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Chapter 5: She Didnt Dislike Him

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The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched. She cleared her throat and muttered, “Why did you put your hand into my clothes I was being lenient enough to just give you a punch.”

Then, she remembered that Han Shi was now her husband. Qin Xi was so embarrassed that she wanted to cover herself with the blanket.

Seeing a blush appearing on Qin Xis sallow face, Luo Xiujuan was afraid that she would have a fever again. She immediately asked with concern, “Xi, how do you feel Do you feel better”

“Mom, Im much better. Im just… a little hungry!” As if to show agreement, her stomach growled. Qin Xi blushed.

Luo Xiujuan immediately put on a smile and patted her dry and rough hand. “Its good that you feel hungry. Ill go and fix you something to eat.”

Qin Xi drank a bowl of porridge and two big steamed buns. She never knew that steamed buns could be so delicious. They were sweet, soft, and fragrant, as if steamed buns were the most delicious thing in the world.

Perhaps it was because she was too hungry that everything she ate tasted delicious. However, it was undeniable that the food in this era was naturally sweeter than the food in the future.

Especially under the influence of natural growth, namely feces, the food was surprisingly tasty and had a nice fragrance to it.

She felt like she could eat two more.

Seeing that she had emptied the bowl, Luo Xiujuan asked with a smile, “How is it Are you full If youre not full, Ill make a few more for you!”

Qin Xi scratched her head in embarrassment. “Im full!”

After eating and drinking her fill, she recalled that Qin Feng had brought some hooligans over to cause trouble yesterday. He wanted to use her death to blackmail Han Dazhu and his family so that he could repay the gambling debt.

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Qin Xi felt extremely disgusted by the fact that she had such a vicious brother. She looked at Han Dazhu and said resolutely and firmly, “Grandpa, I want to cut ties with the Qin family and have nothing to do with them in the future. Do you agree with my decision”


She was not afraid that people would think her as unfilial. After all, the Qin family was just a bunch of animals. It was already a miracle that she couldve lived until now.

Han Dazhu nodded. “Its good to cut ties with them. That way, they wont be able to cause you trouble.”

Luo Xiujuan wanted to say something but hesitated. Qin Xi smiled. “Mom, what do you have to say Dont hold back.”

Han Shi smiled at her foolishly.

Just now, when he was sneak attacked by Qin Xi, his nose was bleeding non-stop. He used toilet paper to stop it from bleeding. However, the quality of the toilet paper at that time was quite rough. When it was stuffed into his nose, he looked very comical.

When Qin Xi found out that Han Shi only had the intelligence of a six-year-old, she was actually happy about it. If the Qin family was more vicious and married her to an old bachelor, she would probably want to die again.

There were three benefits to marrying Han Shi. First, she did not have to worry about him doing anything to her and could stay here in peace.

Secondly, the Han family treated her very well and she was willing to stay.

Thirdly… also most importantly, she did not dislike Han Shi.

At this moment, Luo Xiujuan said worriedly, “Im worried that the Qin family wont let you off. They…”

She originally wanted to say that the Qin family were all leeches. If not for the fact that her father-in-laws words still carried some weight, the Qin family would probably be sucking blood from the Han family.

“They will agree!” Qin Xi said firmly.

“Oh You have an idea” Han Dazhus eyes lit up.

Qin Xi smiled smugly as she whispered to them, “We can do this…”

A moment later, Han Dazhu patted his legs and laughed. He rubbed her head and praised, “What a smart girl you are.”


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