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Chapter 3: Poisonous Grass

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When Han Dazhu saw this, not only did he not stop Han Shi, but he evenkindly reminded Qin Feng, “You little brat, let me tell you, if a fool kills someone, itll only be considered manslaughter and will be convicted. If Han Shi kills you, youll die for nothing.”

“Yes, die for nothing.”

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Han Shi nodded heavily with seriousness written all across his handsome face. He suddenly looked at Luo Xiujuan, who was at a loss, and said solemnly, “Mom, get me a kitchen knife. Im going to kill him!”

Luo Xiujuan was so frightened that her face turned pale and her legs went weak. She quickly held the edge of the stove to support herself from falling.

She knew best what kind of person her son was. Although he only had the intelligence of a five-year-old, his strength wasnt. He was as well-built and stubborn as his father.

And wherever his father pointed, he would strike with all his might.

Han Dazhu looked at Qin Feng, who was cowering in the corner, trembling, and asked coldly, “Qin Feng, let me ask you one last time. What happened to Xi If you tell me, I might let you off, but if you dont, youll be jailed for life!”

Qin Feng was scared out of his wits. Although he was normally arrogant, he was a typical example of the kind of people who bullied the weak and dreaded the strong. He was afraid of Lame Han, who had once beaten up a big worm. This was also the reason why he came with a big crew to back him up.

“I, I, I…”

After stammering for a long time, he still couldnt bring himself to say a word. Han Dazhu snorted. “Stone, beat him to death!” Han Shi was nicknamed Stone.

Han Shi nodded heavily. With a serious expression, he raised the club and smashed it down on Qin Fengs thigh. Qin Feng screamed and quickly begged for mercy. “Stop hitting me. Ill tell you. Ill tell you, okay”

Han Dazhu asked Han Shi to stop, and Han Shi did as he was told.

“I just gave her some… poisonous grass! Just a little, not too much!” He lowered his head and stammered, showing the amount with his fingers.


Poisonous grass

Hiss ~

Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan gasped. Their eyes were red, and the fierceness in their eyes was enough to frighten the wits out of anyone. Han Dazhu roared, “Poisonous grass You actually gave your sister poisonous grass Thats going to kill your sister.”

Qin Feng was so frightened that he trembled uncontrollably. He said with tears streaming down his face, “I had no choice. I owed a gambling debt to some people. If I didnt pay it back, they would chop off my fingers. I… I had no choice. I really had no choice!”

Han Dazhu was furious. He pointed a finger at him and reprimanded loudly, “Bastard! You bastard! Thats a human life. How can you… How can you…”

At this moment, a weak cough was heard. The three of them looked at Qin Xi at the same time.

“Xi, are you awake Thats great!”

Luo Xiujuan was the closest to Qin Xi. When she saw Qin Xi wake up, she quickly went over.

“Let, let him write…”

Qin Xis voice was weak and she could not say a full sentence. She looked like she was about to run out of her last breath.

“What What did you say”

“From now on… from now on… Im no longer… no longer a member of the Qin family!” Qin Xis voice became weaker and weaker as she said. After saying this, she fainted.


Han Dazhu and the others were shocked and quickly came over to check on her. Qin Fengs heart skipped a beat. He was afraid of being accused of murder, so he quickly took the opportunity to sneak out.

At this moment, Qin Xis soul was in a space in the void. There was something that looked like a crystal ball hanging in front of her. The crystal ball was glowing with a faint gentle moonlight. She looked at it and reached out to touch it out of curiosity.


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