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“To be honest, we have all lost a lot.

The most important thing now is to find ways to make up for it….”

It wasn’t as if Jiang Biling didn’t know about this.

She continued, “We can consider implementing another project for the land in the northern suburbs.

There’s no rush.”

“The plans we are preparing will definitely see buildings be built next to Yanjing New Town.

I can ask my father to help with the funding for the time being.”

“The most important thing at the moment is to know where the new city is relocating to so we can plan ahead…”

Hearing this, Wu Shiguang’s gloomy expression finally eased.

Now that the site for the thermal power station had been changed, the location of the new Yanjing city is clear.

Li Chengkang and Wu Shiguang immediately sent their men to check out the lands around or near the new city.

In a short while, both their assistants came back, but their faces didn’t look good….

One of them said, “President Wu, there is indeed a piece of land for development next to the new address of the New Town as well…..

but it has already been bought.”

“And apart from this piece of land, there is nothing else.”

Wu Shiguang couldn’t help but stand up, propping himself up on the table as he asked, “By whom!”

Wu Shiguang’s assistant looked at his side with difficulty and Li Chengkang’s assistant whispered, “It’s, it’s the eldest young master….

Li Chengkang had a bad feeling in his heart.

He couldn’t help but stand up and ask: “What Eldest young master Which Eldest young master! Speak up!”

Assistant: “It’s Li Qingzhou, young master Li.”

“The plot of land is much smaller than the one in Yanjing’s northern suburbs.

It was put up for auction right after the one for the land in the northern suburbs ended and because no one made a bid for it, it was finally bought by eldest young master at a low price….

boss! “

The assistant gasped.

Jiang Biling’s cry followed.

Li Chengkang felt a blackness in front of his eyes, the sky spinned and he couldn’t see anything clearly.

In the end, he fell to the ground with a thud.

Li Chengkang was taken to hospital for urgent medical attention and the conversation was, of course, ended.

Wu Shiguang didn’t even look at Li Chengkang when he left, taking a few more quick-acting heart pills, fearing that he too would faint.

Li Chengkang woke up just as he arrived at the hospital and was diagnosed by the doctors as having had too many mood swings, which had caused his anger to attack his heart, and so needed to recuperate.


After he was done dealing with what had to be dealt with in Xicheng, Li Qingzhou had two more days before he had to return to Yanjing.

In the meantime, Li Chengkang’s cooperation with Wu Shiguang in the bidding of the land in the northern suburbs was revealed and Li Qingzhou also discovered that he had embezzled public funds.

–As a result, Li Chengkang was unanimously voted out of the company by the board of directors after being angrily rebuked by Old Master Li.

The punishment should have been more than that, but due to Li Chengkang’s hospitalization and Jiang Biling’s pleading, the Jiang family’s money was eventually borrowed to fill in the hole.

Otherwise, afraid Li Chengkang would have had to go to prison.

With Li Chengkang and his family no longer in his face, Li Qingzhou was relieved.

Before he left for Yanjing.

Li Xusheng came over with his first prize certificate and with a flushed face handed it to Li Qingzhou to look at, while whispering, “Big brother, I got a little red flower.”

Li Qingzhou rubbed his head and said in a gentle voice, “What does Shengsheng want as a reward”

Li Xusheng stood on his tiptoes and stretched out his arms, saying in a soft and sticky voice, “I want a hug from big brother.

Is, is that okay”

Li Qingzhou’s heart almost melted.

Leaning down slightly, he picked the child standing next to him up and sat Li Xusheng on his lap, cradling him with one hand and patting his back with the other.

Li Xusheng also clung to Li Qingzhou’s waist, burying his red, shy face into his chest and saying in a muffled voice: “Big brother, please continue to like Shengsheng in the future, can you never change…..”

Li Qingzhou’s heart tingled and then he spoke solemnly, “Of course, big brother loves you and sister, and will never change.”


Old Master Li was in the end sick with anger over Li Chengkang and was now a bit unwell, so Li Qingzhou said goodbye to him in his room before setting off.

Two siblings, Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng, came out to see their big brother off.

Li Qingzhou had prepared two gifts.

One was a hairpin for Li Hanyu.

–It was a finely crafted and exquisite golden laurel top hairpin, with golden laurel flowers as if dotting the branches, each one elegant and just the right amount of delicate.

Li Hanyu loved it the moment she saw it.

Li Qingzhou told her, “The osmanthus flower signifies the golden ranking of the laurel.”

“When you take the entrance exams, big brother might not be in Xicheng, so I will wish you the best of luck in the exams and that you get into your ideal school in advance.”

Opening the box, he took the hairpin out and asked, “Will you allow big brother to do your hair”

Li Hanyu crouched down in front of Li Qingzhou, rubbed her eyes which were a little red and whispered, “I will definitely do well in the exams… and won’t let you down.”

She was already wearing a ponytail, so Li Qingzhou just needed to coil it up round, tuck the end into it, and pick up a strand of hair with a hairpin, and then–insert–it into the leather band to finish it off.

Li Qingzhou’s movements were a little awkward, but he didn’t make any mistakes.

He said, “Big brother will never be disappointed in you.

I’m done, get up and let me have a look.”

Li Hanyu stood up as she was told.

Clapping his hands, Li Xusheng complimented, “Big sis is so pretty!”

Li Hanyu blushed profusely.

Li Qingzhou took out a second gift for Li Xusheng– a small yellow duck pot filled with earth, its appearance very naive.

He said, “Shengsheng, big brother has put a seed inside the pot.

When I’m not at home, Shengsheng has to take care of it, okay”

“It only needs to be watered once a day and get more sun.”

“Okay!” Li Xusheng replied very loudly with bright eyes.

The corners of Li Qingzhou’s mouth hooked up, a smile flickering in his eyes as he said softly, “Then big brother is leaving.”

Finished saying this, he turned his wheelchair.

Seeing this, Fang Xiyan came from a distance and pushed him out of the door of the Old Li family house….

and then, the car moved away and disappeared gradually.

Li Xusheng tugged on the corner of Li Hanyu’s coat, still waving his little hand, his voice somewhat lost, “….

Goodbye, big brother.”

Li Hanyu’s eyes were also full of reluctance.

After a while, she said, “Come on, Shengsheng, let’s go back to the house.”

Li Xusheng nodded obediently.

The two siblings walked hand in hand into the old house.


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