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Chapter 9: An Act

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Hu Xiaofeng was furious.

She pointed at Zhang Cuiyun with a vicious expression and cursed, “Zhang Cuiyun, you old b*tch. I knew you couldnt bear to see my son doing well and wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of him. Let me tell you, dont even think about it!”

Zhang Cuiyun was furious. She rolled up her sleeves and was about to slap her. “You old bitch, how dare you scold me Ill tear your stupid mouth apart today.”

Seeing that they were about to fight, Qin Guobiao shouted, “Shut up!”

Everyone immediately shut up.

Qin Guobiao looked at Han Dazhu and said in a low voice, “You cant air your dirty laundry in public. We are in-laws. Theres no need to fall out like this.”

Han Dazhu raised his hand and pointed at Qin Xi, who was on the verge of death. “Im airing your dirty laundry in the public, not mine. Besides, isnt it a little hypocritical to say that were in-laws now If Qin Feng was not so evil, I wouldnt have gone out of my way to cause trouble. Qin Guobiao, I think youre getting more and more shameless as you age!”

Seeing that Han Dazhu was determined to make things hard for them, Qin Guobiao was so furious that his chest heaved and his breathing became heavy. . He gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, 400, deal!”


Li Guihua was anxious. Just as she was about to stop him, Qin Guobiao shot her an angry look. “Are you going to watch Feng go to jail”

Li Guihua was so frightened that she immediately fell silent.

Only then did Han Dazhu soften his tone. “Also…”

Li Guihua screamed, “Theres more Lame Han, dont go too far!”

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Han Dazhu continued, “As you know, Xi fell sick as soon as she was married into my family, so she wished she could be buried in the Qin familys ancestral grave. You…”

“No, definitely not. You were the one who said that the b*tch is a member of the Han family. Now, you want her to be buried in our Qin familys ancestral grave. What do you mean”

Zhang Cuiyun was already angry that she lost 400 yuan. She couldnt tolerate another request.

“No, definitely not,” Li Guihua and Hu Xiaofeng echoed.

Qin Guobiaos face darkened as he said, “Han Dazhu, I will definitely not agree to this.”

Seeing that the situation was developing in the expected direction, Qin Xi smiled. It was finally her time to perform.

And so…

“Cough, cough, cough, cough…”

Qin Xi coughed violently. With Luo Xiujuans help, she slowly raised her head and looked at Qin Guobiao with red eyes. Her voice was weak as she choked, “Grandpa… Grandpa, I… I want to go back… back to the Qin family…”

Qin Guobiao turned his head away, not wanting to face Qin Xi. “Youre the daughter-in-law of the Han family. You should be buried in the Han familys ancestral grave. Go back and stop making things difficult for me.”

This was probably the first time Qin Guobiao spoke to Qin Xi with such a good attitude.

When Han Dazhu heard this, he swept his walking stick across the Qin family members in exasperation. “Alright, as expected of the Qin family. Youre all forcing Xi to her death. Since youre so heartless, fine, well sign an agreement today. Whether Xi lives or dies, she will have nothing to do with your Qin family in the future.”

Qin Xi begged weakly, “Grandpa… I… I dont want to break ties with… I was born a Qin… and I want to die a Qin.”

She struggled to kneel and kowtow to Qin Guobiao, but because she was too weak, she fell to the ground. Luo Xiujuan was so frightened that she quickly helped her up and faked crying.

Luo Xiujuan knew that Qin Xi was putting on an act, but she did not expect her to be so dramatic.


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