulu, the genius who is known as ‘the first person to cultivate Shangshan Sword Cultivation’, he not only won the ancient divine sword in the Jingyuan trial but was also called ‘the son of the god’.

Even when the demon venerable came to the world and caused harm in all directions, he held the divine sword in his hand to eliminate the demon venerable, and was honored as ‘ The Capturing Demon Master’.

According to rumors, Jiang Wulu’s appearance is also very handsome.

Folk storytellers often say that he ‘has an awe-inspiring body and a handsome appearance.

His eyes are shining like cold stars, his nose is straight, and his lips are delicate and plump.

His clothes and hair are elegant, When seen in a distance, he is like a divine light transforming into a form, and he is completely natural with it.’ He is also the peerless handsome man who is most worthy of the ‘ the Elegant Young Master’.

And now, he appeared here!

The young man was so excited that he hurriedly knelt and buried his head to meet him.

Completely forgot about being teased by the ghost that just now vanished.

“I, my name is Xia Zhiheng, I greet the Immortal Venerable!”

Jiang Wulu jumped off the tree and landed firmly on the ground, not even the sound of the fallen leaves being smashed.

He helped Xia Zhiheng stand up and said, “Don’t be too polite, this Venerable just happened to pass by, and I stopped for a while when I saw you hunting ghosts here.”

Xia Zhiheng thanked him nervously, not daring to look up, but in his heart, he was embarrassed that he stuttered when speaking for the first time.

He just heard the clear and gentle voice coming from above him: “I think you are young and have some talent, but you are not that skilled, do you want to follow me”

“Really…really!” Xia Zhiheng flickered, raised his head suddenly, and stared blankly at Jiang Wulu.

“but I-”

He didn’t dare to look at the venerable at first, but now he is staring at him with a closer look…

Those bright eyes and a tall nose… Xia Zhiheng recalled the descriptions in those books and felt that it was honest and not deceiving.

He couldn’t help lowering his head, biting his lip secretly, trying to curb his excitement.

“If you want to, you can follow me tomorrow.

If you don’t want to, I won’t force you.” Jiangwu

“Although this is near the Soul Subduing Mountain but there are still many ghosts and evils.

Where do you live, tell me the place, I’ll escort you back.

“Ah, thank you, Xianjun.” Xia Zhiheng was slightly shocked and said where he lived.

Jiang Wulu knew where it was, so he turned around and walked in the same direction.

Xia Zhiheng followed obediently behind him.

Xia Zhiheng looked at his back and couldn’t help thinking.

Jiang Wulu is dressed in plain white clothes, giving the feeling of the moonlight in his village.

Xia Zhiheng is dazed by the general unreality of what is happening.

It was not until the man in front suddenly stopped that his thoughts were drawn back.

“What’s the matter, Immortal Venerable.

Jiang Wulu looked ahead and said, “There is a ghost blocking the road.

Xia Zhiheng looked along and saw a ghost standing not far away with a light white .

He also had something in his arms.

It happened that today the moon is very bright, and the ghost looks was clear.

He looks ten the ragged coarse farm clothes are torn and the boy was bleeding.

The clothes also have various large and small gaps, like he had fallen from a high place.

The ghost in front of me seems a little upset.

At first glance , it’s seemed like it’s not a local ghost.

He got lost and found the smell of Xia Zhiheng and Jiang Wulu when he wandered here.

“What can I do for you” Jiang Wulu asked calmly.

The ghost stepped forward in a few steps, bent slightly, and handed over the things in his arms.

It turned out to be a girl’s head.

Her lips were pale, but fortunately his eyes were tightly closed.

If he had opened his eyes, Xia Zhiheng would have been scared to death by the head in front of him.

But seeing the girl’s hair is neat and tidy, the bun is not messy, and she looks very well-behaved, at first glance, she is the kind of very normal civilian girl.

But the gap in the head was extremely terrible and shattered, as if it was torn apart by something, so there were still a lot of whitish pulverized flesh hanging around the neck, swaying gently in the wind.

Jiang Wulu was already accustomed to seeing such scene, and said bluntly: “I already know, you can leave in peace.”

After the ghost heard it, he quickly retracted his head, hugged it tightly, bowed deeply to Jiang Wulu, and disappeared.

Xia Zhiheng still felt a little scalp numbness, but when he saw Xianjun’s face that didn’t change, he kept cheering himself up, and then calmed down.

Jiang Wulu noticed Xia Zhiheng’s expression and asked softly, “Do you find it difficult to accept”

“It’s acceptable.” It’s not that Xia Zhiheng has never seen a tragic ghost, he just feels that it affects his appetite.

“That’s good, in catching ghosts and exorcising evil spirits one can’t be fearful.” Jiang Wulu didn’t say much, and continued to walk forward.

1 小郎君 Xiao Lang Jun: literally little gentleman, or a wife’s way of addressing their husband.

I think it was used as a double entrende



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